Top 5 Best Food Processors in India (2023)

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Almost all the models discussed do not deliver the best juicing performances, but they usually feature citrus juicer attachments. The centrifugal juicing arrangement is below par in all juicers.

Best Food Processors in India in 2023

1. Usha FP 3811 Food Processor 1000 Watts Copper

The Usha FP 3811 is a perfect food processor for shredding, mincing, slicing, and grating vegetables. This machine has an excellent design that looks beautiful and saves space on the kitchen counter. However, this food processor offers two-speed options, whereas some of the models reviewed here have three. But the motor is powerful enough to deliver a robust performance.

Usha Food Processor

While the food processing performance is excellent, the kneading feature could have been better. This appliance can knead chapati atta in small quantities. At the same time, the whisker can help churn your buttermilk and lassis beautifully.

Dough in Usha Food Processor
Dough in Usha Food Processor

All food processors feature polycarbonate jars. Though they look vulnerable, Usha vouches for their sturdiness. But the wide-mouthed feeder tube allows you to insert whole vegetables comfortably. But the slicing attachment needs improvement, especially when making potato chips.

The Usha FP 3811 has a citrus fruit juicing attachment to extract juice from oranges and sweet lime without allowing the seeds to mix with the liquid. The package does not offer a centrifugal juicer, but it is an optional attachment.

Orange Juice in Usha Food Processor
The Usha food processor makes it a breeze to prepare freshly squeezed orange juice at home

Another exciting feature is the 1.8L wet grinding jar, making the Usha FP 3811 extremely good at grinding idli and dosa batter. But we have experienced that wet grinding introduces many air bubbles. A flow-breaker arrangement could have resolved the matter. However, this machine offers fast wet grinding compared to dedicated wet grinders.

Usha Food Processor carrots

This appliance is excellent at preparing milkshakes, lassis, and buttermilk. In addition, you can use the blending jar to extract fruit juice from soft fruits. However, we do not recommend it for extracting coconut milk.

Usha Food Processor review FP 3811

The dry grinding attachment is satisfactory because this machine can handle challenging food ingredients like pepper, ginger, turmeric, and other masalas. Besides, we have tried grinding coffee seeds successfully in this machine.

The 0.5L chutney is comparatively larger than what other food processors provide. But the chutney grinding performance could have been better because we experienced that this attachment is not perfect for grinding coconut chutneys.


  • Robust 750W motor with 100% copper winding
  • Its USP is the innovative storage space for the food processor blades.
  • The design enhances your kitchen ambiance.
  • It offers one of the best food processing performances.


  • This food processor is one of the heaviest in its range.
  • The juicing performance can be better.

2. Preethi Zodiac MG-218 mixer grinder

The Preethi Zodiac MG 218 ranks among the best food processors in India because of its all-round performance. However, the wet grinding performance is below par. Otherwise, the machine is ideal for your kitchen.

Carrots chopped in Preeti Zodiac Food Processor
Onions Chopped in Preeti Zodiac Food Processor

The food processor attachments are excellent for shredding, slicing, grating, and chopping vegetables. We have tried chopping carrots and beetroot in this machine, and the results were commendable. Besides, the Preethi Zodiac MG 218 offers top-class kneading facilities.

The 750W motor is robust and can rotate at varying speeds, depending on the requirements. However, the machine has two rotation speeds and a pulse operation. Other models like Bajaj and Inalsa have three-speed options. But the powerful motor should be sufficient to deliver a high-quality performance.

The juicer attachment is unique because of the multiple blades for blending and juice extraction. However, stand-alone juicers deliver a better performance than this food processor because the pulp extraction could be better.

Preeti Zodiac Juicing
Preeti Zodiac Pineapple juice

The only drawback of the Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is the wet-grinding performance. However, it can cater to the requirements of small families comfortably. On the other hand, the Preethi Zodiac MG 218 delivers the best dry-grinding performance of the five models discussed here.

Preeti Zodiac Dry Grinding turmeric
Preeti Zodiac Dry Grinding turmeric
Turmeric Grinding in Preeti Zodiac
Turmeric Grinding in Preeti Zodiac

The chutney grinding jar is large enough to cater to your everyday requirements. It delivers a perfect grinding performance. This attachment can prepare coconut, gram, and groundnut chutneys. There is no coconut scraper attachment with this appliance.

The appliance is easy to clean because assembling and disassembling the jars is convenient. However, the jars are not dishwasher safe because the polycarbonate jars can break. In addition, steel jars can develop scratches. The only drawback with the disassembly is that the juicer blades are difficult to remove.

The Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is a safe kitchen appliance. It has safety features like an overload protector and suction feet to grip the appliance to the kitchen platform. However, the machine can wobble when working at high speeds.


  • One of the best all-round performers
  • Best mixer grinder for dry grinding
  • Excellent design with adequate safety features
  • Powerful 750W motor


  • The wet grinding is average.
  • The operational controls take time to get used to.
  • The jars are not dishwasher safe.

3. Inalsa INOX 1000 1000W Food Processor

Inalsa Inox is a multipurpose kitchen appliance ideal for atta kneading, dry grinding, preparing chutneys, and slicing and chopping vegetables. Pricing-wise, the Inalsa Inox 1000 is a decent appliance. However, this model should be appropriate if you use the machine sparingly for wet grinding.

The best feature of the Inalsa Inox 1000 is its excellent design which occupies comparatively less space than other food processors like Bajaj or Preethi. So, if you have space constraints in your kitchen, the Inalsa Inox 1000 is perfect.

Inalsa Inox 1000 Food Processor motor

The 1000W motor is sturdy enough to deliver a powerful food processing performance. The motor comes safely enclosed in a sturdy ABS plastic body. Besides, the three-speed options are excellent because the top models offer two options alone. In addition, this appliance has a pulse operation mode.

Inalsa Inox 1000 Food Processor grating and slicing

The Inalsa Inox 1000 makes things easy in your kitchen because of its high-quality shredding, slicing, grating, and chopping. The specialized blades for coarse and fine slicing are excellent options. In addition, the French fries chopping arrangement is handy.

made in Inalsa Inox 1000 Food Processor
Made in Inalsa Inox 1000 Food Processor
Atta Kneading in Inalsa Food Processor
Dough in Inalsa Food Processor
Dough in Inalsa Food Processor

Though the food processor does not have a separate wet grinding jar, the 1L multi-utility jar serves the purpose well. But it cannot grind large quantities of idli dosa batter at a time. Therefore, a separate wet grinder is advisable under such circumstances.

The multi-utility jar is perfect for dry grinding because this appliance can handle turmeric and pepper grinding efficiently. You can also use it for grinding dry fruits. The chutney jar performance is also efficient.

Inalsa Inox 1000 Food Processor Juicer

Inalsa provides a citrus fruit and centrifugal juicer attachment. First, the centrifugal juicer performance needs refinement because the seeds get crushed with the fruit, affecting the juice’s flavor. Secondly, the pulp extraction is not perfect, resulting in wastage.

Inalsa Inox 1000 Food Processor jars

The food processing jar is made of polycarbonate, whereas the multi-utility and chutney grinding jars are made of grade 304 stainless steel. As a result, this compact food processor is comparatively lighter than other models. But, it has passed stringent durability tests to qualify as an excellent food processor.   


  • Powerful 1000W motor with 100% copper winding
  • Excellent design
  • Suitable appliance for dry grinding and chutney making
  • Satisfactory after-sales service


  • Wet grinding performance is okay.
  • A separate storage attachment for blades would have been better
  • The juicer functions need improvement.
  • Expensive replacement jars

4. PHILIPS HL7707/00 750W Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars

The Philips HL7707/00 has a 750W motor. Hence, it delivers less powerful performances than the three models discussed earlier. However, this appliance offers three-speed options and a pulse operation mode to make up for the less powerful motor. Moreover, the high rotation speed of 20,000 rpm ensures that its performance is excellent. But the motor makes noise.

Philips Food Processor

The machine has a tall-boy design compared to the Usha FP 3811 and the Inalsa Inox 1000. The polycarbonate jars are spacious but look vulnerable with their design. However, Philips certifies that the jars are sturdy and unbreakable.

Philips Food Processor Acessories

This appliance offers innovative Gear Drive technology that allows the machine to work at different speeds according to the load. That makes it an excellent food processor for shredding and slicing. The kneading attachment is okay, but it could have been better. The pusher attachment is handy for pushing vegetables and fruits into the machine for convenient chopping and slicing.

Philips Food Processor Testing
Dough in Philips Food Processor

The plus point of the HL7707/00 is its 1.4mm thick stainless steel blades. Since the blades are sturdy, it ensures a perfect slicing performance, and the vegetables do not get mushy. The shredding and grating performance is of the highest quality.

Philips Food Processor Acessories

Philips HL7707/00 does not have a separate wet grinding jar. But the 1.0L multi-utility jar is perfect for grinding idli batter in small quantities to suit the requirements of small families. The dry grinding performance is satisfactory. The 750W motor is powerful to handle challenging ingredients. Besides, the 20,000 rpm speed is excellent to ensure top-class dry grinding. This jar is excellent for grinding onion paste and tomato purees.

Philips Food Processor Motor

The chutney jar is small but delivers a good performance. However, though it can prepare coconut, gram, and other chutneys perfectly, we do not advise using it to extract coconut milk. Besides, this appliance does not offer a coconut scraper.

The juicer’s performance is okay, but we observed that the seeds get crushed with the pulp, which affects the juice’s taste. Nevertheless, it is a perfect appliance for extracting juice from soft fruits.


  • This appliance is eco-friendly because it is made from recycled materials.
  • The compact design makes it look attractive.
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Three-speed settings for good performance


  • Spare jars are expensive.
  • No switch on/off indicator
  • The appliance is noisy.

5. Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600 Watts Food Processor

The Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 ranks at No 5 in this list for a reason. This food processor has the least potent motor at 600W, whereas the other models have more powerful engines. Though 600W should be sufficient for a mixer grinder, a more robust motor would have been better.

Bajaj Food Processor Factory FX 11

However, the 600W motor can deliver a rotational speed of 18000 rpm. Besides, this food processor offers three-speed options with a pulse feature. The motor makes noise, but you must expect a food processor to do so.

Bajaj Food Processor acessories

The Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 differs from other food processors in this list because it has two operational hubs, one for the mixer grinder and the other for the food processor attachment.

Bajaj Food Processor atta
Bajaj Food Processor dough

This Bajaj food processor model offers a satisfactory mixer grinder performance, whereas the atta kneading facility is excellent. This appliance offers multiple functions like shredding, grating, slicing, and chopping. The Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 is one of the few appliances that offer a coconut scrapper. The juicer attachments are ordinary.

The food processor jar’s quality needs improvement because it appears brittle. But the large-mouthed feed tube attachment is good. As a result, you can push entire cucumbers and carrots without cutting them.

carrot slicing in Bajaj Food Processor

The wet and dry grinding performances are okay without being outstanding. It can grind idli and dosa batter, but a dedicated wet grinder can do a better job. Nevertheless, you can use this facility to grind idli batter to meet small family requirements.

This appliance can dry grind masalas comfortably. It can handle challenging ingredients like turmeric, pepper, and ginger. The chutney grinding jar is efficient but has a small capacity of 0.3L, whereas the better models offer a 0.4L jar.

Bajaj Food Processor fx

Cleaning the attachments is easy because you can disassemble them conveniently. This appliance is good on the safety and durability front. This machine is priced reasonably to qualify as the best food processor under 7000.


  • It delivers a good atta kneading performance.
  • The motor rotation speed of 18000 rpm is excellent.
  • It is one of the reasonably priced appliances.
  • The machine is comfortable to disassemble and clean.


  • The jar’s quality could have been better.
  • The chutney jar has a small capacity.
  • The juicer attachments are not suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions – Food Processor

1. Which is the best food processor available in India

We have reviewed five high-quality food processors by testing them individually in real-life kitchen conditions.

The Usha FP 3811 is the best overall food processor in India.
Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is a close second because of its versatile ability.
Inalsa Inox is one of the most potent food processors because of its robust 1000W motor.
Philips HL7707/00 is a pleasing appliance in the kitchen and a decent performer.
Bajaj FX 11 is the best budget food processor under 7000 in India.

2. Which motor is best, 1000W or 750W?

A food processor can perform admirably with a 750W motor. But a 1000W engine is always powerful. The Bajaj FX 11 has a 600W motor, but it performs well. So, the 750W motor should be perfect for a food processor.

3. Is a food processor suitable for wet grinding?

Yes. All food processors feature wet grinding jars and specialized blades. So, you can use these jars for wet grinding. However, the mixer grinders do a quicker job than the dedicated wet grinding machine. So, air bubbles get trapped inside the batter, affecting its quality. Therefore, traditional wet grinders are better.

4. Why do food processors not deliver good juicing performances?

Food processors deliver decent juicing performances but cannot equal the cold press or centrifugal juicers. Cold press juicers are the best for juicing because they extract maximum juice without oxidation. So, the juice taste is excellent. However, food processors can extract juice well from soft and citrus fruits.

5. Are food processors heavy?

Yes. Food processors are heavier than conventional mixer grinders. They also occupy more space on the kitchen counter.

6. Which is the best food processor below 7000?

Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 is the best food processor under 7000 in India.

7 How is Preethi Zodiac MG 218 different from the other models reviewed here?

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 offers five jars, whereas all the other models described here have four. Besides, Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is the best food processor for dry grinding.

8. How is the Bajaj FX 11 different?

Bajaj FX 11 has two operational hubs connected to a single motor. The mixer grinder sits on top of the machine, whereas the food processor is on the sides. But both applications cannot work simultaneously.

9. Which is the best food processor in India under 10000?

The Preethi Zodiac MG 218 is the best food processor under 10000.

10. Why is Usha FP 3811 special?

Usha FP 3811 has a unique storage section for storing food processor blades. However, the other appliances discussed here do not offer this facility.

Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan, a retired homemaker, holds a Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology From Anna University. She is a culinary and kitchen appliance expert with an impressive 30 years of experience in testing kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Food Processors, Air Fryers, and Ovens, Beyond appliances, she excels in kitchen organization, cleaning, and cooking, delighting family and friends with her culinary skills. At 55, her passion for all things culinary burns bright.


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    • Same problem I faced with Inalsa kitchen master,if they increased the size of jar then the size of disc should also b made accordingly.

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