7 Best Wet Grinders in India (2023) For Home Use

Have you ever wondered why our grandmothers had a robust physique compared to us?

It is because they used to do a lot of physical chores in the kitchen such as grinding the batter for your favourite idlis and vadas, and so on.

Believe me; I have tried that stuff. It is a challenging experience. Maybe, it is because I am used to the wet grinder machine that I have at present.

The wet grinders have made our job easy. We add the necessary ingredients, switch on the machine, and continue with our other kitchen work.

We shall compare wet grinder brands before moving on to the buying guide for wet grinders.

Best Wet GrinderHighlights
1. Elgi Ultra Perfect+ 

Amazon Price
150W motor
Drum speed of 135 to 140rpm
capacity of 2L
10 Year warranty
2. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold

Amazon Price
150W motor
Patented Conical Stones
capacity of 2L
5 Year warranty
3. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder

Amazon Price
150W motor
1300rpm speed
capacity of 2L
2 Year warranty
4. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08

Amazon Price
200W Powerful motor
Cylindrical grinding stones
capacity of 2L
 1 Year On product, 5 Year on Motor
5. Butterfly Rhino Plus

Amazon Price
150W motor
1300rpm rotating speed
capacity of 2L
2 Year warranty

The dough becomes ready in due course. Let us look at the wonderful invention that has made our lives more comfortable than the previous generation.

Best Wet Grinders in India

1. Elgi Ultra Perfect+

Elgi wet grinders are available in various sizes ranging from 1.75L to 2.5L. Depending on the family size and your requirements, you can choose the ideal product for your kitchen. This Elgi Ultra Perfect+ model comes with a capacity of 2L, well-suited for a family of three to four persons.

The performance of a wet grinder depends on its motor speed. This Elgi Ultra Perfect+ appliance features a 150W motor capable of a maximum rotational speed of 1350rpm (without load). Here are some of the critical features of this multi-utility kitchen appliance.

Key Features

  • Powerful 150W motor for better grinding
  • Stainless-steel drum to ensure proper hygiene
  • Drum speed of 135 to 140rpm (with load)
  • Drum capacity of 2L
  • Patented conical stones for efficient grinding and low batter temperature
  • ABS Body for better looks, lighter weight, and durability
  • Optional atta kneading and coconut scraper attachments
  • Electronic timer

Why do we recommend the Elgi Ultra Perfect+?

We have been using this wet grinder for more than five years now and have not observed any fault in its performance to date. The machine makes the slightest noise while grinding and does not wobble or vibrate even after five years of usage.

The patented conical stones are strategically designed to rotate in consonance with the drum and grind the ingredients into a smooth batter. The locking system ensures that the stones remain in a stable position throughout the grinding process.

The unique design ensures that the batter does not fly all over the place even when the drum rotates at its maximum speed of around 140rpm.

The rust-proof stainless-steel drum can hold up to 2L of soaked rice or dal. It should be ideal for small families comprising three to four persons. For larger families, the Elgi Ultra Bigg+ 2.5L should suffice. Individuals and couples can choose between the Ultra Mini Compact 1.25L model or the Elgi Ultra Micro 1.75L to suit their needs.

The durable 150W motor can function continuously for extended periods without heating the batter while ensuring perfect grinding. The 10-year manufacturer warranty is ample proof of its durability.

This wet grinder features an electronic timer that lets you set the timings for grinding your batter. As the machine completes the grinding job, it lets out beeps at 1-second intervals for the final 30 seconds before emitting a long beep to signal the end of the grinding session.

The multi-utility drum can be placed directly into your refrigerator. Thus, there is no need to empty the drum to transfer the batter to another vessel.

  • The patented conical stones synchronize with the drum’s rotational speed to grind the batter uniformly and smoothly. It also ensures that the batter does not spill out of the drum when rotating at high speeds. However, you can cover the drum with a removable plastic lid.
  • Storing the ground batter is not an issue, as you can place the drum directly into your refrigerator. The stainless-steel drum does not rust and thus, ensures proper hygiene.
  • The batter cleaner attachment helps you to clean the stones by removing the batter without much difficulty.
  • The optional attachments like atta kneader and coconut scraper are not part of the original wet grinder package. You have to purchase them separately.
  • When there is a power cut, the machine stops functioning but does not automatically start on resumption of power supply. You have to switch on the button manually for the drum to restart
  • There is no tilting arrangement to enable you to remove the batter from the drum. Placing the drum inside the refrigerator occupies a lot of space. Emptying the drum can be challenging because of its weight.

Generally, a 2L wet grinder is sufficient for the average Indian family size. This Elgi Ultra Perfect+ is available in two color combinations, White/Purple and White/Red. This machine, priced in the Rs 10K range, is a bit expensive when you have lower-priced models like Elgi Ultra Grind+ in the Rs 7K range and the Elgi Ultra Bigg+  2.5L available at around Rs 8K.

2. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold

If you are looking for a 2L wet grinder in the Rs 7K budget range, you can go for the Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold. The Elgi Ultra Perfect+ is also a 2L wet grinder, but it is expensive than the Grind+ model because of the electronic timer system. This Ultra Grind+ Gold model does not have this feature.

Like the Elgi Ultra Perfect+ model, this Grind+ variant features a powerful 150W motor capable of providing a vibration-free performance. The design of this model is different from that of the Ultra Perfect+ as the Ultra Grind+ Gold features a unique locking system to hold the drum and the grinding stones in place while grinding your batter.

Key Features

  • Powerful 150W motor, ideal for 2L wet grinding machines
  • Food-grade Stainless Steel drum with a capacity of two liters
  • ABS body to enhance the durability quotient
  • Patented conical stones to enable smooth grinding without heating the batter
  • Mechanical on-off switch
  • Five years warranty on the product

Why do we recommend the Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold wet grinder?

Performance-wise, this wet grinding machine is more or less equal to that of the Ultra Perfect+ 2L model. Costs-wise, this appliance is cheaper by nearly Rs 2K.

The food-grade stainless steel drum serves as a multi-utility attachment. You can store the batter after grinding in the drum itself and place it in the refrigerator directly. The rust-resistant drum has a capacity of two liters, ideal for the average Indian family.

The unique aspect of all Elgi Ultra wet grinders is their patented conical grinding stones. Other wet grinders like Prestige PWG 08 and Butterfly Hippo 2L have cylindrical stones.

The conical stones deliver better performance because they allow smoother grinding of the batter without heating it. Thus, your dosas come out crispier, and the idlis fluffier.

The flow breaker arrangement pushes the batter back under the stones as the drum keeps rotating. Thus, it hastens the grinding process. The batter remover arrangement with specially-placed plastic teeth helps remove the batter sticking to the grooves on the grinding stone.

  • The 150W motor can work for extended periods to allow you to grind sufficient batter to feed the average Indian family.
  • This machine is stable as it does not vibrate when the drum rotates at high speed. Though the appliance makes some noise, it does not cause any disturbance.
  • The locking system helps secure the drum and grinding stones in place.
  • The mechanical on/off switch makes it convenient to start or stop the drum rotation at any time.
  • The ABS body features strategically placed holes on its sides to help in the ventilation process. Thus, the motor does not become hot quickly. 
  • You have to hold the handle while opening the lock. Otherwise, it opens with a jerk and can damage the lock.
  • The lack of the tilting arrangement can make it difficult to empty the drum of all the batter.
  • The optional attachments, like the atta kneader and coconut scraper, cost at least Rs 1K.

Compared to the Butterfly Hippo or the Prestige PWG 08, the Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold is expensive. However, this model is a premium appliance with a sturdy ABS body and food-grade stainless-steel drum.

3. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder 2L

Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder comes in three variants. This specific model is a simple grinding appliance, whereas the other two variants feature an additional mixer-grinder arrangement. This Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder works on a sturdy single-phase high torque motor capable of rotating at 1300rpm.

Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder 2L

This Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder is different from other similar machines because of the level indicator groove on the ABS body. You can find the groove right below the name. It indicates the level of ingredients you can add to the stainless-steel drum.

Please have a look at its key features.

  • Powerful 150W motor with 1300rpm speed
  • Stainless-steel drum and ABS body
  • A 180cm long power cord
  • Four-way grinding system and uniform grinding pressure
  • Unbreakable and transparent lid made of polycarbonate
  • Round grinding stones with a flow breaker arrangement

Why do we recommend the Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder 2L?

One of the critical features of this Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder 2L is the ventilation arrangement on the ABS body. Compared to the Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold grinding machine, these ventilation slots are bigger. Thus, it enables heat to escape quickly to prevent the motor from becoming hot.

The locking system in this wet grinder is different from that of the Elgi Ultra machines. Though it can take some practice to master the locking procedure, it is a safe one that ensures the grinding stones remain in place even when the drum rotates at fast speeds. You have to press the lock into the groove after placing the grinding stones and apply pressure while turning the knob clockwise.

The round stones have grooves that enable smooth grinding of the batter while ensuring that it does not get hot. It helps in easy fermentation of the dough to allow you to make soft idlis and crisp dosas.

The 150W powerful motor ensures uniform grinding pressure because of the 4-way grinding system and its high rotational speed of 1300rpm. The high rotational speed allows you to grind your batter quicker than other comparable grinding machines like Sowbaghya 150W wet grinder. The Prestige PWG 08 works on a 200W motor and is a more powerful machine.

The detachable stainless-steel drum acts as a storage container because you can keep the drum in your fridge. However, the large drum occupies more space.

  • The ventilation system in this Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder prevents the motor from heating and enhances its lifespan.
  • The intelligent locking system holds the grinding stones firmly in place while rotating at reasonable speeds. The flow-breaker attachment is helpful to push the batter back into the grooves under the grinding stone to ensure a better grinding performance.
  • The 180cm long power cord enhances the machine’s flexibility as you have enough space to maneuver the device.
  • The unbreakable lid prevents insects and dirt from falling into the dough during the grinding session. It also prevents the dough from spilling out of the machine.
  • The Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder is an ISO-certified appliance.
  • The coconut scraper and the atta kneader arrangements are not part of the package. They are available separately.
  • Grinding machines make noise as they crush the ingredients into a batter.
  • This 2L wet grinder is ideal for the average Indian family but is not the perfect appliance for single individuals or couples. They can go for a machine with a smaller capacity, like the Ultra Mini Compact 1.25L wet grinder.

This Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder 2L is one of the best wet grinders in the Rs 4K budget range.

4. Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L

Generally, you find the additional attachments like atta kneader and coconut scraper are not available for free with wet grinders. The Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L wet grinder is different from its competitors like the Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder and Elgi Ultra Perfect+ as these attachments form part of the original packaging.

Butterfly Rhino Plus Wet Grinder
The Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L wet grinder is available in two colors, cherry red and grey.

This wet grinder is available in the Rs 5K budget range.

Key features

  • 150W powerful motor with 1300rpm rotating speed
  • Stainless-steel drum and AMS Body
  • 180cm long power cord for convenient operations
  • Single-speed control
  • Additional attachments like coconut scraper and atta kneader
  • Circular grinding stones
  • Overload protection

Why do we recommend this wet grinder?

The Butterfly Rhino Plus wet grinder comes with an atta kneader and coconut scraper arrangement as part of the packaging. Though this appliance is expensive compared to the Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder, the attachments are handy.

The 150W motor is ideal for a wet grinder because it can function continuously for an hour. Grinding one kg of rice takes around 30 minutes. Thus, you have sufficient time to grind your dal and other ingredients required to prepare crispy dosas/vadas and soft idlis. The coconut scraper attachment helps grate coconuts for your chutneys.

This wet grinder features manual controls that homemakers and older people find easy to use. The 180cm long power cord offers excellent flexibility as you can move the grinder around without much difficulty. Fortunately, this machine weighs less at about 12.7Kg, much less than the Elgi Ultra Perfect+, weighing more than 14kg.

The locking arrangement helps to hold the grinding stones in place. Though you need to apply a bit of pressure to rotate the lock knob because of the spring arrangement, it is effective.

The stainless-steel drum has multiple uses as you can grind your batter and store it simultaneously. The ABS body provides the required stability and looks to make this machine an attractive one.

The ventilation arrangements are good to help let out the heat generated by the 150W motor. The level indicator on the ABS body is a positive feature. Such a feature is not available on peer machines like the Prestige PWG 08.

  • The motor’s 1300rpm rotating speed enables quick and uniform grinding of your batter. This motor can carry loads up to a maximum of 2L. It is therefore advisable not to grind more than one kg of rice at a time. That should prove sufficient for the average Indian family’s requirements.
  • The grinder can work continuously for up to an hour. However, the efficient operating time for a wet grinder is around 20 minutes. You can give the machine rest for about ten minutes between two grinding sessions to ensure the machine’s longevity.
  • The machine features two rolling stones with different types of grooves to ensure uniform grinding. The flow breaker attachment helps push the batter back towards the drum’s center.
  • Cleaning the drum and grinding stones is easy as you can remove them by releasing the lock.
  • This Machine offers overload protection where it stops functioning on sensing any overloading. You can reduce the load and reset the button to resume functioning.
  • Though this wet grinder comes with an atta kneading attachment, you have to do some manual work as the appliance completes around 80% of the kneading job. You have to finish it manually before preparing your rotis.
  • The Butterfly Rhino Plus model features a lid for the stainless-steel drum to prevent spillage. Despite its presence, the batter spills out occasionally during the grinding session.
  • Compared to other machines like the Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder 2L and the Butterfly Hippo Wet Grinder, this appliance is expensive.

The Butterfly Rhino Plus 2L Wet grinder is a handy appliance as you get additional attachments like the coconut scraper and atta kneader as part of the original packaging. The 2L capacity should be sufficient for almost all Indian families. If your requirements are more, you can go for the Elgi Ultra Bigg+ 2.5L model.

5. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08

The Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08 should offer better performance than the other models reviewed here because of its 200W motor and higher rotating speed of 1400rpm. However, the higher capacity motor has its disadvantages, as well. It makes more noise than the 150W motors present in other wet grinders.

Prestige Wet Grinder for Grinding batter of dosa and idlo
Prestige Wet Grinder

Multiple variants of the Prestige wet grinder are available on the market. Besides the PWG 08, you have the PWG 05, PWG 07, PWG 11, and PWG 01 (tilting-type). The PWG 08 2L is a compact wet grinder capable of delivering uniform and quick grinding because of its 200W motor.

Here are some of its key features.

  • Powerful 200W motor with a rotating speed of 1400rpm
  • Cylindrical grinding stones to ensure uniform grinding of batter
  • Stainless-steel drum that is easy to clean
  • The capacity of 2L, ideal for Indian families
  • Strategically placed ventilation system
  • Polycarbonate transparent lid
  • Safety lock arrangement to hold the grinding stones in position
  • Mechanical knobs for operation

Why do we recommend the Prestige PWG 08?

The faster-rotating speed and additional power supplied by the 200W motor enables uniform and quick grinding of batter. The cylindrical stones with unique grooves ensure that the batter ends up soft enough to prepare fluffy idlis and crisp dosas/vadas. The larger the contact area with the drum base, the better is the grinding performance.

This wet grinding machine features a safety locking mechanism to hold the stones in position during your grinding sessions. You do not experience any batter spilling because of the polycarbonate lid that allows you to monitor the grinding process.

The locking mechanism also ensures that the sound output does not exceed 90db.  

One of the striking aspects of this wet grinder is that it is amongst the lightest of machines. It weighs around 11Kg, whereas the Butterfly Rhino Plus is around 12Kg and the Elgi Ultra Prestige+ around 14.5Kg. Thus, homemakers find it convenient to clean and use the machine.

The compact table-top design occupies less space. Hence, it is suitable for the modern-day Indian kitchen, where space is at a premium.

  • The powerful 200W motor is a significant advantage. The more powerful the grinder motor, the higher is the rotational speed, and the quicker is the grinding process.
  • The advanced interlocking system ensures the grinding stones are positioned perfectly during the grinding sessions. It also reduces vibration and noise levels. However, the 90db noise level is a bit on the higher side.
  • The positioning of the air vents on the body allows the heat generated by the motor to escape comfortably. Thus, your Prestige PW 08 motor lasts long.
  • As you can remove the stones and the stainless-steel drum by unlocking the settings, it is convenient to clean them. Besides, the machine is light in weight.
  • After locking the stones in place, the lid does not fit properly and leaves a gap on all sides. It can cause some of the batter to spill out if you overload the machine.
  • The 200W motor makes more noise than the 150W engine. Though locking the stones properly can reduce the noise, it is still a bit noisy, especially when working at high speeds.
  • Compared to the Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder, this Prestige PWG 08 is a bit expensive.

The 200W motor should prove one of the best-influencing factors to purchase the Prestige PWG 08. You should not bother much if the machine emits a burning odor in the initial stages. It is due to the burning of the varnish coat and not any issue with the motor. This problem is common to almost all wet grinding machines.

6. Butterfly Hippo Wet Grinder 2L

The Butterfly Hippo Wet Grinder 2L works similar to the Rhino 2L and Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder models in many ways. Unlike the two models listed above, the coconut scraper and atta kneader attachments are not available as additional attachments in any way.

The Key Features

  • Powerful 150W motor with 1300rpm rotational speed
  • Power cord measuring six feet to make the machine flexible to use
  • Detachable stainless-steel drum and cylindrical grinding stones
  • 4-way grinding system
  • Shockproof ABS body
  • Air vents on the body to allow proper air circulation

Why do we recommend the Butterfly Hippo 2L?

The performance of the Butterfly Hippo 2L is similar to the Rhino 2L model. This machine is different because it does not feature the optional atta kneader and coconut scraper attachments. Hence, the Hippo 2L costs less than the Rhino 2L grinding machine. The Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder comes with comparable pricing.

The unique 4-way grinding system is this grinder’s highlighting factor. The organized positioning of the stones and their movements are different from that of its competitors. The flow breaker is positioned at a perfect distance from the stones to ensure that the batter returns to the drum’s center for effective grinding.

A lot depends on your culinary skills. Wet grinders work beautifully if you add the right amount of water to the rice and lentils. Soaking the dal/rice is also crucial to get the desired consistency. The Hippo 2L wet grinder ensures uniform grinding, with the batter coming out smooth as it should be.

  • The 180cm cord makes this machine flexible and convenient to use.
  • The Hippo 2L is an easy appliance to use because it weighs about ten and a half kg. Homemakers find it convenient to carry this appliance around in the kitchen. The detachable drums and grinding stones make it a comfortable machine to clean.
  • As Butterfly is a reputed wet grinder, it is easy to get spare parts in the market.
  • Though the overall weight of the grinder is around ten and a half kg, the stones are heavier than those in models like Elgi Ultra Perfect+.
  • The locking system needs some practice to get used to because of the spring arrangement.
  • The polycarbonate lid does not close properly when you place it over the lock knob. It keeps wobbling as the drum rotates. Thus, you can experience some spillage, especially when you grind small quantities of rice or lentils.
  • This machine does not have an electronic timer like the top-end Elgi Ultra Perfect+ model.

Despite the manufacturer not offering optional attachments, this machine is a decent one to have because of its affordability. The 2L model should be ideal for almost all Indian households.

7. Sowrna Lakshmi wet Grinder

Sowrna Lakshmi 150W wet grinder should be ideal for every house, especially South Indian homes where idli and dosa are regular food items. Moreover, by providing an atta kneading arrangement free of cost, this grinder aims to cater to the requirements of other Indian families too that prefer to have chapatis.

Key Features

  • 2L capacity table-top wet grinding machine
  • Useful in hotels, restaurants, and home kitchens
  • 150W motor
  • 960 rpm
  • One-piece dual grinding stone with flow breaker
  • Ideal for grinding idli batter and other cereals and spices
  • Less noise
  • Plastic body with stainless-steel drum
  • One year warranty

Why do we recommend the Sowrna Lakshmi Orange wet grinder?

The slower RPM speed of the wet grinders than the mixer grinder machines ensures that the grinding is perfect and smooth. This Sowrna Lakshmi wet grinder has an ideal rotating speed of 960 rpm.

The presence of the flow breaker is crucial in a wet grinder because it arrests the movement of the dough and pushes it back beneath the stones for a perfect job. Otherwise, the rotation would take the dough away from the centre towards the sides and result in improper grinding.

This wet grinder can comfortably accommodate up to two litres of dough, sufficient to cater to the needs of an entire family. Besides idli and dosa batter, it can grind spices, cereals, and other food ingredients.

This machine comes with two free attachments in a coconut scraper and an atta kneader. The coconut scraper is the perfect tool for scraping coconuts to prepare chutneys and other gravy. The atta kneader is ideal for kneading dough for chapatis and puris.

When using the coconut scraper, it is advisable to place a circular paper plate with a small hole in the centre. You can keep this paper at the bottom of the drum to collect the coconut gratings that fall during the scraping process. It ensures there is minimum wastage of coconut and also enables easy cleaning of the drum.

The Sowrna Lakshmi wet grinding machine comes with a locking attachment to keep the stones in place while grinding. This safety arrangement prevents untoward accidents.

  • The 150W motor ensures a good rotation speed of 960 rpm for a perfect wet grinding job.
  • The flow breaker arrangement hastens the grinding process.
  • This machine is ideal for grinding batter for preparing idlis, dosas, and even vadas.
  • Cleaning the appliance is convenient.
  • This wet grinder does not make much noise.
  • The product does not come with a spatula or spoon to remove the dough.

Some users have reported the flying of ingredients during rotation. It is purely an operational issue because you should add water slowly into the machine as it keeps grinding the batter. If you have more water than rice, it will fly all over the place. Otherwise, this Sowrna Lakshmi wet grinder is a good appliance for the Indian kitchen. 

8. Usha Colossal DLX Wet Grinder 150W 

Usha Colossal DLX is a 2 Litre Wet Grinder that is recently introduced in the Indian market and is priced higher when compared with butterfly models.

Usha Colossal Dlx Wet Grinder

Key Features

  • 2-liter capacity
  • 100% copper motor for longer life and cooler operations
  • Dual flow breaker for a smoother batter
  • SS-304 Food Grade Stainless Steel drum
  • Secure arm lock for safety
  • Impact-resistant transparent PC lid
  • 150W motor
  • Optional accessories like atta kneader, coconut scraper, and spatula
  • Ten years warranty on the motor
  • Free home service

This wet grinder does not get hot even when you grind vada batter continuously for one hour. Even though the brand has mentioned this grinder does not make any noise. In reality, this wet grinder makes some noise just like the other models.

Also, it takes more than one hour to make vada matter.. but one should note that the more time you grind the batter the crispier the vadas are.   

The device has a robust motor. The 150W motor is 100% copper, making it sturdier and more durable.

The dual-flow breaker system ensures your batter gets ground smoothly, making it possible to prepare fluffy idlis and crispy dosas. This appliance is safe to use because of the secure arm lock that does not allow the machine to start unless appropriately locked.

The optional accessories like coconut scraper, atta kneader, and spatula are helpful. However, they cost extra.

  • It features an excellent design making it look attractive. In addition, the appliance is available in three colors.
  • The sturdy 150W motor is durable and makes no noise at all.
  • The dual-flow breaker arrangement ensures smoother grinding as it consistently pushes the dough back under the grinding wheels, resulting in a smoother batter.
  • The locking arrangement is a safety feature.
  • The machine is easy to clean.
  • The overload protection feature is helpful.
  • Usha offers free home service and a 10-year warranty on the motor.
  • The accessories available with this machine are optional. Unfortunately, you have to pay extra because they are not part of the package.
  • The machine does not start automatically after a power cut. Instead, it requires a manual start.
  • Users are not satisfied with the pricing as they feel it is higher.

While every product has its benefits and drawbacks, this 2L Usha Colossal DLX Wet Grinder is indispensable in the Indian kitchen. It allows you to prepare smooth dosa batter whenever you want.

Best Wet Grinders – Buying Guide

Most of us remember how our grandmothers had a tough time grinding the batter for preparing the mouth-watering idlis, dosas, and vadas.

Society owes a considerable debt to the housewives of yesteryears. It has made amends and made the life of the modern-day homemaker easy.

You have many appliances bringing you the comfort you need. The wet grinder is one such kitchen appliance that can bring a smile to the faces of the homemakers today. It spares them the hard work of having to grind the batter manually.

However, you should know the different types of wet grinders available on the market before deciding to buy one of your choices.

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There are three types of wet grinders in the market.

  • Regular wet grinders
  • Table Top wet grinders
  • Tilting wet grinders

Regular Wet Grinders

These are big appliances generally used for commercial purposes. You can also see these machines in hotels and restaurants. Usually, the families do not opt for the grinder because of its size.

However, this machine resembles the grinders that your grandmother used in her younger days. These appliances are substantial, and big families might opt to purchase such devices. The design is such that a steel rod holds the grinding stone with the help of an iron belt.

The drum rotates when you switch on the motor. The grinding stone does an excellent job of grinding the batter. You get good output from this machine. However, the principal drawback of this machine is its weight.

Installing the device in the kitchen is difficult. You can also experience the batter overflowing over the sides at times. Hence, they are difficult to clean.

Table Top Wet Grinders

These are compact appliances having capacities ranging between 1.5 and 2 litres. The mechanism is such that the drum rotates when you switch on the device. The grinding wheels that are in contact with the inner side of the drum also start rotating.

Thus, it traps the grains and pulses in between to grind them. You can use this type of grinder to prepare lesser quantities of dough. These are portable appliances.

You can detach the drum from the machine and store the batter inside it without feeling the need to transfer it to another utensil. These wet grinders are very popular among people today.

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Tilting wet grinders

One has to admit that the drums can become heavy once it fills up with the dough. It can become difficult for the homemaker to lift the drum and empty it before cleaning them. The tilting wet grinders are the solution to this problem.

The mechanism is such that you can tilt the drum and let the batter flow out of the drum smoothly. These are efficient wet grinders, but they have an issue. If you have fixed drums, it becomes difficult to clean them. The detachable drum is the best aspect of the wet grinders.

Standard features of the wet grinders


You have wet grinders of varying capacities in the market. It ranges from 1.5 litres to even 15 litres. Choose the right one according to the frequency of usage, the size of the family, and so on.

Usually, a 2-litre grinder is enough for a typical Indian family. In case you have a higher requirement, you can always opt for larger appliances.

Drum material

The stainless steel drums are the best in the business. They are not only durable but also provide a great deal of hygiene.

The bottom of the drum has a layer of stone. It enables the perfect grinding of the batter. The detachable drums are always better because they allow you to clean the drums and the other parts of the appliance quickly.

Tilting function

You can experience this function in the tilting wet grinders. You can tilt the drum and cause the batter to pour out into a new container. Such drums are not removable. Hence, it is a challenging task to clean such drums.

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Number of grinding stones

Some wet grinders come with two stones whereas some come with three. They come in different shapes as well. The conical shape is the most common of all.

You have the round stones as well. The regular wet grinders have one big stone whereas the tabletop wet grinder has more than one. The advantage of having multiple stones is that it speeds up the process of grinding.

Overload Protection

Look out for the overload protection feature on the wet grinders. This feature ensures that the motor stops working in case of an overload. It protects the life of the engine and enhances it. Under such circumstances, you have to reduce the load and start the machine again.

Additional attachments

Some of the present-day wet grinders come with additional accessories for coconut scraping and atta kneading. Alternatively, you get these attachments when you pay extra.

You can remove the grinding stones and place these attachments in their place. Your wet grinder can knead atta and scrape coconuts beautifully.

Installation of Wet Grinders

The regular wet grinders are large appliances. It can be a challenging task to install them for the simple reason they are heavy. The grinding stone itself can be a heavy one. It is also difficult to clean these appliances.

The tabletop and tilting wet grinders are straightforward to install. In fact, you can detach the steel drum from the table-top grinders and remove the different parts. It allows you to clean them quickly.

The motor is the heart of the appliance. You should ensure to take care of the engine by overhauling it at frequent intervals. Check out the lubrication levels of the wheels.

Similarly, check out the conveyor belts and ensure they are tight enough to function correctly. Do not keep the wet grinders near water surfaces.

Wet grinders brands

We have seen some of the most popular wet grinders in India. They are,

  • Elgi
  • Panasonic
  • Butterfly
  • Pigeon
  • Premier
  • Vidiem
  • You have some more such as Prestige, Ultra and Sowbaghya, and so on.

Best Wet Grinder – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of wet grinder should you opt for?

It depends on the size of your family and the requirement. The requirement of a South Indian family is different from that of the Indians from other parts of the country. The South Indian community tends to use these wet grinders more than the others as they regularly prepare idlis, dosas, and vadas.

Hence, they prefer to go for the bigger ones. Usually, the tabletop wet grinders of 2-litres capacity should be enough for a family of four to five members.

Smaller families can go for the 1.5-litre capacity grinders. Cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, and commercial establishments can opt for regular wet grinders.

2. Why do the wet grinders make a lot of noise while working?

The grinding of pulses and cereals is a challenging task. You need the power to do so. Hence, you see these wet grinders having motors in the capacities of 90W to 150W.

These heavy-duty motors make a lot of noise. Also, you have the grinding stones rotating at reasonable speeds. These stones can also make a lot of noise. However, once the batter settles down, the noise level reduces.

3. What is the usual guarantee that manufacturers offer?

Various manufacturers provide warranties on the product and the motor. Specific manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty on the motor whereas the 5-year warranty is the usual norm. However, you should understand that the warranty does not apply to the plastic parts of the appliance.

4. How long does it take for the wet grinders to complete one cycle?

The standard time taken for the completion of one cycle is around 20 minutes. If the wet grinder takes more than 20 minutes, you should check the motor and send it for an overhauling.

5. What happens if we overload the wet grinder?

The present-day wet grinders come with overload protection. Thus, the grinder switches off automatically when you overload the machine. You have to reduce the load and restart the appliance.

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