Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Review

Key Takeaways

  • The Quick Clean DX model does not have a blower, but the Quick Clean NXT version offers a blower facility.
  • The 1200W motor ensures top-quality suction.
  • It is a compact appliance ideally suited for small Indian homes.
  • Eureka Forbes offers three free reusable dust bags with this model.
  • The dust bag full indicator is a good feature.
  • It offers multiple accessories for your various cleaning requirements.
  • Pricing-wise, it qualifies as budget-friendly.

Pros of Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX

  • The suction power is excellent.
  • The dust bag full indicator alerts you to empty the bag on time.
  • Three free dustbags are most welcome.
  • This machine has large rubber wheels for easy mobility.
  • The retractable power cord is a convenient feature.
  • It is a budget-friendly vacuum cleaner.

Cons of Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX

  • The extension pipe’s quality could be better.
  • The hose could have been more flexible.
  • The brush attachment needs refining.
  • The power button color is confusing because it matches the body color.
  • This product does not have a blower.
  • The cord length is short.
Eureka Forbes Quick Clean review

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Review

Choosing the ideal product for your home can be challenging, with vacuum cleaners available in plenty. Your budget is crucial in selecting a suitable machine. This Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX is a budget-friendly device with all the accessories required to provide a decent vacuuming job for small Indian homes.


The Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX model is a compact vacuum cleaner with an attractive red-colored finish. This machine has a plastic body vulnerable to damage because of its unsatisfactory quality. Another drawback is that the power switch has the same color as the body, making it challenging to pick up.

This machine has large wheels for easy mobility. The rubber wheels are advantageous because they ensure convenient mobility on soft and hard surfaces. This model has no blower arrangement, but the suction is good.

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX filters

This vacuum cleaner offers a foot-control option for better convenience. The dust bag full indicator is an innovative feature in vacuum cleaners in this pricing range. The retractable power cord is a good feature, but the power cord could have been longer for more convenience.

This machine offers a 2L dust bag capable of collecting more dust. Emptying the bag is easy. Besides, the bag is reusable. However, the best feature is that Eureka Forbes offers three reusable dust bags (including the one fitted with the machine) worth Rs 500 with this model at no additional cost.


This vacuum cleaner uses a robust 1200W motor that can run continuously for 15 to 20 minutes without heating. So, you can use this machine to clean your entire house in one go. However, the motor must always be connected to the mains. Therefore, you must have sufficient plug points placed at ground level in the home to optimize its functioning.

Compared to handheld vacuum cleaners, this machine has more suction power and consumes more electricity. The higher suction power ensures better cleaning. This vacuum cleaner has no blower option, but Eureka Forbes offers another similar model, Quick Clean NXT, with a suction and blower facility.


You judge the vacuum cleaner’s performance based on how it operates on different surfaces.

Hard floors and tiles

Vacuum cleaners work best on hard floors, tiles, marble, and granite flooring. This machine is suitable for cleaning hard floors as it has the necessary accessories to remove dust from your flooring. We have tested the machine and found it is very efficient because it can remove dry debris with one swipe and without pushing it around. However, you cannot use this machine on wet floors.

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX cleaning

Carpets, Rugs, and Mattresses

The Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX removes debris from soft floors like carpets and rugs. The floor cum carpet brush allows you to toggle between hard and soft floors for a mild polishing effect. This control option reduces the suction power, making maneuvering soft floors like carpets and rugs easy.

This brush is ideal for cleaning mattresses and upholstery. However, Eureka Forbes offers a separate upholstery cleaner accessory with the machine.  

Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX review

Car Interiors

The machine’s suction power is good enough for cleaning car interiors. However, you must have an accessible power point for continuous operations. Many users have extension cords that allow more flexibility, especially when using the machine in areas not having proper power plug points. The crevice nozzle is handy for removing dust from upholstery joints and AC vents.


Eureka Forbes offers five accessories with the Quick Clean DX. It includes the floor cum carpet brush and upholstery cleaner. The upholstery cleaner is a smaller brush used explicitly for cleaning mattresses, sofa sets, curtains, etc.

The crevice nozzle has a small brush to clean electronic goods and computer keyboards. This accessory is also well suited for cleaning ceiling fan blades, wall joints, and deep inside your sofa upholstery.

Eureka Forbes offers plastic extension tubes that can extend to seven feet. Though not as sturdy as the Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner extension pipes, you can use them to remove cobwebs from ceilings and reach out to high places.

Euraka forbes vacuum vs amazon basics

This model has a flexible plastic hosepipe, allowing you to maneuver your cleaning activities comfortably. It lets you remove dust from hard-to-reach areas beneath your furniture.


Vacuum cleaners make noise, but it is not too disturbing. We measured the noise levels and found them at par with comparable models. It makes less noise when operating at slower speeds.  

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner is not an issue because the plastic body does not attract much dust. Wiping it clean with a microfiber cloth is sufficient. The dust bag has a capacity of 2L. Hence, it does not require frequent emptying. But I advise emptying the bag when it is three-quarters full to prevent dust from spilling over and causing inconveniences. However, this machine has a dust bag full indicator to alert you that it is time to empty it.

The best feature of this machine is that the dust bags are reusable. Moreover, Eureka Forbes supplies two more dust bags worth Rs 500 for free.


The pricing is attractive for a compact vacuum cleaner like the Quick Clean DX. Though it is more expensive than the Amazon Basic model, attractive discounts on Amazon make it a sweet deal.


Eureka Forbes offers a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. It is not available for your inability to use the machine correctly. Therefore, the warranty does not cover damage caused by erroneous use.


Performance-wise, the Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX is a decent vacuum cleaner. It is ideal for small Indian homes. The pricing is reasonable, and the product offers total value for its pricing.

Sai Sahithya
Sai Sahithya
Sai Sahithya Ponguru is an Associate Engineer at Cognizant, holding a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. Her creative pursuits include writing and producing videos about small home and kitchen appliances. She's passionate about maintaining a clean and organized home and kitchen, and sharing practical tips and insights.


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