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We have tested various prominent BLDC ceiling fans in our home, observed the electricity consumption, and calculated savings using our ceiling fan power consumption calculator.

We have also measured the sound using decibel meters. This article reviews some of the top BLDC fan models for your benefit by focusing on air delivery, speed, looks, performance, motor quality, energy savings, and warranty.

1. Atomberg Renesa

Atomberg Renesa

1200mm BLDC Motor 5-Star Rated Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

BLDC Fan from Atomberg

Features like air deliverability, less noise, energy savings, and cost-effectiveness make the Atomberg Renesa the best BLDC ceiling fan in India in 2024.

The Atomberg Renesa has a decent rotational speed of 360 rpm at its maximum speed setting, which should suffice for the standard Indian bedroom. But conventional ceiling fans like Orient PSPO have better rotational speed.

The Atomberg Renesa peak air deliverability is 235 cmm, which should be fine for small rooms with an area of up to 150 square feet. The blade sweep size of 1200 mm is ideal for Indian rooms.

BEE has rated the Atomberg Renesa as 5-star, translating into excellent energy savings. This ceiling fan has six-speed options, with electricity consumption at a maximum speed of 28 watts. Conventional ceiling fans consume up to 75 watts at similar speed settings.

Atomberg BLDC Ceiling fan review
Atomberg BLDC Ceiling fan

The Atomberg Renesa draws its power from a powerful BLDC motor equipped with an atomSENSE algorithm, enabling it to deliver a high-quality performance. This fan uses inverter stabilization technology to work in an extensive input voltage range of 140 V to 285 V.

Tests show that the Atomberg Renesa works thrice as long on the home inverter as the regular ceiling fans.

This fan can be controlled using a remote-control unit that works in a 20-feet range. It has six-speed controlling options and a sleep mode that varies the fan speed automatically to add to your convenience.

Atomberg BLDC Ceiling fan high speed noise
Atomberg BLDC Ceiling fan max speed noise

The noise levels are between 60 and 65 decibels at its highest speed. We have tested sound levels using the decibel meter and found the Atomberg Renesa better than Havells models.

The Atomberg Renesa has a simple design with LED lighting as an attractive feature. The aluminum blades resist rust but can collect dust with continuous usage.

This BLDC fan has a 2-year warranty with an option for extending it further for one year by registering on the Atomberg official website. Pricing-wise, the Atomberg Renesa is initially more expensive but cost-effective because it can recover the additional cost within two years.


  • 5-star BEE rating
  • Excellent air delivery
  • High-quality looks
  • Low noise levels
  • Remote-controlled operations


  • Replacing the remote is expensive.
  • Better airflow is required for larger areas.

2. Crompton Energion

Crompton Energion HS

1200 mm (48 inches) Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated High-Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote

Compton Energion review fan

Crompton Energion is another excellent BLDC ceiling fan that delivers excellent performance, makes less noise, and consumes less electricity.

Crompton Energion has the best rotational speed among BLDC ceiling fans at 370 rpm. That translates into excellent performance and air deliverability.

Compared to the Atomberg Renesa, the Crompton Energion has an air deliverability of 220 cmm, which should be sufficient for a standard-sized Indian bedroom with an area of around 120 to 150 square feet.

The sweep size of 1200 mm (48 inches) is ideal for the average Indian room. You can have an extended down-rod if your room ceiling is over 12 feet.

Crompton Energion HS BLDC Fan Blade

The Crompton Energion BLDC fan works on a powerful motor powered by ActivBLDC technology that enhances the fan’s efficiency by reducing power consumption.

We have calculated the usage and found that it consumes 50% of that of conventional ceiling fans. This fan consumes 35 watts at its highest speed. Though the Atomberg Renesa is better at 28 watts, the Crompton Energion is much better than regular ceiling fans.

We calculated the noise levels of the Crompton Energion at various speeds and found it to be 70 dB at the maximum speed. The Atomberg Renesa is a better performer, with noise levels at around 65 dB.

Compton Energion noise at Max speed
Compton Energion noise at Max speed

The Crompton Energion has simple looks and is available in three color choices. The remote-control unit operation is simple, with five-speed options. The best aspect is pairing this remote with multiple Crompton BLDC fans. The memory function on the remote is good.

Though Crompton claims its fans are dust-resistant, the Crompton Energion’s blades accumulate dust continuously. This fan is comparatively heavier than other BLDC fans.

Compared to regular ceiling fans, the Crompton Energion costs more initially. But you can recover the cost within two years. Crompton offers a 5-year warranty on the fan. It is handy because the PCB in BLDC ceiling fans is vulnerable to damage. This ceiling fan can work at a voltage varying between 90 V and 300 V.


  • Excellent power savings
  • Good fan speed and airflow
  • Manageable noise levels
  • Simple looks


  • The remote control unit needs improvement.
  • Weighs more than conventional fans

3. Havells Glaze

Havells Glaze

Decorative BLDC 1200mm Energy Saving with Remote Control 5-Star Ceiling Fan

Havells Glaze BLDC Fan

The Havells Glaze is a highly energy-efficient BLDC ceiling fan that can save up to Rs 2000 annually in electricity consumption.

Havells Glaze has a decent rotational speed of 350 rpm, which should be sufficient for Indian bedroom requirements. But the Crompton Energion is considerably better at 370 rpm.

The air delivery of 225 cmm is one of the best among BLDC ceiling fans. It ensures optimal air distribution throughout the room.

The 1200 mm sweep size is ideal for a BLDC fan. However, the one-foot down-rod can be inadequate if your ceiling exceeds twelve feet. You can go for an extended rod.

Havells Glaze BLDC Motor

The double ball-bearing BLDC motor works on BLDC Eco Active technology to ensure up to 60% power savings compared to regular ceiling fans. The 100% pure copper wiring enhances the fan’s durability.

This ceiling fan does not need a regulator because it features remote-controlled operations. The remote has five-speed settings and a sleep mode that reduces the fan speed hourly to provide optimal comfort and convenience. The intelligent memory function is this fan’s highlight. Besides, you can use it as a universal remote.

Havells BLDC Fan noise at 3 speed
Havells BLDC Fan noise at 3 speed

Energy-savings-wise, the Havells Glade is a decent performer, with a rated efficiency of 30 watts. However, the Havells Glaze makes the most noise at its highest speed. We measured it to around 70 dB, but the sound levels dropped to 60 dB at lower speeds.

The Havells Glaze is attractive with three color options. Though it does not have fanciful features like stylish blades or LED lights, the design is aesthetic. This BLDC ceiling fan is among the lightest fans at 3.75 Kg.

Pricing-wise, it is less expensive than the Crompton Energion and Atomberg Renesa. This fan has a 2-year warranty, whereas the Crompton Energion is better because it offers a 5-year warranty.


  • Good power savings
  • Work in an extended voltage range
  • Makes less noise,
  • Remote-controlled operations


  • No light indicators to display speed,
  • The remote control needs improvement
  • The 2-year warranty is less compared to Crompton.


Power savings are critical benefits of BLDC ceiling fans. Though these appliances cost more initially, they deliver better performance because of their durable motor. Secondly, brushless DC motor technology helps save power, enabling consumers to recover the additional initial cost within two years.

This tabular comparison between BLDC and regular ceiling fans should prove our point.

ParametersAtomberg RenesaCrompton BLDCHavells GlazeRegular ceiling fans
Rated wattage28 W35 W30 W75 W
Energy consumption @ 16 hrs/day  0.45 units  0.56 units  0.48 units  1.20 units
Monthly consumption13.50 units16.80 units14.40 units36 units
Electricity consumption cost @ Rs 7.50/unit  Rs 101.25  Rs 126  Rs 103.68  Rs 270
Annual power consumptionRs 1215Rs 1512Rs 1244Rs 3240
Power savings vis-à-vis regular ceiling fans  Rs 2025  Rs 1728  Rs 1996  –
Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari, an Analytics Engineer at Straive, has a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and she's been awarded a gold medal for her achievements. She's skilled in technical know-how and writing and loves sharing her expertise on topics like ceiling fans, BLDC technology, and electronic appliances.


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