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A ceiling fan has a critical job in your home as it constantly delivers cool air to all the corners of your room and relieves the irritating heat. Ceiling fan manufacturing technology has improved considerably in India, with features like BLDC motor, dust-resistant ceiling fan blades, decorative ceiling fans, etc.

How do we pick and test the fans?

Aomberg fan noise levels decibals

Our ceiling fan reviews are based on actual testing because we purchase, install, and test each of the fans we review in our homes. E-commerce retail outlets like Amazon are the best places to purchase ceiling fans because of the exciting discounts and other cost-saving features on these platforms.

We purchased each model from Amazon and tested them for nearly six months using them in our homes. So, our reviews ARE based on actual personal experiences and not influenced by the marketing gimmicks of ceiling fan brands.

Our website has an energy calculator that helps us calculate the energy efficiency of the fans we test. We use decibel meters to test these fans’ sound at various speeds. Though manufacturers claim their fan blades are dust-resistant, dust accumulation is inevitable. However, cleaning them is not an issue because we have vacuum cleaners to suck the dust from the blades. Since most fan blades are made of aluminum, they are rust-proof. So, cleaning them with a damp cloth is easy.

Compton Energion noise at Max speed

Consumers usually complain of customer service issues. Usually, ceiling fans do not develop any problems quickly. However, we found that each brand offers dedicated customer service by attending to our calls promptly and providing excellent after-sales service.

Some fan manufacturers offer warranties on their products. Generally, these warranties remain unused because fans seldom break down within the warranty period. So, there is little benefit in taking the extended warranties some brands offer. It is suitable for BLDC fans because they have remote-controlled operations that can pose problems. However, conventional ceiling fans are okay.

Havells Glaze BLDC Motor

Our experience shows that ceiling fans with simple features work the best. Some ceiling fans have fancy fittings like LED lamps, etc. Though they look attractive, they are not required and do not serve any purpose other than offering decorative value.

Cleaning the blades frequently is crucial because dust accumulation increases weight, leading to disorientation and reduced performance. The fan blades are intricately designed to fit specific models, and we strongly recommend maintaining the right combinations.

Compton Energion review fan

We suggest servicing the fan motors at least once every two years because the copper windings can become loose. Tightening the winding helps extend the fan’s lifespan considerably. The extended warranty offers these facilities. But local electricians can also handle these issues comfortably.

The fan size depends on the room area. Usually, 1200mm sweep-size fans are ideal for rooms measuring up to 120 square feet. You can go for the 1400mm sweep-size fans for larger rooms. Alternatively, you can have two fans in the room if the area is substantially larger.

Usha ceiling fan review

The fan must be at least eight feet from the floor. So, homes with high ceilings must go for extended down rods. The general measurement is around one foot. Extended-down rods are available, but you must purchase them separately. They do not come with the original packaging.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

Atomberg Renesa BLDC Ceiling Fan

best bldc fan

The Atomberg Renesa is a 5-star rated BLDC fan that saves the maximum power. Our calculation shows that this BLDC ceiling fan saves around Rs 2,000 annually. So, if you invest in five Atomberg Renesa BLDC fans for your home, your savings can comfortably exceed Rs 10,000 annually.

best bldc fan india

This fan has one of the best rotational speeds of 360 rpm and air delivery in the range of 220 to 230 cmm, making it one of India’s best BLDC ceiling fans. However, the 1200 mm sweep size is not ideal for large rooms.

This fan works on a stylish-looking remote offering five-speed controls, a timer, and a sleep mode that automatically switches the fan off at the set hour. The noise levels are manageable, and the fan has a stylish appearance.


  • 5-star BEE rating
  • High-quality performance
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Adds to your home ambiance


  • Remote is delicate and expensive.

Crompton Energion HS

best ceiling fan

While BLDC fans cost more than conventional models, they save money in the long run because of low energy consumption. In this context, the Crompton Energion HS qualifies as the best-budget BLDC fan in India in 2024.

This fan has simple looks but delivers a power-packed performance with a rotational speed of 370 rpm, better than the Atomberg model. However, Orient and Usha ceiling fan models reportedly offer higher speeds. The air delivery of 220 cmm is suited for medium-sized Indian rooms.

The fan sweep size is good to ensure uniform air delivery across the room. This BLDC fan consumes considerably less power than traditional ceiling fans. However, it cannot match the Atomberg Renesa model.

The noise levels are okay, but the remote function requires improvement, as many consumers have complained about remote malfunctioning. BLDC fans incur higher maintenance costs because the PCB can become defective during voltage fluctuations.


  • The fan speed and airflow performance are good.
  • Simple looks and attractive pricing
  • Noise levels are okay.


  • The remote function is not satisfactory.
  • This BLDC fan is considerably heavier than its contemporary models.

Crompton Surebreeze

best fan in india

Crompton fans have been around for more than 75 years. This model, Surebreeze HillBriz Deco, has a minimalist design, but it stands out in your living room because of its exceptional rotational speed of 380 rpm. Thus, you get cool air wherever you sit in the room.

The air throw of 210 cmm is less than what its immediate competitors offer. But it compensates by exhibiting the highest rotational speed for a ceiling fan in the industry. Therefore, it is an ideal fan for small rooms up to 100 square feet. So, it qualifies as the best ceiling fan for the standard Indian bedroom.

best ceiling fan in india

The fan blade sweep size is 1200 mm, which should be sufficient for most Indian homes. The sturdy double ball bearing motor ensures the best quality performance and durability. Noise levels are high at its top speed.

Compared to its contemporaries, this Crompton model has a power-rated capacity of 52 watts, making it a good power saver. BEE has rated this model as a 1-star ceiling fan.

Noise Levels at 5th Speed

Crompton has a comprehensive service network spread across India. Hence, service-related issues are non-existent. The pricing is affordable. So, if you are looking for the best ceiling fan in India, your search must end here.


  • Minimalist design with an attractive finish
  • Excellent fan speed
  • Protected packaging


  • Dust accumulation is observed.
  • The noise levels are comparatively higher than its contemporaries.

Havells Glaze BLDC Decorative

Though the Havells Glaze has a minimalist look, it is one of the most stylish ceiling fans in India. Besides its top-quality performance, Havells Glaze Decorative has a durable BLDC motor that helps it save power. One BLDC fan can save up to Rs 2,000 per annum.

best bldc fan india

This ceiling fan has a decent fan speed of 350 rpm which is less than that of the Crompton Energion HS, but good enough to deliver air across the room. The RF remote control eliminates using the regulator to set your fan speeds.

The air delivery rate of 225 cmm is amongst the best in the business. The 1200 mm sweep size makes it one of the best BLDC ceiling fans in India. Another highlight of this fan is its capability to work in a wide voltage range from 140V to 290V. Features like sleep timer, and speed settings make it an ideal ceiling fan in your bedroom.

best ceiling fan

The 30W power rating signifies that the Havells Glaze is more efficient than the Crompton Energion. Its attractive pricing and power-saving features allow consumers to invest in this ceiling fan and enhance their home’s ambiance.


  • Excellent power savings
  • It can work in an extended voltage range.
  • It makes less noise than its competitor models.


  • It does not have any speed indicators.
  • The remote function needs improvement.
  • The 2-year warranty could have been better.

Orient Electric Apex FX

If you have a low budget and are still looking for a reliable and durable performance, you can try out the Orient Electric Apex FX ceiling fan. The speed levels are good, but not as fast as the Crompton SureBreeze.

The air delivery is satisfactory at 210 cmm. However, that should suffice for the standard Indian bedroom size today which rarely exceeds 100 to 120 square feet. The 1200 mm sweep size ensures that every corner of your room receives air.

The Orient ceiling fan has a powerful motor, but the capacity has a rating of 1.8. The general trend is for a capacitor to have a rating of at least 2 to 2.5. Nevertheless, the double ball-bearing motor improves its reliability.

The ribbed blade design adds to the fan’s attractiveness quotient. Besides, it ensures excellent air distribution. Though the blades accumulate dust, this fan qualifies among the best ceiling fans in India. The noise levels are manageable, but it makes some noise when rotating at its highest speed.

Noise levels at 5th Speed

Pricing-wise, this Orient ceiling fan is right there at the top of the list.


  • Decent fan speed Ideal for small rooms
  • Corrosion-resistant blades


  • No anti-dust features.
  • Capacitor power is lower than industry levels.

Usha Bloom Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom fan stands out from the rest of the breed because of its stylishly shaped blades that taper towards the ends. Besides, Usha ceiling fans have interesting names that make it a joy to purchase them.

The 100% copper winding motor makes this ceiling fan one of the most durable and reliable ceiling fans in India. The scratch-resistant paint adds to the overall attraction.

While you admire its looks, its performance is also noteworthy because of the excellent fan speed of 380 rpm, one of the best in the industry. The air delivery rate of 235 is also of the highest quality, making the Usha Bloom one of the most sought-after ceiling fans in 2024.

The 1200 mm sweep size is ideal for medium-sized rooms, but the high speed and excellent air delivery allow users to install these fans in large rooms too. However, this fan has a drawback as it consumes more power than the average ceiling fan in India.


  • High-quality design
  • Good speed and air delivery
  • Scratch-resistant properties
  • Powerful motor


  • This fan makes noise at high speeds.
  • It does not have anti-dust properties as claimed by Usha.
  • The power consumption is higher than other fans.

Havells Festiva

Havells Festiva scores over other ceiling fans because of its excellent fan speed of 390 rpm. This conventional ceiling fan is one of the few models that have five-speed settings. Similarly, the air delivery rate of 230 cmm is excellent.

The 1200 mm fan sweep size makes it suitable for the average Indian bedroom and living rooms. These fan blades have a wider tip to enhance air delivery to all the room corners.

The 100% copper wound motor ensures impeccable performance, whereas the double ball bearings enhance the fan motor’s durability. Since this ceiling can work at high speeds, the power consumption is more than its competitors.

Looks-wise, this Havells ceiling fan ranks among the best with its decorative ring on the motor and the blade trims. This fan comes in various colors to suit your appetite. Another drawback is that this fan is one of the heaviest ceiling fans.


  • Durable motor
  • Excellent air delivery
  • Sleek appearance


  • Noise levels are high at top speed.
  • No dust-resistant features
  • The down rod is small.

Other Good Models

Besides the top models discussed above, let us look at other good models that sell well on the Indian market.

If you are looking for a Ceiling fan for your Kitchen or Balcony area, the best bet is the smaller 24-inch sweep-sized fan like the Candes Brio. This ceiling fan has four blades capable of rotating at high speed.

Usually, conventional ceiling fans have a power-rated capacity of 70 to 75 watts. Therefore, the power consumption is comparatively higher than that of BLDC fans. Bajaj Frore EE is a 1-star rated conventional ceiling fan with a power-rated capacity of 52 watts. Hence, it saves power and is priced attractively, better than its contemporary models. It has an average fan speed of 340 rpm, but the wider tip blades ensure better air delivery to all corners of the room. The rust-proof coating makes this ceiling fan durable.  

Generally, BLDC ceiling fans have a two-year warranty on the motor. But the Orient Electric I-Tome differs from the others by offering a three-year warranty. The fan rotation speed is excellent at 370 rpm, and the air throw is decent at 220 cmm. The BLDC motor ensures excellent power savings consistently over a period. Our experience shows this fan saves nearly Rs 1500 annually.

Crompton Energion Hyperjet is like the Energion HS model in many ways. This 5-star-rated ceiling fan consumes around 50% less power than a conventional ceiling fan, making it one of India’s best energy-saving ceiling fans. The 340-rpm fan speed is less than prominent models like Atomberg, but the air delivery is similar. Besides, it is priced lower than the Atomberg Renesa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key factors to look at when buying a ceiling fan?

The key factors to look for in a ceiling fan are as follows.

  • Brand – Reputable brands are generally better than local brands.
  • Motor – A BLDC motor is suitable for saving power. Otherwise, look for double-ball-bearing motors with 100% copper wiring.
  • Fan Blades – Ideally, the fan sweep size must be 1200 mm or 1400 mm. Aluminum blades are best because they resist rust. Though manufacturers advertise dust-resistant blades, all fan blades accumulate dust.
  • Fan speed – Anything over 350 rpm is excellent.
  • Air delivery – The ideal range is between 220 and 230 cmm.
  • Color – White fans are the cheapest, but darker colors are a better option.
  • Power rating capacity – BLDC fans have a power-rated capacity between 26W and 35W, whereas conventional ceiling fans have between 52W and 75W. The lower the power-rated capacity, the higher the efficiency.
  • Pricing – BLDC ceiling fans are more expensive than conventional fans, but the power savings compensate for the higher pricing. You can recover the difference within two years.
Which brand of ceiling fan is the best?

Usually, there is little to choose between different brands. Sometimes, unknown brands can also perform excellently. However, brand reputation does matter. Crompton is one of the best ceiling fan brands in India, and so are Usha, Orient, and others. As far as BLDC fans are concerned, Atomberg is head and shoulders above the other brands.

Which ceiling fan is best, 1200mm or 1400mm?

Generally, consumers prefer a 1200 mm fan sweep size because it is ideal for standard Indian living and bedrooms. However, you can choose a 1400 mm fan sweep size if you have bigger rooms.

Which RPM is best for ceiling fans?

Any RPM more than 350 is excellent for ceiling fans. Some fans have speeds in the range of 380 to 390 rpm.

Which is better – a 3 or 4-blade fan?

Usually, ceiling fans in India have three blades. But 4-blade and 5-blade fans are also available. Efficiency-wise, a 3-blade fan is better because it consumes optimum power.

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Vyshnavi Vanjari
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