Top 3 Best Cold Press Juicers in India (2023)



What would you choose between a bottle of carbonated drinks or a glass of fresh fruit juice? Of course, if you are health-conscious, you will select fruit juice. But you will still go for the fruit juice glass if you love the taste. So, fruit juice is a universal choice.

It is better, healthier, and more hygienic to prepare your fruit juices at home rather than ordering them from a restaurant or juice parlor. So, investing in a high-quality cold press juicer is an excellent idea. We shall review the top three cold press juicers in India in 2023.

Our Top Recommendations

ModelFeaturesSuitable For
Kuvings B1700

‎240 Watts
12 Years Warranty
This model is ideal for Extracting maximum Juice from Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables.
Hestia Nutri Max

240 Watts
10 years on Pure Copper AC Motor.
This Model Gives more juice with no foam. Ideal for for preparing nut milk and sorbets.
Agaro Imperial

240 Watts
5 years on motor
Best Budget Cold Press Juicer and Performance is almost similar to the above models.

Though we have various choices, we have tested and zeroed in on the three best cold press juicers that should cater to your every juicing requirement.

Kuvings B1700 should be our top choice because of its brand value. Yes. It is the highest priced among the three models we will discuss here but is the most versatile as it delivers a high-quality performance.

Hestia Nutri Max ranks at the No 2 position because of its multi-utility value in juicing fruits and vegetables equally. The Agaro Cold Press juicer offers similar performance and provides an excellent alternative to the Kuvings and Hestia models.

Our reviews are based on actual testing done on these models. We purchased them as regular purchasers do and ran them through several tests to check out their features. Let us see how we tested these appliances.  

How did we test these juicers?

  • Design: All these three juicers have a compact design. However, we found these juicers slightly heavy, but that should be fine.
  • Assembly: All these juicers require assembling the various parts before using them. We found it convenient to assemble the components, and it does not require additional knowledge.
  • Disassembly: Disassembling these appliances is essential to clean them. The process is easy.
  • Juicing fruits: All these juicers displayed good juicing performances, especially with soft fruits. However, citrus fruits, papayas, and watermelons require removing the seeds before inserting the fruits inside. Otherwise, the seeds get crushed and affect juice quality.
  • Juicing vegetables: These juicers are suitable for extracting juice from pulpy vegetables like beetroots, carrots, tomatoes, and pumpkins. However, the performance with leafy green vegetables could be more satisfactory.
  • Preparing sorbets and smoothies: Cold press juicers are excellent for preparing sorbets and smoothies. However, the Kuvings B1700 does not offer these attachments with the original package. You have to purchase them separately.
  • Cleaning: We did not encounter any problems cleaning these juicers because of the cleaning tool provided with the package. However, we found vegetable fibers sticking to the augers, especially green and leafy vegetables.
  • Motor: All these juicers come equipped with powerful 240W motors that give the augers a rotational speed of 43 to 50 rpm to crush the fruits effectively and deliver excellent juicing performances.

Here are the reviews of India’s top three cold press juicers.   

Best Cold Press Juicers List

Cold Press juicers have an advantage over centrifugal juicers as they extract more juice without foam formation. Besides, the pulp is drier, ensuring high-quality juicing. Though cold press juicers take longer than centrifugal models, these appliances extract more juice.

1. Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer

Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer unboxing

The Kuvings B1700 is a compact cold press juicer with an excellent design that includes a wide-mouthed feeder tube. Thus, it becomes convenient to push large fruits without chopping them too much.

But, we advise removing seeds from all the fruits before inserting the fruits because the seeds get crushed with the pulp and affect the juice’s taste.

Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer ABC Juice

The 240W motor is powerful enough to deliver a commendable performance. The highlight is the slow rotation speed of 43 to 50 rpm, enabling it to rank among the best cold press juicers. In addition, the innovative patented JMCS technology ensures the extraction of 100% juice from fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer Pulp

The motor is powerful enough to run continuously for half an hour without problems. So, it is a suitable device for your daily juicing requirements.

The Ultem auger is eco-friendly and made from BPA-free materials. In addition, the stainless steel filter ensures proper hygiene and prevents the pulp from passing through into the juicer.

Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer Review
ABC Juice

Assembling this juicer is easy as it comes with separate containers for collecting pulp and juice. The tap arrangement allows convenient control over the juicing performance, and the cleaning tool proves its worth in cleaning the filters.

The Kuvings B1700 is an excellent appliance for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Besides, it is handy for producing nut milk from coconuts, almonds, and other nuts.

Green Juice in Kuvings B1700
Green Juice in Kuvings B1700

Our experience shows this juicer to be excellent for extracting juice from hard vegetables like beetroot and carrots.

Preparing sorbets and smoothies should not be an issue. But you must purchase these attachments separately.

The cleaning tool features a rotating brush that helps clean the filters quickly. But we advise running the juicer with water to allow the fibers to exit the appliance. It simplifies the cleaning procedure.

Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer Cleaning

Kuvings B1700 comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor. Users are advised to register the appliance on the Kuvings website to avail of a 2-year additional warranty.


  • Patented JMCS technology for better juicing performance
  • A 12-year warranty is the best in the industry.
  • Work for 30 minutes continuously without heating.


  • The appliance is more expensive than other cold press juicers.
  • Sorbet and smoothie attachments must be purchased separately.

2. Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer

Hestia Nutri Max cold press juicer is also expensive, but it delivers a commendable performance to justify its price tag. It can extract juice from almost all vegetables and fruits, but we do not recommend using it for squeezing juice from leafy veggies. The wide-mouthed feeder helps insert large fruit and vegetable chunks.

Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer

This product is slightly heavy at 7.5 Kg. But it has an efficient 240W motor that continuously allows the machine to function for half an hour. The rotational speed of 46rpm is excellent for a cold press juicer. The sound levels are 45 dB, but you can reduce it by chopping the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces.

Hestia Nutri Max
Hestia Nutri Max

Ultem plastic is an excellent material for manufacturing augers because of its extreme durability. In addition, BPA-free food-grade plastic juicer bowls ensure maintaining high hygiene levels. This juicer features a plastic pusher to help push the fruits inside the feeder tube.

ABC Juice in Hestia Nutri Max Cold Press Juicer

Assembling this appliance is easy, but the best part is that it only starts functioning if you get the assembly right. It prevents damage to the product.

Performance-wise, the Hestia Nutri Max is excellent, but we advise removing the seeds from all fruits, especially citrus fruits because they get crushed with the pulp to make the juice taste bitter.

beetroot juice in Hestia Nutri Max
Apple Carrot Beetroot Juice

Unlike the Kuvings B1700, the Hestia product features smoothie and sorbet filters in the original package. It is also a perfect appliance for crushing nuts and preparing nut milk. But soaking the nuts in water overnight makes it simpler for the device.

Hestia Nutri Max coldpress juice

Though this device is suitable for extracting vegetable juices, we do not advise using it to extract juice from leafy veggies like spinach, wheatgrass, or coriander. The fibers tend to get entangled in the auger, making it challenging to clean the machine.

Hestia Nutri Max cleaning

Cleaning this juicer is easy because it allows easy disassembly. We advise running the machine with water to remove fruit and vegetable traces before cleaning the auger and the jars under running water.

A 10-year warranty on the motor is an excellent feature that guarantees trouble-free performance.


  • Excellent safety features to prevent damage due to overheating
  • Suitable for preparing sorbets, smoothies, and nut milk
  • A large feeder tube is an advantage.


  • It is heavy.
  • The noise problem needs sorting out.
  • Hestia needs more service centers in India.

3. Agaro Imperial Cold Press Juicer

Agaro Cold Press Juicer Unboxing

Agaro is in many ways similar to Hestia Nutri Max and Kuvings B1700 in its performance. But, the machine is comparatively lower priced, making it an attractive proposition.

This cold press juicer can extract high-quality juice from soft fruits and pulpy vegetables. However, you must remove the hard rind and seeds from fruits before pushing them in. Otherwise, it affects the taste considerably.

Agaro Cold Press

The large feeder tube is a notable attraction because it allows you to insert whole fruits like apples. But, we always recommend slicing the fruits and removing the seeds to get a better output.

Agaro Cold Press Juicer review

This machine differs from Kuvings B1700 and the Hestia model because it has a plastic auger instead of Ultem. The pusher tool is an excellent feature to enhance juicing efficiency. Besides, you need not purchase separate strainers for preparing smoothies and sorbets.

One of the main highlights of this juicer is better juicing and drier pulp. In addition, the reverse function is innovative as it helps remove the fruit pieces stuck in the auger during the juicing process.

Agaro Cold Press review

The Agaro is better for extracting juice from soft fruits than the other two models reviewed here. However, the overall performance is not as efficient because leafy vegetables frequently get stuck in the auger screws.

Agaro Cold Press slow carrot and green juice

The self-cleaning feature is not available in this model. However, the package comes with a special brush and a cleaning tool. But running the machine with water for a few minutes is advisable to remove the stuck fibers and simplify the cleaning process.

Review of Agaro Cold Press Juicer

Agaro offers a 5-year warranty on the 240W motor, whereas Kuvings B1700 features a 12-year warranty. Therefore, the engine could be slightly inferior. Otherwise, the performance is comparable.


  • It has attractive pricing.
  • The reverse rotation feature is helpful.
  • It is a suitable appliance for gifting.


  • The 5-year warranty makes the motor seem inferior.
  • Self-cleaning mode is absent.

Frequently Asked Questions

ABC Juice Pulp is very Dry

1. How do I choose a cold press juicer?

We recommend looking for the following features in a cold press juicer.

  • A robust motor – Generally, a 240W motor should be perfect for a cold press juicer. Some models offer a 400W motor, but it is not necessary. The rotation speed should be between 43 and 50 rpm to ensure quality juicing performance.
  • An excellent design – The juicer should have an attractive design with user-friendly features. The prime qualities are a wide-mouthed feeder tube, separate jars for collecting juice and pulp, a high-quality auger (Ultem is preferable), stainless steel filters, and a cleaning tool.
  • Top-class performance – Our reviews on various cold press juicers can prove helpful. Besides, you can look for positive customer feedback and beware of marketing gimmicks.
  • Pricing – Cold press juicers are more expensive than centrifugal machines. But they are worth the price because of their more efficient juicing performance.
  • Warranty – Though warranty is not the right metric to measure performance, we can deduce that an appliance with an extended warranty is supposedly better. 

Read: Best Juicer in India

2. Which brand is best for a cold press juicer?

Kuvings B1700 Review

Kuvings B1700 qualifies as the best cold press juicer in India in 2023 if we focus on the abovementioned points. Other notable performers include Hestia Nutri Max and Agaro Cold Press Juicer. We have reviewed all these models here. 

3. Is it worth investing in a cold press juicer?

A cold press juicer is definitely more expensive than the traditional mixer-grinder or a centrifugal juicer. First, centrifugal machines are faster at extracting juice from fruits and vegetables, but the quantity is less. Secondly, one has to factor in the oxidation issue with centrifugal juicers that cause foam formation.

Pulp extraction is better in cold press juicers because they come out drier. In addition, since no oxidation is involved in cold press juicers, the juice has a higher nutritional value. So it is worth buying a cold press juicer.   

4. Does cold pressing destroy nutrients?

No. A cold press juicer does not destroy nutrients. On the contrary, it ensures higher nutrient concentration in juices because the juicing process does not cause oxidation, which results in foam formation and nutrient loss.

5. What is the healthiest juicer to buy?

Almost all cold press juicers are healthy because they come with BPA-free and food-grade plastic juicer jars. In addition, virtually all cold press juicers have stainless steel filters. However, we suggest cleaning the strainers and juicers after use every time to maintain high hygiene standards.

6. Can you put ice in a cold press juicer?

We never recommend using ice cubes in fruit juice because it dilutes the juice and reduces nutrient value and taste. Secondly, putting ice in a cold press juicer is not advisable because it will break. Finally, we do not advise adding ice to centrifugal juicers also because it can blunt the blades.

If you wish to drink iced juice, you can add ice cubes after the juicing process.

7. What fruits cannot be juiced?

Creamy fruits like bananas and mangoes are not ideal for juicing in a cold press juicer. Therefore, it is better to make mango smoothies instead of mango juice. Besides, in cold press juicers, you should avoid using avocados, cherries, figs, and blueberries. Some people even advocate avoiding extracting coconut milk in a cold press juicer.

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