Agaro Ace Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Key takeaways

  • There is no need to mop the water spilled on your flooring as the Agaro Ace Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner can clean it in a jiffy.
  • The high 21.5 Kpa suction power can clean dry and wet debris with a single swipe.
  • The blower attachment is excellent for blowing away dust from places that are challenging to reach.
  • This vacuum cleaner has a full range of accessories to clean an average Indian home.
  • The stainless-steel body is excellent, but the plastic quality leaves much to be desired. Besides, the noise levels are high.
  • Cleaning the machine is easy, and it does not require much maintenance.
  • Pricing-wise, this vacuum cleaner is a steal.

Before we review the Agaro Ace Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner, let us discuss its pros and cons.

Agaro ace review


  • The suction power is good, and the blower function is excellent.
  • The 21-liter capacity is enormous.
  • The stainless-steel body prevents rust formation.
  • The HEPA filter ensures the trapping of dust and prevents its recirculation.
  • It can clean all kinds of surfaces effectively.
  • The machine displays excellent mobility and flexibility.


  • The suction pipe length is okay, but it could have been extended by a couple of meters to offer more flexibility.
  • Similarly, the 5M power cord restricts its mobility.
  • The noise levels are on the higher side.
  • The wet cleaning could be better when used over thick spillages like oil or sauce.
  • The dust bag must be removed before using the vacuum cleaner on wet patches.
  • Some dust escapes when we clean the dust barrel.
  • Larger and stubborn debris like human hair gets stuck to the floor brush.

Agaro Ace Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is innovative because it lets you clean wet patches comfortably, making the mopping activity redundant. However, it is not ideal for cleaning continuously wet areas like bathroom and toilet floors. Let us review the machine by focusing on its features.


Agaro ace

This machine has a compact design, with a stainless-steel body that prevents rust formation. Generally, the wet and dry vacuum cleaners are bulkier than the standard vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner has an excellent capacity of 21 liters, which should prove sufficient to cater to the needs of the average Indian home.

Though the steel dust collection chamber makes it durable, the plastic parts are vulnerable to damage. The lid has a blower attachment and can be fixed to the drum with the clamps provided. The vacuuming inlet is at the sides of the steel container.

The lid contains the outlet for inserting the HEPA filter. Besides, it has the power control option covered with a rubber coating.

Agaro ace wet and dry review

The body is mounted on a plastic frame with four 360-degree swiveling wheels, making it convenient to move around your house. This machine has a telescopic wand whose length can be adjusted according to your requirements. The total length of the hose plus the want extends up to 270 cm, making it comfortable to reach the cobwebs in the ceiling.

One of the best aspects of this machine is that you can use the suction and blower arrangement, depending on your requirements. However, the blower function heats the motor quickly.

Another plus point is that you can clean wet patches on the floor conveniently using this vacuum cleaner. However, you must use the special brush provided for this purpose.

Storing the accessories is not an issue because you can lock the steel wand on the dust barrel. The power cord is five meters long, which should suffice for an average Indian home. It could have been longer to provide greater flexibility. This machine does not have arrangements to retract the power cord inside, but the lid has a protrusion, allowing you to fold the power cord and hang it comfortably.

The dust barrel contains a cloth bag to prevent the dust collected inside the container from escaping back into your room. However, you must remove the dust bag when you use the machine for wet cleaning.


This Agaro vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor with a capacity of 1600 watts and 21.5 Kpa suction power. It comes with two pressure options – soft and powerful. It can remove dust and debris quickly with one movement of the brush. The wet vacuuming function allows you to suck water patches from the floor using a special brush.

The motor is situated below the stainless-steel dust container. Since stainless steel does not rust, it protects the motor from damage. The motor is used for sucking and blowing functions. However, it gets hot when used continuously for blowing. Therefore, We recommend using the blower function sparingly only when you need it.

We have tested many vacuum cleaners, but this machine makes more noise than others. The motor works on electricity supplied through the 5m power cord. Since it does not have batteries, the machine must be constantly connected to the power source during its functioning.

Agaro ACE vacuum cleaner


Let us discuss the Agaro Ace vacuuming performance in cleaning different types of flooring.

Hard-tiled floors – soil, dust, and small debris

The floor brush is perfect for cleaning soil and dust from hard-tiled floors, marble and granite flooring, and even wooden floors. The high suction power ensures cleaning the debris with one swipe of the machine without pushing the dust along anywhere. However, the high suction power has disadvantages because it can prove challenging to drag the brush quickly on the floor.

Agaro ace dry cleaning

This machine has proved suitable for cleaning hard carpets. However, it is less effective when cleaning fluffy carpets or rugs. The high suction power makes maneuvering the brush on soft carpets difficult. The solution is to blow such dust using the blower and then using the vacuuming power to suck the dust in from the floor.

Pet and human hair

Besides the regular dust and debris, this machine is good enough for removing pet hair from tiled and marble flooring. Usually, it takes one motion to suck pet hair. But you can repeatedly use the machine to remove hair from the surface. Human hair can get stuck to the brush sometimes. Under such circumstances, you can remove the brush and suck the debris directly from the brush.

Larger debris

Agaro ace wet vacuum review

The more significant debris pieces do not get sucked into the machine in one attempt. This machine tends to push around the debris instead of suctioning it. The solution is to place the brush slightly above the debris and hold on to allow the machine to suck it in. Sometimes, the debris gets stuck to the brush. Therefore, it gets released from the brush and falls to the floor when you switch off the vacuum cleaner.

Wet patches and dirty water

The Agaro Ace is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. So it can mop up wet patches on the floor comfortably. You must use a unique accessory specially provided for mopping up wet patches. It contains rubber squeegees on its sides to suck water. This brush can suck small water patches within one attempt, but bigger patches require you to repeatedly move the brush over the spill.

Agaro ace accessories

We discovered that wet cleaning is ineffective with semi-solid patches, like ketchup or oil. It leaves streaks all over the place. However, it can remove liquid patches like water, milk, tea, or coffee spills. You can dab a sponge over larger wet patches and manually remove some liquid before using this vacuum cleaner. However, please remember to remove the dust bag and use the special brush before using this vacuum cleaner to remove wet debris.  


Agaro ace wet vacuum cleaner

Agaro Ace wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a range of accessories, including a hose pipe, telescopic tube, floor brush, crevice nozzle, absorbing brush, and a multipurpose brush. The telescopic tube can be adjusted for length according to your requirements. The hose pipe is flexible, allowing better maneuverability.  

AGARO ACE Floor brush

The brush brush is ideal for hard floors, upholstery, and countertops. The brush has a flexible inlet, allowing users to comfortably turn it in various directions. Hence, you can use the telescopic tube with the floor brush to easily clean areas under your bed or furniture.

The absorbing brush has squeegees on both sides that help push around wet debris and suction it conveniently. However, you cannot use this machine to clean damp spots on upholstery or carpet rugs because the absorbing brush is designed for use on wet debris and not damp patches.

The crevice nozzle is perfect for sucking dust from hard-to-clean places like wall crevices, upholstery joints, and computer keyboards and removing cobwebs from the ceiling. The multipurpose brush can be used for cleaning fan blades and small surface areas where using the floor brush is impossible.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the dust container is easy. You can remove the dustbag and find the dust collected inside the stainless-steel container. Remove the dust and dispose of it carefully. However, dust can fall into the room when you remove the dust bag. Therefore, I suggest performing this activity outside your house or in the cleaning area.

Agaro ace vacuum claner dust bags

The dust collection chamber has an outlet fitted with a HEPA filter that prevents the dust from recirculating inside the room. You can clean the filter and the dust barrel with water. However, please thoroughly dry the components before assembling them again. Wiping the dust barrel is advisable because prolonged exposure to water droplets can cause rusting.

Noise levels

We have tested various vacuum cleaners and found that this machine makes more noise than the others. However, it does not make you uncomfortable because this machine is an excellent performer.


The pricing is reasonable, with the Agaro Ace available for under Rs 6000. Besides, discount and EMI options make the deal sweeter.


Agaro provides a one-year warranty with this vacuum cleaner. Regular maintenance and cleaning help extend the machine’s lifespan.

Agaro ace wet and dry vacuum cleaner reviews


Compared to expensive wet and dry vacuum cleaners like Dyson, the Agaro Ace is an excellent proposition. It can effectively clean dry debris and small liquid spills. The design is sturdy, but the plastic quality seems vulnerable to damage. The power cord is not retractable, and the machine makes a lot of noise. Otherwise, it is a steal at this pricing.

Suction Power
Ease of Use
Compared to expensive wet and dry vacuum cleaners like Dyson, the Agaro Ace is an excellent proposition. It can effectively clean dry debris and small liquid spills. The design is sturdy, but the plastic quality seems vulnerable to damage. The power cord is not retractable, and the machine makes a lot of noise. Otherwise, it is a steal at this pricing.
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Compared to expensive wet and dry vacuum cleaners like Dyson, the Agaro Ace is an excellent proposition. It can effectively clean dry debris and small liquid spills. The design is sturdy, but the plastic quality seems vulnerable to damage. The power cord is not retractable, and the machine makes a lot of noise. Otherwise, it is a steal at this pricing.Agaro Ace Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review