Eureka Forbes Supervac Vacuum Cleaner Review

Let us explore the benefits and features of the Supervac vacuum cleaner in this review.

Here are the pros and cons of the Supervac vacuum cleaner.


  • This vacuum cleaner has excellent suction power.
  • It comes with multiple accessories that are suited for domestic cleaning purposes.
  • The washable filter makes it reusable.
  • This vacuum cleaner offers easy access to bag-free dust collection.
  • This vacuum cleaner is light and convenient to handle.


  • The extension pipe length could be improved.
  • The cord length is short at five meters.
  • Compared to other vacuum cleaners in its range, the Supervac motor gets hot quickly.
  • The plastic quality of the extension rods looks cheap.
  • The telescopic pipe does not fit well and keeps detaching frequently.
  • The after-sales service is bad, with the customer service personnel not responding to customer complaints promptly.
Eureka forbes supervac vacuum cleaner review

Eureka Forbes Supervac Review

We have tested this vacuum cleaner in our homes and found it handy. The pricing is reasonable because some of its contemporary models, like Philips, are priced substantially higher. Let us review this vacuum cleaner’s design, performance, cleaning and maintenance, and after-sales services.


Eureka forbes supervac dust bowl

The Eureka Forbes Supervac has a compact design with a transparent container for collecting dust and debris. The plastic quality is not of the best quality, but this machine qualifies as one of the lightest vacuum cleaners in its category. The machine has big wheels, making it convenient to move around the house.

The design is like the Philips Power Pro, but the model is priced considerably lower at Rs 5500, whereas the Power Pro is available for around Rs 9000. The Philips Power Pro offers more accessories and better performance to justify its higher pricing.

Extension pipes are of poor plastic material

The Supervac features a retractable power cord measuring five meters. One must admit that the cord length could have been more because the 5M cord restricts its mobility. You can find it challenging to use in big rooms that do not have sufficient power sockets. Besides, cleaning verandahs and attics can pose problems because these areas do not usually have power plug points.

Eureka forbes supervac accessories

This vacuum cleaner offers a versatile range of accessories, like a crevice nozzle, floor cleaning brush, small brush, extension rods, pipes, etc. They can help clean multiple surfaces like floors, upholstery, fans, walls and ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas and delicate objects at home. We have found the extension cords to be made of cheap plastic.

The Philips Power Pro provides better-quality rods. Besides, the telescopic pipe does not fit tightly and keeps detaching frequently.  

The transparent dust collection container has a capacity of two liters. So, you need not empty and clean it after every use. However, I recommend emptying the dust tank and cleaning the container after every use because it helps extend the motor’s lifespan.


The Supervac has a powerful motor with a maximum capacity of 1600W that delivers excellent suction power of 21 Kpa, making it convenient to clean your entire apartment. However, my experience with the vacuum cleaner shows that the motor gets hot quickly. In comparison, the Philips Power Pro motor seems better.

Eureka forbes supervac vacuum review

Besides, many consumers have complained of motor failure after using the machine continuously for extended periods.

We recommend switching off the machine after five or ten minutes to allow the motor to cool down. It helps prolong the motor’s lifespan.

The motor works on cyclonic technology that helps increase the airflow into the dust tank, which helps separate the dust from the air. Secondly, cyclonic technology helps maintain powerful suction and enhances the machine’s performance.

One of the positive aspects of the Supervac is its multiple speed options. Depending on your cleaning requirements, you can set the motor speed to low, medium, or high.

Eureka forbes supervac speed controls


The 1600W powerful motor with cyclonic technology ensures a powerful suction performance. This machine can eliminate dust from the remotest corners of the room. Let us check out the machine’s performance in cleaning different areas of your home.

Tiles and Hard floor

Eureka forbes supervac review

This vacuum cleaner offers a flexible floor brush that helps remove the minutest dust particles from tiles and hard floors like marble or granite. It is also suitable for operations on wooden floors but not damp surfaces. While it can clean unobstructed areas comfortably, this machine is not ideal to use under your furniture. It has limited depth because the tool stays flat on the floor. Therefore, its performance in cleaning the floors beneath your bed suffers.   

Carpet Cleaning

Eureka forbes supervac vacuum carpet cleaning

Though the machine is suitable for cleaning hard floors, I would appreciate a better carpet cleaning performance, especially if you have soft and fluffy rugs. On the other hand, it is suitable for cleaning rugged carpet mats because this model sucks the debris entirely and does not push it around like some of its competitors do.

In the case of soft rugs, the rug fibers can get stuck to the floor brush when operating at full power. Therefore, we suggest changing the speed setting to low or medium when cleaning soft surfaces like sofa upholstery, carpet rugs, mattresses, and car interiors.

Compared to cleaning hard floors and tiles, the carpet cleaning performance could be better. The Philips Power Pro, with its roller brush, does a better job.

Eureka forbes supervac vs Phlips power pro

Fans and windows

The Supervac features a telescopic extension pipe and a flexible hose, allowing you to reach challenging areas, like window panels, ceiling fans, crevices, etc. However, the telescopic extension pipe needs a better design. We found it collapsing frequently, defeating its utility value. Usually, rotating the two pipes in opposite directions tightens them, but it gets detached frequently.

Eureka forbes supervac cleaning rails

This vacuum cleaner has small brushes that are ideal for cleaning fan blades. The flexible pipe and the extensions allow you to do a decent fan cleaning job. But, the location of attaching the vacuum is on its sides. It causes the machine to tilt upwards when you clean high places like the ceiling and fans. You can place the machine on a chair and use it to clean fans so that you do not need to stretch too far and tilt the machine.  

Pet hair

The powerful suction power allows you to clean floors and mattresses thoroughly. The HEPA filter ensures trapping the dust inside the machine and prevents it from recirculating when you empty and clean the container.

Eureka forbes supervac vacuum cleaner review

You can use the crevice cleaning tool to reach into the mattress and upholstery joints and remove pet and human hair because they usually get entangled in the crevices. This cleaner is ideal for sucking dry food that spills over on your bed.


Compared to some of its contemporaries, the Supervac makes more noise. When checked, we discovered that the machine makes more noise when operating at full speed. It was in the range of 85 dB to 90 dB. The noise levels were considerably lower at slower speeds. Nevertheless, this machine is noisier than the Philips Power Pro model. Even machines like Agaro Supreme Vacuum, Dyson, and the Kent Zoom handheld models make less noise.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the dust container is easy. You can disassemble the machine comfortably and empty the dust collection chamber. You can wait till the dust container becomes three-fourths filled with dust before cleaning it. However, we used to do so after every cleaning job.

Eureka forbes supervac dust bowl

You can remove the HEPA filter and wash it separately. Use a fine brush to sweep off the dust, and clean the filter using soap and warm water. Wipe it dry using a microfiber cloth and allow the filter to dry completely before inserting it back into the machine. Dampness in the filter pores can cause clogging. It can affect the machine’s suction power and performance. The frequency of cleaning the HEPA filter is once or twice a year, depending on your usage.

The advantage of HEPA filters is that they trap allergens, pollen, dust mites, and pet hair and do not allow them to recirculate into the container. Therefore, this machine is ideal for use even if you have allergic reactions to dust.  

Phlips vs Eureka forbes supervac
Philips Power Pro offers better quality Accessories

After-sales services

Though the after-sales service is satisfactory in the larger top-tier towns, consumers in the medium and small towns have complained of several problems with the service providers. Customers have complained that the service engineers do not promptly respond to their calls and cannot provide quality services.


The Supervac’s performance as a vacuum cleaner is good because of its compact design, powerful motor, and high-quality suction power. The design needs improvement because Eureka Forbes needs to use better-quality plastic.

Eureka forbes supervac poor plastic quality

The accessories are sufficient for a regular cleaning job, but the extension telescopic pipes need refinement to prevent them from collapsing during the cleaning action.

Pricing-wise, the machine is priced reasonably. It is priced considerably higher than the handheld models, but simultaneously, it features a more powerful motor that delivers higher suction power. So, if you value convenience and easy maneuverability, the Supervac is a good choice.

Suction Power
Ease of Use
The design needs improvement because Eureka Forbes needs to use better-quality plastic.
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The design needs improvement because Eureka Forbes needs to use better-quality plastic.Eureka Forbes Supervac Vacuum Cleaner Review