Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner Review

This article will review the Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner (Kent 16068). Since we have used this appliance, here is our opinion on the product and its pros and cons.

Our Opinion – Kent 16068

Overall, the Kent Zoom 16068 is an excellent product and provides total value for money. Though it might not be as powerful as the Philips PowerPro FC 9352/01, the Kent 16068 delivers a decent performance.

Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner lights

KENT 16068 Zoom Vacuum

Since I have not used the Dyson Cordless vacuum cleaner, I cannot compare the working. However, the Dyson model is comparatively more potent. At the same time, it costs five times as much as the Kent 16068.

Therefore, the Kent Zoom is an ideal cordless vacuum cleaner for your home at budget prices. Besides, the machine is comfortable to operate. Here are its merits and demerits that should provide better insights.

Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner review

Pros of Kent 16068

  • This appliance is convenient to use for all ages.
  • The cleaning performance is of high quality. The suction power is OK for a product in this price range.
  • Dust disposal is easy by holding the unit above the dust bin.
  • This machine does not leak dust.
  • The noise is around 90 dB but bearable.
  • The accessories are good and convenient.

Cons of Kent 16068

  • Kent has a problem with providing spare parts, especially the HEPA filter.
  • The machine does not perform at its best when dealing with Pet hair sticking to the carpets or floormats.  
  • Older adults might find the machine heavy, especially when cleaning walls and ceilings.
  • The charging point joint is not durable. Therefore, the chances of damaging it are high.
  • It can work for 30 minutes on a full charge. Kent could have improved in this aspect.
Kent Zoom review

In short, the Kent 16068 is a good machine for small and medium-sized Indian homes where the entire cleaning does not take more than 20 to 30 minutes. Budget-wise, it is an excellent appliance.

Kent 16068 – Zoom Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner reviews

What do you expect in a vacuum cleaner?

The appliance should have a powerful motor to suck the dust from your home’s most inhospitable and unreachable places. It should have a compact design, great looks, easy to carry around, and have a great set of accessories. The Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner ticks all the boxes beautifully.

The Design – A multiutility appliance

Kent Zoom Handheld Vacuum

The Kent 16068 is a bagless, cordless, and hoseless vacuum cleaner with a powerful rechargeable motor capable of delivering 25 to 30 minutes of uninterrupted vacuuming.

The unique aspect of this design is that you can use the appliance as a handheld device to clean upholstery, car interiors, and inside cupboard cabinets. Besides, you can attach the extension rod to vacuum dust from the floor, remove cobwebs from ceilings, and clean ceiling fans.

The machine weighs around 3.2 Kg. But it becomes lighter when you remove the extension rod and use it as a handheld device. This machine is more versatile than conventional vacuum cleaners because it does not have a power cord to restrict mobility. You can take the machine almost anywhere in the house or use it to clean your car’s upholstery and interiors.

Kent Zoom Dust bin

The transparent dustbin model lets you see the dust collected inside it. Besides, you know when to empty and refix the bin for subsequent usage. So detaching the bin and emptying it is convenient.

Accessories – You get what is required

The Kent Zoom vacuum cleaner features a set of necessary accessories, like a 2-in-1 crevice tool, a motorized floor/carpet brush, and a multi-nozzle tool.

2-in-1 crevice too
2-in-1 crevice tool

The 2-in-1 crevice tool is perfect for removing dust specks from flooring joints, crevices, window railings, AC vents, and other hard-to-reach places.

The motorized brush is ideal for removing dust from the floor, carpets, furniture, upholstery, etc.

Finally, the multi-nozzle tool serves multiple purposes, as you can use it to vacuum dust from the walls, fan blades, etc.

Kent Zoom Floor Cleaning Brush

Other vacuum cleaners like the Philips PowerPro offer more accessories. But the Kent Zoom provides accessories that consumers generally use the most.

Motor – Powerful cyclonic action

Kent Zoom Floor cleaning

Kent Zoom 16068 has a powerful motor that works on the cyclonic action principles to suck the maximum dust particles from your home. This motor is rechargeable and takes around four to five hours. Then, you can use the machine for 25 to 30 minutes at a stretch, after which recharging becomes essential.

Kent Zoom vacuum cleaner review

The motor uses Advanced Force technology to suck the smallest dust particles comfortably. The only drawback of the powerful motor is that it does not offer sufficient cleaning time for vacuuming large areas. However, the 25 to 30-minute working time should be sufficient to clean medium-sized Indian homes.

Performance – The key to determining its utility.

window cleaning using kent zoom

The efficiency of any vacuum cleaner is determined by its ability to suck dust from every corner of the house. The Kent Zoom 16068 vacuum cleaner features a set of useful accessories that help the machine clean your floors, ceilings, walls, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, car interiors, window railings, and ceiling fans.

In short, it can remove all kinds of dust particles, including dry debris, pet/human hair, cobwebs, insect eggs, droppings, etc., from every corner of your home.

Compared to other vacuum cleaners that offer multiple accessories, this Kent 16068 appliance does not complicate things. It features a motorized brush ideally suited for sweeping the floors and carpets. You can also use the same brush to remove dust specks from walls and ceilings.

In addition, the brush proves handy in sucking stubborn dust particles from upholstery fabrics. The machine’s flexibility lets you dispense with the extension rod and connect the brush directly to the motor.

Kent Zoom review

Besides, this vacuum cleaner has a multi-nozzle tool that can be used comfortably on carpets and other areas. In addition, the 2-in-1 crevice tool is small enough to reach challenging areas like sliding window railings, crevices inside cabinets, and other places where using the multi-nozzle tool and motorized brush cannot reach.

Kent Zoom multi-nozzle tool

This vacuum cleaner features a high-efficiency and washable HEPA filter that prevents dust from recirculating in the room through the exhaust. This filter arrests particulate matter and reduces air pollution.

You can remove the extension rod when not required, making cleaning upholstery and car interiors easy. The machine is light enough for convenient handling. However, using the extension rod for cleaning walls and ceilings continuously for 15 to 20 minutes can strain your arms.

The bagless vacuum cleaner is beneficial because it eliminates the use of dustbags, which can be inconvenient. The transparent dust container allows you to monitor and dispose of the dust when it empties. Disposing of the dust is effortless.

Tips on how to use the Kent 16068 vacuum cleaner.

Using the Kent 16068 Zoom vacuum cleaner is easy. These tips should simplify the process further.

  • Attach the required accessory with the main vacuum cleaning unit.
  • Clicking once on the Power button switches the machine on. One more click switches off the machine to work in Eco mode only.
  • Clicking the Power button again activates the Max mode. You can return to Eco mode by clicking the Power button again.
  • The Power light remains on when the unit is running. Running lights indicate that the battery is recharging. The lights go off when the battery gets fully charged.
  • Using the 2-in-1 crevice tool is easy. You can pull out the brush and insert the crevice tool or the multi-nozzle tool to use.
  • The motorized brush is perfect for carpeted or tiled floors. The multi-nozzle tool is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces. The crevice tool is suitable for vacuuming dust from hard-to-reach areas.
Kent Zoom 2 in 1 Crevic tool

Maintenance – Kent 16068

Cleaning the machine and emptying the dustbin is crucial to extending its longevity. I advise you to empty the dust container when it becomes 2/3rd full. Emptying the bin takes one click of the release button. You can remove the collected dust without touching it.

Cleaning the filters is critical because they trap pollutants and dust from recirculating inside the room through the exhaust. Twisting the filters helps remove them from the dust cup.

The HEPA filter is washable under running water. We do not recommend rinsing the dust cup because it can damage the motor. Instead, you can use a dry cloth to wipe the cup clean.

Kent Zoom sound
The noise levels can be slightly high at 80 to 90 dB. But the performance is good.

Recharging the motor

The Kent 16068 features a rechargeable motor with a 2200 mAh Lithium-ion battery that requires continuous charging for four to five hours. Subsequently, you can remove the charging cord and use the machine for 25 to 30 minutes. However, recharging the machine after use is advisable to enable it to remain charged when you use it the next time.

The machine can work in the Eco mode for 27 minutes, whereas the Max Mode allows it to work for 20 minutes.

Product Specifications

This Kent 16068 vacuum cleaner is comparatively lighter than other vacuum cleaners with a similar design. The total weight is around 3.1 Kg. But the handheld model weighs less than 2.4 Kg. The Kent 16068 works at two speed levels, Eco and Max.

This machine has a maximum suction of more than 7kpa. All vacuum cleaners make noise. I have measured the Kent 16068 noise levels at around 90 dB. Kent states that this machine consumes around 130W of power.

Overall Experience

The Kent 16068 is a versatile vacuum cleaner that works well on floors, carpets, ceilings, car interiors, and ceiling fans. Though the suction power is less potent than the Philips PowerPro or the Dyson model, this vacuum cleaner delivers a decent performance.

So this machine is ideal for an average Indian home, and you can use it for daily cleaning.

Ease of use
Suction power
The Kent 16068 is a versatile vacuum cleaner that works well on floors, carpets, ceilings, car interiors, and ceiling fans. Though the suction power is less potent than the Philips PowerPro or the Dyson model, this vacuum cleaner delivers a decent performance.
Sai Sahithya
Sai Sahithya
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The Kent 16068 is a versatile vacuum cleaner that works well on floors, carpets, ceilings, car interiors, and ceiling fans. Though the suction power is less potent than the Philips PowerPro or the Dyson model, this vacuum cleaner delivers a decent performance.Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner Review