10 Best Mixer Grinders in India (2023)

We have tested more than 20 mixer grinders in our kitchen. We use each model on a daily basis to make dosa batter, idly batter, chutneys, and for dry grinding garam masala and turmeric.

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A mixer grinder is a multipurpose appliance. So, the best one is which can perform various tasks efficiently.

Our Top Recommendations

Preethi Zodiac MG218 qualifies as the perfect all-rounder because it handles both dry grinding and wet grinding efficiently and the food processor jar is an excellent addition.

Bosch TrueMixx is an ideal product if wet grinding is your priority. However, Sujata Dynamix is also an excellent product for wet grinding. Both these models have very powerful motors and are robust products.

Bosch vs Preethi vs Sujata

Usually, heavy-duty mixer grinders make noise. In that context, the Atomberg MG1 springs a significant surprise. This model comes with a BLDC Motor and is surprisingly good at both dry and wet grinding.

If you are on a Budget, you can have a look at Philips HL7756, it comes with a 750 W motor and is good at wet grinding batter and chutneys, suitable for occasional dry grinding only.

Best mixer grinders in India

1. Preethi Zodiac MG-218 mixer grinder

Preethi Zodiac MG-218

Comparatively expensive but qualifies as India’s best all-around mixer grinder.

Preeti Zodiac mixer grinder review

Suppose there is a prize for a true all-rounder in the mixer grinder category. In that case, the Preethi Zodiac MG218 should be a clear frontrunner because it can deliver a commendable performance in the kitchen. But, unfortunately, it has drawbacks, especially an average wet grinding performance.

Carrots chopped in Preeti Zodiac Food Processor

The Preethi Zodiac MG218 offers a decent food processor arrangement, capable of slicing, shredding, grating, and dicing vegetables. It performs commendably, especially with vegetables like carrots, onions, and beetroot. Moreover, it is an all-in-one food processor because you can knead chapati atta, chop vegetables, and slice carrots, onions, and tomatoes for salads.

Preeti Zodiac Food Processor Atta Kneading

The juicer jar provided in this machine is unique because it has two blades, one for blending and another for juice extraction. In addition, the pusher arrangement is beneficial for inserting fruits quickly into the appliance. However, it cannot compare with a stand-alone juicer device. The pulp does not come out as dry as it should.

Preeti Zodiac Juicing

The wet grinding performance is not up to the expected standards. Better machines like Bosch TrueMixx Pro and Sujata Dynamix are available for wet grinding. But the Preethi Zodiac MG218 is an absolute master at dry grinding. We have used it to obtain turmeric powder and found its performance exemplary.

Turmeric Grinding in Preeti Zodiac
Turmeric Grinding in Preeti Zodiac

The Preethi Zodiac MG218 features a robust 750W motor with a top speed of 18,000 rpm. Though the machine makes more sound when performing at high speeds, it does not vibrate. The powerful suction feet hold onto the kitchen platform firmly. Other safety features like an overload protector make it a safe appliance in your kitchen.

Onions Chopped in Preeti Zodiac Food Processor

Though the machine’s components are not dishwasher safe, cleaning the jars is convenient. However, you must be careful while removing the blades. The juicer blades are challenging to remove, and you can injure yourself if you use excessive force.

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  • Highly versatile because it is a multi-utility appliance
  • Powerful motor to ensure a robust performance
  • One of the best mixer grinders for dry grinding
  • A sturdy design with commendable safety features


  • Average wet grinding performance
  • It takes time to adjust to its operations.
  • The components are not dishwasher safe.

2. Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder

Bosch Pro 1000W

The Bosch TrueMixx Pro is the best mixer grinder in this list for wet grinding. However, it is a tad expensive because of its more potent motor.

Bosch Mixer Grinder review

Bosch TrueMixx Pro is a high-quality mixer grinder because of its powerful 1000W motor. It enables the machine to deliver robust performance. However, the noise levels exceed 80 dB, making the appliance the noisiest mixer grinder discussed here.

The 1000W motor proves its worth in delivering a top-notch wet grinding performance. It is perfect for grinding idli and dosa batter because it can rotate at a maximum speed of 23,000 rpm. Moreover, it enables the batter to emerge silky smooth. The best aspect is that it is an ideal appliance for preparing vada batter that is comparatively thicker than idli dough.

batter bosch mixer grinder
Vada Batter

The dry grinding performance is satisfactory, but the blade design needs improvement. There is a sufficient gap below the blades for the food ingredients to get stuck. This mixer grinder has big jars to allow better food distribution. The pounding blade is an excellent attachment because it enhances the dry grinding performance.

Vada batter in Bosch Truemixx Pro Mixer Grinder

The Bosch TrueMixx Pro offers a juicer attachment for extracting fruit juices from watermelons, oranges, pomegranates, and others. However, the narrow base requires you to cut the fruits into small pieces before inserting them into the machine. Unfortunately, the seeds also get crushed along with the pulp. Therefore, we do not recommend this juicer attachment for citrus fruit juices.

Bosch Truemixx Pro Mixer Grinder Pounding jar

The Bosch TrueMixx Pro has an ergonomic design, but it qualifies as a tall appliance, making it challenging for short people to operate it on the kitchen counters. In addition, this machine’s components are not dishwasher safe. But you can remove the parts and wash them separately under the kitchen tap. However, the jar lid grooves are challenging to clean.

This machine has excellent safety features, like an overload protection switch and suction feet. Besides, the device has a shockproof body and well-insulated wiring. However, the machine is heavier than its contemporary models.

Vada batter in bosch mixer grinder

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  • It delivers the best hands-free grinding experience.
  • The most efficient wet grinding mixer grinder product
  • Power 1000W motor with excellent rotational speed
  • Attractive, shockproof design


  • The juicer’s performance is below par.
  • The noise levels are the highest among contemporary models.

3. Sujata Dynamix DX

Sujata Dynamix

The sturdy jars and excellent performance make the Sujata Dynamix DX one of the best mixer grinders in the Rs 6,000 price range.

Sujata Dynamix Review

The Sujata Dynamix DX differs from its competitor models because its robust 900W motor can generate up to 20,000 rpm rotational speed to deliver an excellent grinding performance. In addition, the high-speed rotation allows the retention of food aromas, especially when you grind masalas and chutneys.

This powerful device comes equipped with a big 1.5L wet grinding jar to help grind substantial quantities of idli and dosa batter at a time. Thus, its wet grinding performance is better than the Preethi Zodiac MG218 or the Philips HL7707/00. Besides, the powerful 900W motor allows the machine to run for extended periods.

However, this appliance does not have a flow-breaker attachment. Therefore, you must stop the machine and stir the idli dough to remove the trapped air inside the batter. In addition, the package comes with whisking and chopping blades as additional attachments, enabling you to chop vegetables and whisk buttermilk and cream.

The dry grinding performance is excellent because it has sturdy two-pronged blades for efficient dry grinding. We have tested this machine for grinding turmeric and found that it barely left any coarse residue.

Sujata Dynamix Dry Grinding jar
Sujata Dynamix Turmeric Grinding
Sujata Dynamix Offers Best Turmeric Grinding

Though the Sujata Dynamix DX has no distinct juicer attachment, the wet grinding jar can double up for preparing fruit juices and milkshakes. However, we advise removing the seeds from the fruits before using the appliance.

One of the significant plus points is that the motor does not get heated up quickly. Secondly, the noise levels are also manageable despite the machine having a 900W motor.

Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

The primary drawback is the absence of an overload protection feature. In addition, it does not have vacuum suction feet to grip the kitchen platform firmly. Nevertheless, the machine does not wobble or vibrate at high speeds. Another drawback is the lack of good after-sales service centers.

Cleaning the machine components is easy because they are easy to disassemble. In addition, this appliance has removable blades and gaskets. So you can wash them separately using soap and water.

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  • A powerful motor capable of running continuously for extended periods
  • High-quality wet and dry grinding performance
  • One of the best machines for dry grinding challenging ingredients
  • Sturdy stainless steel jars and powerful blades


  • It does not feature an overload protection switch.
  • Sujata does not offer extensive after-sales services.
  • The paint on the aluminum jar base wears off with usage.

4. PHILIPS HL7707/00 750W Mixer Grinder


Though priced higher than other mixer grinder models, the Philips HL7707/00 ranks among the best mixer grinders because of the excellent food processing.

Philips Food Processor Review

Generally, an all-rounder is considered a Jack of all and a Master of none. This nomenclature fits the Philips HL7707/00 perfectly because it delivers a decent all-around performance while not excelling in any specific role.

This machine uses a robust 750W motor encased in a sturdy ROHS-compliant ABS body. The rotation speed of 20,000 rpm is excellent for a mixer grinder. But Gear Drive Technology allows the engine to reduce its speeds considerably to allow convenient slicing and shredding of vegetables. In addition, the pusher arrangement is an exciting feature.

Atta dough in Philips Food Processor

However, the food processor jar is of poor-quality polycarbonate that requires careful handling. The food processor offers excellent vegetable grating facilities and atta kneading.

The mixer grinder attachment is handy, with a multipurpose grinding jar and a chutney grinding attachment. Unfortunately, this model does not have a distinct wet grinding jar, making it inconvenient to wet-grind idli and dosa batter in large quantities. But the dry grinding performance is excellent because this appliance can comfortably handle challenging ingredients like turmeric, dried ginger, pepper, and red chilies.

Philips Food Processor Acessories

The chutney jar attachment is excellent because the sharp blades grind the masalas and chutneys to fine powder and pastes, as required. This appliance does not leave any lumps and is perfect for preparing coconut chutneys for idli and dosas.

Philips Food Processor Blades

The juicer attachment is satisfactory because it can handle soft fruits well. In addition, the food processing unit features a citrus juicer for extracting juice from sweet lime, oranges, and other citrus fruits. The advantage is that this juicer does not grind the citrus seeds to make the juice taste bitter. But we advise removing the seeds from other fruits before juicing them.  

Dough in Philips Food Processor

One of the primary drawbacks is the thickness of the steel jars. Therefore, the jars can get hot quickly. Fortunately, the handles are sturdy to give a good grip. This food processor is heavy but has powerful suction feet to hold onto the kitchen platform. This machine has an overload protection feature, but the power cord has a 2-pin plug without earthing.

Cleaning the appliance is not an issue because the food processor parts are detachable.

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  • Powerful motor with exceptional rotational speed
  • Special disc inserts for slicing and shredding vegetables
  • Excellent dry grinding and chutney preparation
  • Suitable for kneading chapati atta


  • The wet grinding jar is of small quantity.
  • No switch-on/off indicator
  • Short electric cord with 2-pin plug

5. Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder with Powerful BLDC Motor

Atomberg MG1

Atomberg MG1 is India’s best power-saving mixer grinder and makes low noise because of the BLDC motor.

MG1 Atomberg review

One glance at the Atomberg MG1 specifications, and you might disregard it as a less powerful appliance. But the 485W BLDC motor is deceptively powerful, enabling the machine to equal the performances of its reputed peers, like Bosch TrueMixx Pro and Sujata Dynamix.

The Atomberg MG1 differs from other mixer grinders in this list because it works on an inverter motor, the first of its kind in India. The inverter motor adjusts the speed according to the load. Therefore, the 485W motor consumes less power than other brands while delivering performances equalling that of a 1000W engine.

Atomberg MG1

This mixer grinder offers four-speed options, whereas all other brands offer three. The Slow Mode is perfect for chopping vegetables and grinding coarse chutneys like spicy chili powder with pulses (also known as milagai podi chutney). Besides, it features a pulse option for quick grinding.  

The Atomberg MG1 has four jars, but the chopper jar is an optional attachment available for paying an additional amount. However, the 1.6L liquidizing jar is big enough to cater to almost all your wet grinding requirements. All the jars except the chopper jar are made of stainless steel.

The exciting feature is that the jars have transparent lids for convenient monitoring. In addition, the juicer jar lid has a small opening at the top, enabling you to add fruit pieces, ice cubes, or milk without opening the jar.

This appliance offers an LED feature that glows orange when you do not fit the jar properly. Likewise, the LED glows red when it senses an overload or voltage drop. Blue LED signifies that the machine is in perfect working condition.

atomberg mg1 saftey

The Atomberg MG1 is one of the safest appliances in its category. The powerful appliance has a shockproof body. However, it does not have air vents to allow quick heat dissipation. But the exciting aspect is that the machine does not become hot quickly. Secondly, the absence of vents makes it easier to clean the body. In addition, the blades are removable, making it convenient to clean the appliance.

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  • India’s first mixer grinder appliance with an inverter motor
  • The Slow Mode is perfect for granular grinding.
  • The chopper jar attachment is an innovative feature, allowing for chopping vegetables at slower speeds.
  • Low noise levels compared to other similar appliances


  • Atomberg MG1 is an expensive brand.

6. Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond MG-214 mixer grinder

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond

This appliance has a unique design that makes it look different and more attractive than other brands.

Preethi Blue Leaf Mixer Grinder review

This mixer grinder is equally good at wet and dry grinding. Though it is not as efficient as the Bosch TrueMixx Pro at wet grinding, the 750W motor delivers a decent performance. We have also found this appliance excellent for dry grinding masalas, especially turmeric and red chili.

Preethi Blue Leaf dry grinding

The chutney jar has a lower capacity of 0.3L compared to other brands. But it compensates by offering a Grind-n-Save option where you can invert the jar and collect the masala and chutney in the spacious lid. Therefore, you avoid unnecessary spillage and messing up the kitchen platform.

The juicer attachment is satisfactory for extracting juice from soft and citrus fruits. But, the performance suffered when we tried crushing hard fruits like guavas and apples. However, the juicer jar proved handy when preparing lassis and milkshakes.

This appliance has a 750W motor capable of achieving a top speed of 18,000 rpm. In addition, it features copper winding to make the engine more efficient than other brand models. But the motor makes more noise, as we measured it to be around 98 dB when functioning at its highest speed.

The chutney jar does not have a handle, but the insulation allows you to pick the jar immediately after grinding, even if it is hot. The grinding jar has a capacity of 1.2L and 0.8mm gauge stainless steel. However, the wet grinding jar measuring 1.7L is the highlight of this appliance because it allows wet grinding idli and dosa batter for the entire family at one go.

Cleaning the jars can be an issue because they are fitted to the base using screws from the inside. As a result, food particles can get jammed in the gaps, making cleaning inconvenient. But the jars are dishwasher safe. However, it is not recommended because polycarbonate lids can crack.


  • It is a budget mixer grinder available at a reasonable price.
  • Stainless steel grinding jars with insulation and polycarbonate lids
  • The Grind-n-Store feature is innovative.
  • Ideal for extracting juice from soft fruits.


  • The after-sales service could have been better.
  • Compared to other mixer grinders, it makes more noise.
  • The appliance is heavy.
  • Cleaning the mixer body is inconvenient.

7. Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder

Butterfly Jet Elite

This elegant-looking mixer grinder comes with a shiny black ABS plastic body and exquisite design that makes it the star of your kitchen.

Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder review

The Butterfly Jet Elite mixer grinder motor can operate at a maximum speed of 18,500 rpm, but it makes up to 95 dB of noise when functioning at full speed. However, this speed is sufficient for excellent wet and dry grinding performances.

Butterfly Jet Elite Motor

The primary advantage of the Butterfly Jet Elite is that it offers four jars, including a 1L juicer jar. The grinding jars are made of stainless steel and have polycarbonate lids. The handles are sturdy to grip.

The 0.4L chutney jar is suitable as it helps prepare smooth chutneys. But the drawback is that it does not have a handle. There is no insulation, as you find in the Preethi Blue Leaf appliance. So the jar can feel hot.

Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer

The dry grinding performance is good because the powerful stainless blades can efficiently grind ingredients like pepper, turmeric, and dry ginger. The wet grinding performance is okay, but we recommend soaking the dal and rice overnight to make it convenient for the mixer grinder.

The Butterfly Jet Elite has a shockproof body made of ABS plastic. The suction feet at the bottom grip the kitchen platform firmly. The body offers sufficient ventilation for heat dissipation. The overload protection switch ensures the machine stops when it senses excessive ingredients.

Garam masala in Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder
Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder Garam Masala
Garam Masala

The most exciting feature is the ease of cleaning the mixer grinder. However, we do not recommend dishwashers because the polycarbonate lids can crack.

The most significant drawback is the two-year warranty on the motor, whereas other manufacturers offer a minimum of five years.    

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  • A compact machine that delivers optimal performance
  • 750W powerful motor
  • One of the most effortless kitchen appliances to clean
  • Appropriate safety features


  • The jar handles seem weak.
  • The appliance can become hot with continuous usage.
  • Comparatively lower warranty on the motor

8. Philips HL7756/00

Philips HL7756/00

This model is suitable for everyday wet grinding of batter and chutneys, and occasional dry grinding.

Philips HL7756 daily collection review

Sometimes, simple appliances can do better in the kitchen than specialists because our regular kitchen activities do not require specialization. For example, the Philips HL7756 is a simple mixer grinder that performs admirably without fuss. It ranks among the best mixer grinders for under Rs 4,000.

Philips HL7756 Wet Grinding

Though it might not be an excellent wet grinding machine for idli and dosa batter, the 1.5L wet grinding jar should comfortably cater to the requirements of small Indian families. Moreover, it can conveniently prepare idli batter for one-time consumption. We recommend soaking the urad dal and rice overnight and running the machine in short bursts to ensure proper grinding.

Depending on your requirements, the 1L multipurpose jar is a dry and wet grinding jar. You can use this jar for preparing tomato purees and other semi-liquid pastes. It also serves as a competent dry grinding machine. But we do not recommend grinding turmeric or dry ginger in this machine because these ingredients are more challenging. The result could be coarse powder with a lot of residues.

The 1L multipurpose jar is also handy for preparing milkshakes, whipping cream, and lassis. You can also use this jar for dry grinding podi chutney because this preparation does not have to be a very fine powder. However, it is a suitable appliance for grinding coarse powder.

The 0.3L chutney jar is small but handy for small family requirements. You can prepare coconut and gram chutney beautifully in this chutney jar. This jar is also helpful for dry grinding small quantities of spices for masalas. It is excellent for preparing onion and garlic pastes. But we recommend slicing the onions and garlic pods well before grinding them. Otherwise, it might leave lumps in the paste.

Philips HL7756 Jars

The Philips HL7756 features a powerful 750W motor, but it makes more noise than other contemporary products. In addition, the engine cannot continuously work for more than 20 to 25 minutes. So, we recommend using the mixer for short intervals and giving the motor some time to cool down.

This mixer grinder has an overload protection switch that stops the motor in case of overloading. It also has vacuum suction feet for easy gripping. But the appliance has a two-pin plug. Philips could have provided a sturdier electrical connection with a 3-pin plug and better earthing.

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  • User-friendly controls make it convenient to use the machine.
  • It has a decent air ventilation system to dissipate heat.
  • Cleaning the appliance and the containers is easy.
  • The motor comes encased in a sturdy ABS plastic body.


  • It is not suitable for dry grinding turmeric and other challenging ingredients.
  • The blades are not removable.
  • The motor makes more noise than other mixers.
  • There is no LED indicator for indicating the on or off position.

9. USHA RapidMix 500-Watt Copper Motor Mixer Grinder

USHA RapidMix

Budget Mixer Grinder Under 3000, Suitable for Small Family

Usha RapidMix Mixer Grinder

Small families do not require heavy-duty mixer grinders because their requirements are moderate. The Usha RapidMix, with its 500W engine, should be an ideal kitchen appliance because it is sufficient to cater to minor needs. This machine ranks among the best mixer grinders available for under Rs 3,000.

Usha RapidMix Mixer Grinder review

Generally, you do not use juicers daily. Therefore, a budget mixer grinder like the Usha RapidMix does not offer a juicer arrangement. Instead, it provides three jars for wet, dry, and chutney grinding. Therefore, the Usha RapidMix is suitable for lower-middle class and nuclear families with moderate requirements.

Usha RapidMix Mixer Grinder Jars

A 500W motor should suffice for your everyday kitchen grinding needs. However, while the Usha RapidMix 1.2L wet grinding jar proves handy for grinding idli and dosa dough, the result does not equal that of the specialized wet grinders.

Usha RapidMix Dosa Batter
Dosa Batter

On the other hand, this appliance has robust stainless steel blades to ensure a decent dry grinding performance. This machine can handle challenging tasks like grinding turmeric and pepper to prepare masala powders.

Usha RapidMix Mixer Grinder Chutney Jar

The 0.4L chutney jar is spacious enough to cater to small families’ needs. Many of Usha’s competitors offer 0.3L capacity chutney jars. 

Usha RapidMix Chutney
Peanuts Chutney

Though the motor is less potent at 500W, it is sturdy and durable. Usha says that the engine has a rotation speed of 20,000 rpm. It is possible because of the high torque copper winding. Thus, this machine can handle challenging grinding jobs in your kitchen admirably.

Like other mixer grinders, the Usha RapidMix offers three-speed controls and a pulse option. However, this appliance does not provide fashionable attachments like whisking tools. Nevertheless, you can prepare lassis and milkshakes. Besides, whipping butter and cream is also possible in this appliance.

Usha RapidMix Mixer Grinder Knob

The Usha RapidMix does not compromise the safety, as this appliance has strong suction feet to comfortably grip the platform. It prevents the machine from vibrating when operating at full speed. In addition, this machine has multiple vents at the bottom and sides, allowing heat dissipation. The best safety aspect is that Usha provides a 3-pin plug connection with the appliance.

Cleaning the appliance is the most convenient. But we do not recommend using the dishwasher because the containers can develop scratches and damage. Otherwise, this appliance does not require much maintenance.

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  • Usha is a reputed brand offering mixer grinders at budget prices.
  • Three stainless-steel jars to cater to multiple grinding activities
  • A decent 500W copper winding motor for extended durability and safety
  • Excellent safety features, like a 3-pin plug


  • It does not offer additional attachments, like a juicer, whisker, or blender.
  • The jars do not have clamps to hold onto the lids tightly.
  • The machine does not have an overload protection feature.

10. Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex

Decent Model Under Rs 2000, Suitable for small families and bachelors.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder review

Sometimes the best machines can fail to perform. Therefore, you need backup appliances in an emergency. The Bajaj Rex mixer grinder is a perfect backup device because it can cater to your immediate kitchen grinding activities. The Bajaj Rex is a decent performer and is among the best mixer grinders under Rs 2,000.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder jars

The Bajaj Rex offers a 1.2L wet grinding or liquidizing jar for preparing idli and dosa batter. Though the blades are sturdy, we recommend making them convenient for the appliance by prolonging the soaking period. It reduces the load and extends the machine’s utility. But, this machine is ideally suited for catering to small family grinding requirements.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder jar

The 0.8L multipurpose jar delivers a robust dry grinding performance. You can comfortably dry grind masalas, fruits, and red chili. However, the motor becomes hot quickly and requires a sufficient cooling period.

The chutney jar has a capacity of 0.3L. Though small, it can cater to the requirements of couples and small families. However, the multipurpose 0.8L jar can prove helpful for more substantial grinding needs.

This machine has a 500W motor that enables the appliance to run continuously for 20 minutes. However, operating the machine for extended periods is not advisable because the engine can become hot. Nevertheless, the device has sufficient bottom air vents to dissipate heat.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder idly batter

The primary disadvantage of the Bajaj Rex mixer grinder is its opaque jar lids. Since the containers are made of stainless steel, you cannot monitor the progress without stopping the appliance. Besides, the caps do not have clamps to hold the containers. So users have to close the covers carefully to prevent unnecessary accidents.

The Bajaj Rex ranks among the most convenient mixer grinders to clean. We recommend operating the machine for half a minute with soap and water before washing them. It makes your job comfortable.

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  • Good value for its pricing
  • Compact design that adds to your kitchen ambiance
  • Sturdy handles for a comfortable grip
  • Multipurpose blades for a decent performance


  • Limited to simple mixing and grinding jobs
  • It does not come with an extended warranty.
  • Lack of safety features
  • After-sales services should improve.

11. Lifelong LLMG23 Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Lifelong LLMG23

Best Selling Mixer Grinder in India because of the Budget Pricing, Suitable for grinding in small quantities.

Lifelong Mixer Grinder review

Suppose you live alone or are a couple; you do not need to invest in sophisticated mixer grinder appliances to cater to your simple kitchen grinding activities. Instead, an elementary mixer grinder like the Lifelong LLMG23 should be sufficient.

Lifelong Mixer Grinder

Lifelong is not a reputed brand like Bajaj or Usha. But this mixer grinder can deliver comparable performance in your kitchen because it has a powerful 500W motor with copper winding. In addition, this machine offers three-speed options to cater to your grinding needs.

The Lifelong LLMG23 is a budget mixer grinder available for under Rs 1,500. Therefore, expecting the appliance to perform heavy-duty tasks is not fair. But this appliance is ideally suited to efficiently cater to your regular kitchen grinding activities.

Lifelong Mixer Grinder Wet Grinding

The machine has a 500W motor capable of delivering a rotational speed of up to 18,000 rpm. Therefore, this appliance can cater to various grinding activities. But, we do not recommend it for large-scale wet grinding. Nevertheless, you can use it to prepare idli and dosa batter in small quantities for one-time consumption.

Lifelong Mixer Grinder Dosa batter

The 1.5L liquidizing jar provides the perfect setting for your wet grinding assignments. This jar is also handy for preparing milkshakes, lassis, and buttermilk. The whipping arrangement allows cream extraction from the buttermilk.

Besides, the appliance features a 0.8L dry grinding jar that can effortlessly grind pulses, chili, groundnuts, and other masala ingredients. Unfortunately, though it can handle challenging ingredients like turmeric, it tends to leave a more coarse residue. But this appliance is perfect for preparing podi chutney.

The 0.3L chutney jar efficiently prepares various chutneys for your dosas and idlis. It is ideal for preparing coconut and gram chutney. But we do not recommend extracting coconut or almond milk using this appliance.

This appliance is convenient to clean, but the jars are not dishwasher-safe. You can clean the containers under the kitchen tap inside the sink. But we advise you to be careful because the sharp blades can injure your hands.

Lifelong Mixer Grinder Jars

Vacuum suction feet help the appliance grip the platform comfortably and prevent it from vibrating. In addition, the device has an overload protection feature. But Lifelong does not offer a 3-pin plug connection. The warranty is for one year, and users can extend it for six months.

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  • Excellent and compact design
  • The most attractive pricing
  • Satisfying grinding performance
  • Sturdy stainless steel jars


  • Lifelong offers a comparatively lower warranty.
  • For a 500W motor, it is noisy.
  • No on or off LED indicators
  • Fewer safety features than its contemporary models

Mixers Grinders FAQ

Which is the No. 1 mixer grinder in India?

There was a time when consumers used to feel proud to own a Sumeet mixer grinder. Now, the present generation does not know the name. However, we have an excellent choice of mixer grinders in India.

  • Sujata is one of the topmost mixer grinder brands in India today. Some of the best models include Sujata Dynamix DX, Sujata Motor 900, Sujata Powermatic Plus, and Sujata SuperMix.
  • Preethi is another excellent mixer grinder brand available in India, especially in South India. Preethi offers an extensive range of mixer grinder appliances, including Preethi Zodiac MG218, Preethi Crown MG205, Preethi MG254 Crown Pro, and Preethi Blue Leaf.
  • Bosch is more renowned for its washing machines and refrigerators. But the kitchen appliance segment has picked up steam in India, and Bosch mixers are gradually becoming popular. The Bosch TrueMixx Pro is an excellent 1000W mixer grinder that delivers an excellent dry grinding performance.
  • Philips mixer grinders are similar to the Preethi models because Philips has taken over the Preethi brand. Philips’s advantage over Preethi is the availability of service centers across India, whereas Preethi has a predominantly South Indian concentration. Some excellent models include Philips HL7707/00 and Philips HL7756.
  • Atomberg is a new name in the mixer grinder industry. The Atomberg fans are renowned all over India because of their BLDC motor technology. Atomberg brings the same technology to mixer grinders. The Atomberg MG1 is the first Indian mixer grinder with inverter motor technology.
  • Butterfly is another mixer grinder more famous in South India and a direct competitor to Preethi. Though Butterfly is more renowned for its wet grinders, it offers excellent mixer grinders like Butterfly Smart, Butterfly Jet Elite, Butterfly Bhima, and Butterfly Grand XI.

Which mixer grinder is best, 750W or 1000W?

Usually, people wonder whether a 750W or a 1000W motor is better. The thumb rule is that a 1000W motor is more potent than a 750W engine. Hence, it can handle tougher grinding assignments quickly and efficiently. However, a 1000W motor can make more noise and consume more power. Therefore, much depends on your usage and requirements. However, both 750W and 1000W motors are excellent for mixer grinders.

How do I choose a good mixer grinder?

Much depends on your requirements and usage. Therefore, choosing the ideal mixer grinder is critical.

Gauge the usage

The traditional mixer helps prepare milkshakes, lassis, and whipping cream. The grinder helps grind masalas and prepare the batter for idli, dosa, and vada. A food processor is a multipurpose appliance that can knead atta, shred, cut, slice, and grate vegetables, make fruit juices, and perform many more activities. The juicer is ideal for preparing fruit juices. Therefore, selecting your primary usage is crucial before investing in a mixer grinder.

Check the wattage

A mixer grinder should have a 750W motor, if not higher. However, a 500W engine can also suffice for not-too-heavy-duty tasks. Therefore, choosing the correct wattage becomes crucial.

Check the motor speed

The ideal rotational speed for a mixer grinder is around 18,000 rpm. Motors with higher speeds are available, but these appliances consume more power. However, the faster the speed, the quicker the grinding. Nevertheless, mixer grinders feature speed control options to adjust the speed according to your requirements.

Check blade quality

Usually, all mixer grinders offer Grade 300 stainless steel blades. Grade 302 and 304 steel blades have less carbon and are more durable. Sometimes, you find them fixed to the jars, whereas they are also available as separate attachments. Buying mixer jars with removable blades is advisable because you can use the jars for multiple purposes. Besides, it becomes easier to replace blades when they get damaged or worn out. Therefore, you need not invest in a new jar.

Check the number of jars

Ideally, a mixer grinder features three jars, like a wet grinding jar, a dry grinding jar, and a chutney jar. Some models offer additional attachments like juicer jars, liquidizing jars, food processor attachments, etc.

Check brand reputation

Branded mixer grinders are better because they offer better after-sales service than less-renowned brands. However, new brands are flocking to the market today. Therefore, it is better to check the quality and other aspects rather than rely on brand reputation.


Usually, all manufacturers offer one-year or two-year warranties. The motor comes with a more extended warranty. But users should note that the warranty is available for manufacturing defects and not improper usage.


The pricing is crucial. The best products naturally cost more than ordinary mixer grinders. However, a higher price does not always guarantee better quality. Some budget mixer grinders have delivered excellent performances.

Which mixer is best for heavy-duty work?

We have tested various mixer grinders for their performance. Our tests show that the Preethi Zodiac MG218 and the Sujata Dynamix DX are excellent for heavy-duty work. The Bosch TrueMixx Pro is also an excellent appliance catering to heavy grinding.

Are higher watts better for a grinder?

A mixer grinder with a higher wattage is better for grinding heavy-duty ingredients. Besides, the RPM also plays a critical role because the higher the wattage, the faster the RPM.

Which is the best budget model available in India?

Various budget mixer grinders are available in India. The best mid-range budget models are Preethi Blue Leaf, Philips HL7756, and Butterfly Jet Elite. The best low-budget options include Bajaj Rex and Lifelong. The low-budget mixer grinders offer 500W motors. But the performance is good.

Which mixer grinder is suitable for wet grinding?

Bosch TrueMixx Pro, with its 1000W motor, is one of the best mixer grinders for wet grinding idli and dosa batter because of the more potent engine.

Which mixer grinder is best recommended for turmeric grinding?

Preethi Zodiac MG218, Sujata Dynamix, Philips HL7700/00, and Bosch TrueMixx are some of the best mixer grinders recommended for turmeric grinding.

Which mixer grinder makes less noise?

Atomberg MG1, with its BLDC motor, is the mixer grinder that makes the slightest noise among all the models discussed here.

What distinguishes the Atomberg MG1 model from other brands?

Atomberg MG1 is the first Indian mixer grinder brand to offer an inverter motor. This motor adjusts its speed automatically, depending on the load. This appliance has a 485W motor that should equal the performance of the conventional 750W motor. Hence, it consumes less power than other mixer grinders without compromising quality.

We have discussed the most popular mixer grinders in India for 2023. If you have any queries regarding the mixer grinder selection, post them in the comments section below and we will answer them.


  1. The bosch mixer grinder is really good for wet grinding and dry grinding also. It is very powerful. You have done a good reading and the recommendations are good

  2. Why was Elgi Ultra brand not mentioned in this post I bought my first mixer grinder from them thru Amazon USA. It is 750w ultra dura mix.

  3. Choosing a right mixer Grinder for your home is an easy task, if you can understand the minimum requirements of your home.

    While choosing a mixer you should be able to figure of the quantity and frequency you use. If your’s is a small family with 3 or less members you try buying 500watts mixer as it is sufficient for your family size.

    If your family size is 4 or more it requires mixer with wattage 750 or above.

    Another attribute is the number of jars : There are mixer grinders with 2, 3, 4 or 5 jars in this 500 to 750 watt ranges. With more number of jars is the more work in cleaning them. But with less number of jar all the variety of food items cannot be grinder, hence the ideal size would be 3 and for including juicer jar it is 4.

    Some other points to remember while choosing one:

    Pulse/Incher option in speedometer – discrete grinding
    No of jars and Size of jars
    Wattage of the Mixer grinder
    Chord Length, Body plastic – ABS Plastic is best
    Lids – PC/PP unbreakable
    Last but not the least if it is Right price for the item – compare companies
    There are various brands available in the market, to be honest all the brands have almost same quality and make, it is the brand name it adds to the price. You can have a look at Greenchef Appliances in Amazon to find the better range of quality products also at very economical price.

  4. Hi
    I saw a couple of reviews on youtube and also your website, great reviews by the way.
    I wanted to gift my mom a Mixer Grinder and was confused between two models.
    Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder and Preethi Zodiac 2.0 Mixer Grinder ( Not the 1.0 version)
    Could you please help and suggest me one of the two?
    I’m getting the Preethi one at 10,900 and the Hamilton Beach One for 19,998.
    I’m really confused and would love if you could reply me with a suggestion!!
    Budget is not an issue at all!!
    And if there’s any other model just like these please suggest!!
    One more model i liked was the Bosch Truemixx 1000W but i feel overall the Preethi was better than this but am confused between Preethi and Hamilton Beach as there are a lot of positives for the hamilton one!!

    Hope to receive a quick response


    • Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder 58770-IN is the better model with a 1400 watt rated motor and excellent durability. The 13 Program settings are excellent. The Controls are modern and it will take some time to get used to.

      The Preethi Zodiac 2.0 750 is also good and suited for Indian families with easy controls and better service. For elderly people and maids, the Preethi Zodiac is a good option. If you want a powerful motor for grinding turmeric, you can go with the Hamilton beach model.

      • Hi I’m in Canada and looking one for myself for multiple purposes like from chutneys spice powders till wet grinding, I’m somehow inclined towards Hamilton beach too but don’t know how good it is, could you please help me decide ??

        • Hamiltion Beach Professional 2.2 HP 120V Mixer Grinder is available in Canada. This Mixie is very powerful with a 1400W Motor and is suitable to mix and grind both wet and dry items. It is suitable for making all Indian Cusine preparations. Heavy Duty model, you can go with it.

  5. do consider Sujata 900watt mixer grinder , I have been using it for quite sometime, in my family we have bought 3 so far within our enlarged family

  6. Hi, very nice article; have you reviewed Bosch TrueMixx Mixer Grinder shown in one of the images? It has some unique features which are not available in any other mixer grinder currently available in India.

  7. Is Preethi Zodiac MG218-750 Watt Mixer Grinder, the top rated one in the article, available in dual voltage or 110V in Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area = inclusive of suburbs) of Canada? Does it have stainless steel jars as I don’t see them stated or missed reading if stated somewhwere? Thanks for the reply.

  8. Like cars in Canada when the 2019 model years with different trims come to the showrooms in autumn (fall) of 2018? Perhaps with “mixies” in India that the 2019 models came out in July of 2018.

  9. Prestige mixie is a very bad choice. It throws sparks if the load is little heavy. After using one year the motor started giving trouble

  10. We update the article if there is a good,new mixer grinder. Mixer grinders are not smartphones, only a few models will be launched every year.

  11. we bought Preethi mixi 3 years ago and has been giving trouble and the parts cost is also very high, and gives terrible noise.

  12. Maharaja white line NOVELLO NOT RECOMMENDED as per my experience, blade in small jar got loose and for fixing that charged ₹42 ONLY????????????
    Brass particles found in the dry grind!☠️☠️☠️☠️


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