Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner Review FC9352/01 | How good is it?

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Generally, people depend on user reviews to judge a vacuum cleaner’s performance and utility. Therefore, if user reviews are the primary criteria for selection, almost every home should have the Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner FC9352/01. So, is this vacuum cleaner that good?

I have used it and found it delivers a powerful suction performance and is easy to use. It has excellent accessories, but you should be prepared to bear the noise. But if I disclose too much in this intro, there would be nothing left to review. So, shall we jump into the review straightaway by discussing its pros and cons?

Philips power Pro Compact Vacuum Cleaner unboxing

Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


  • Powerful suction performance because of its robust motor and Power Cyclone 5 technology
  • Excellent dust disposal system with an allergy filter
  • Easy to use and beautiful motion control
  • High-quality accessories, especially the integrated soft brush and turbo brush nozzle
  • Good maneuverability
  • Good for Cleaning window grills, corners and ceiling fan dust.


  • Noise is a significant deterrent.
  • A longer suction pipe would have been excellent.
  • The machine is a bit heavy, especially for elderly ladies.

Our Opinion

Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner – FC9352_01 How to use

The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is a powerful vacuum cleaner that comfortably removes dust from inaccessible areas like window railings, atop fans, room crevices, and below your furniture. However, a blower arrangement would have made it more convenient, especially when cleaning the gaps in the window frames.

This vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1900W motor, but it requires you to use a 15A power source. I would not recommend using an extension cord connected to the 15A source. Therefore, the machine does not rate well on the flexibility quotient. A more extended power cord could have made the difference.

Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner – FC9352_01

You expect a 1900W motor to make noise. But even if it makes noise, it delivers a jolly good performance. Moreover, it is good on the pricing front. So if you require a decent vacuum cleaner that is affordable and performs well, the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is the right appliance.

So let us start our honest review of this utility appliance.

Design – Let us unbox and see what it has to offer.

Philips Vacuum Cleaner FC9352_01_

As I opened the box, I was impressed by its cute design. Though I felt the machine was heavy at 4.5Kg, it was nowhere near the earlier Eureka Forbes machine I used. I struggled to drag my old machine all over the place, but the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 was easy to use.

However, I found the hose length small, but the extension pipe allows me to cover an extensive radius of 9m.

This vacuum cleaner has large wheels to deliver excellent motion control. Maneuvering the machine around my room is convenient.

Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner Design

However, the power cord is short at 6m. Since it requires a 15A power source, I suggest you install them at convenient locations in your house to extract the best out of this machine.

An exciting aspect of the design is the dust bin model. The transparent body allows us to see the dust accumulate inside the bin. However, the best feature is the emptying of dust. You can remove the container using one hand and empty it without causing dust clouds.

Philips powerpro vacuum cleaner dust bin

I found the telescopic extension pipe long enough to allow me to reach the ceiling crevices. Besides, the tube is bent at the perfect angle to hold it and comfortably remove dust from the upholstery, furniture, fans, and window sills.

I would have loved to give more points to the design, but the short power cord (about 6m) and its limited utility forced me to give 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Accessories – Sufficient, but Philips could have offered better options.

In the olden days, vacuum cleaner manufacturers used to provide multiple accessories. However, this Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 comes with few, but they should be sufficient for our homes.

The list of accessories includes the following.

  • A bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Plastic hose for flexible usage
  • Telescopic extension tube to reach high areas
  • Turbo brush
  • Multi-clean nozzle to clean floors
  • A removable transparent dust container
  • Soft brush integrated into the handle for convenience

Since I expected more accessories to cater to multiple cleaning jobs, I am inclined to give it a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Suction Performance – A good performance, but a blower would have enhanced it.

Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner – FC9352

This machine’s highlight is its 1900W motor which generates excellent suction power to remove dust from the most challenging areas of your home, like window sills, upholstery covers, and fan blades’ upper portions. So, it cleans deeply and thoroughly to collect the dust and debris in the transparent container.

Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 uses an exclusive Power Cyclone 5 technology that accelerates air in a cyclonic chamber to separate the dust. The decisive swirling action maximizes the airflow to enhance its cleaning performance.

This vacuum cleaner features an advanced allergy EPA 10 filter to provide a fully-sealed filtration system and capture more than 99.9% of fine dust particles. It includes pet hair, dust mites, insects like spiders, and pollen to relieve allergic people.

Cleaning windows with Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner_

The exclusive dust bin design is simple to empty because the Power Cyclone 5 technology has already separated the dust. So, it minimizes dust clouds that usually lead to sneezing fits when emptying dustbins.

Philips states that the maximum vacuum power is 33kPa. So, it contends that the machine removes 25% more hairs and dust. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner can suck dust from a maximum distance of 2cm. That should rank as a good performance. Besides, it has an excellent airflow speed of 37 liters per second. Though I have not calculated this machine’s suction power, I find it satisfactory.

While the suction power is excellent, this machine needs a blower facility to remove air from inaccessible areas like computer keyboard gaps, window railings, etc. So, though I would have loved to give more points, I restrict myself to 4.4 out of 5.

Usability – Versatile but not very flexible

Philips offers the minimum accessories necessary for a thorough cleaning job. For example, the Turbo Brush is excellent because it removes 25% more hair and dust from the floors, upholstery, and walls. In addition, the Turbo Brush rotates inside the nozzle to remove tiny dust particles and deliver an excellent cleaning performance.

Philips Vacuum Cleaner TurboBrush

The multi-clean nozzle is perfectly aligned for cleaning all floors, including carpets, wooden flooring, tiles, and marble/granite. You can also use this brush on upholstery, walls, ceiling edges (to remove cobwebs), and other multipurpose utilities.

The unit has a soft brush integrated into the handles that are ideal for removing minute dust particles, including pollen, pet hair, dust, insects, dust mites, etc. This brush is perfect for cleaning the fan blades from the top and sucking the dust in beautifully without spraying it anywhere.

Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner – FC9352_01 Brush_

The telescopic pipe is a good feature, but it is available in all vacuum cleaners. The active lock couplings adjust with all accessories to cater to every task efficiently.

One of the best features of the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is its maneuverability. This machine has large wheels making it convenient to move around. In addition, the rotator ball in the center allows for changing directions abruptly.

The plastic hose has a decent length. In addition, the telescopic tube and the plastic hose offer an operational radius of 9m. That ensures proper and user-friendly performance.  

Philips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner TurboBrush

However, the machine has a short lead wire. Some of its competitors offer extended wires making their models flexible. Secondly, Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 requires a 15A power source. Though many people use extension cords that connect to 15A sources, I do not recommend this practice. It is better to use the 15A power source directly.

The machine weighs around 4.5 Kg. Though it is not heavy as some other peer models, older adults can find it challenging. The 82db noise is another discerning feature, but a 1900W motor should make that noise.   

Philips Vacuum Cleaner – FC9352_01

So, this vacuum cleaner is versatile but lacks the flexibility required for a perfect vacuuming job. However, since the appliance is user-friendly, I would love to rate it at 4.5 out of 5.

Maintenance – More maintenance but does not cost much

A bagless vacuum cleaner like the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 requires more care than the traditional vacuum cleaning machines that feature reusable bags for collecting dirt.

The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 has a unique dust collector equipped with Power Cyclone 5 technology that separates the air from the dust, allowing it to settle comfortably. As a result, emptying the container is a straightforward task. But the bin emptying frequency is high.

Philips Vacuum Cleaner FC9352 Cleaning carpets

Besides, this vacuum cleaner has a powerful filter that traps minute impurities. Unfortunately, this filter can get clogged frequently, leading to repeated washing under the tap. But, the filter needs sufficient drying time of nearly 24 hours before you use it again.

However, the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is a durable device. In addition, Philips offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty. So, I rank it 4.6 out of 5.

Specifications – Figures at a glance

Machine Weight4.5 Kg
Cord Length6 meters
Action Radius9 meters
Noise Levels82 dB
Motor Capacity1900W
Suction Power370W
Airflow37 liters per hour
Vacuum Power33 kPa
Overall Rating4.5 out of 5

Wrap it up

The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 is a versatile appliance that does not require replacing dust bags. This machine works well on almost all surfaces, including carpets. Though the sound levels of 82 dB are high, the device delivers an excellent performance. So, it is an ideal choice for the average Indian home.

Ease of use
Suction power
Cord Length
Value For Money
The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 does not require replacing dust bags and works well on almost all surfaces, including carpets. Though the sound levels of 82 dB are high, the device delivers an excellent performance
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
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The Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01 does not require replacing dust bags and works well on almost all surfaces, including carpets. Though the sound levels of 82 dB are high, the device delivers an excellent performancePhilips PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner Review FC9352/01 | How good is it?