Elica Chimney Review in (2023)

The Elica Chimney is endowed with Filterless technology to ensure powerful suction. Besides, it is easy to clean and makes less noise to qualify as an ideal chimney for your kitchen.

Exhaust fans are gradually becoming obsolete because modern modular kitchens envisage using chimneys to remove smoke and soot from the kitchen.

Elica chimney review

While an extensive range of chimneys is available on the market, Elica stands head and shoulders above its competitors because of its Filterless technology, motion sensor control, auto-cleaning features, and extended warranty. Since this chimney is available in two sizes, 60cm, and 90cm, it is ideal for the modern Indian kitchen.

Our Verdict

We vouch for Elica Chimney’s performance because we have been using it for over six months and have not encountered a single complaint. We have a three-burner gas stove. So, a 60cm chimney is ideal for our kitchen. However, if you have more space and use a larger stove, Elica offers a 90cm chimney capable of delivering a similar performance.

elica kitchen chimney reviews

The Filterless Technology, coupled with auto-cleaning features and motion sensor control, makes it one of the most convenient chimneys to operate and control. Besides, its design and appearance suit the modern kitchen ambiance. The extended 15-year warranty proves this chimney’s durability, qualifying it as perfect for your kitchen.   

Let us review the Elica Chimney and understand its features, functioning, merits, and demerits.

Elica Chimney Review

Before reviewing the Elica chimney, here are its benefits and drawbacks.

Pros of Elica Chimney

  • Filterless technology to ensure powerful suction,
  • Motion sensing technology for convenient control,
  • Exquisite appearance to add to your kitchen’s ambiance,
  • Reasonable noise levels,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Extended warranty.

Cons of Elica Chimney

  • Exhaust pipe and installation charges are extra,
  • Motion sensors take time to get accustomed to.
  • After-sales service needs improvement.
  • Since the duct is outside the house, it requires structural alterations.

Features at a Glance

Here are the Elica chimney’s features.

  • Filterless technology
  • Powerful 220W motor with 15 years warranty
  • Heat Auto clean technology
  • 1200 cubic meters per hour maximum airflow
  • 3-speed motion control
  • Oil collector


Elica kitchen chimeny india

The Elica chimney has a charming design that adds to your kitchen’s ambiance. The black matte finish enhances your kitchen’s décor. This wall-mount chimney fits right above the gas cooking range and has a duct that exits through your walls to the exterior. Thus, the design ensures the kitchen smoke is released outside your kitchen. This chimney is available in 60 and 90-cm sizes to suit all kitchen requirements.   


It has premium features like Filterless technology, LED lighting, and motion sensor control. LED lights simplify your cooking activities by directly illuminating the gas stove. The curved glass finish adds to the overall attraction and gives the chimney a sleek look.

Elica kitcehn chimney controls

Suction Power

The efficiency of a chimney depends on its suction power. The Elica chimney has a suction power of 1200 cubic meters per hour. Hence, it is ideal for a normal-sized Indian kitchen. The Filterless technology enhances suction power and efficiently draws the oily fumes and smoke to keep your kitchen smoke-free. So your kitchen stays fresh and feels more comfortable. Besides, high suction capacity reduces maintenance and enhances the chimney’s energy efficiency.

Filterless technology ensures that water vapor and oil residue do not stick to the motor and affect its smooth functioning. This machine features a high-quality metal blower to exhaust the smoke out of your kitchen. Thus, it adds to your chimney’s durability.


Filterless technology makes it easy to clean the chimney. Usually, oil and soot stick to the filters and make cleaning challenging. This chimney has a separate oil collector to collect the oil residue. Since it is made of stainless steel, it does not rust. Besides ensuring hassle-free cleaning, the stainless-steel design adds to the durability factor.

The Heat Auto Clean technology has a heating pad on the motor assembly and an oil collector cup. The one-touch control option on the panel allows convenient cleaning by collecting oil from the motor assembly to the oil collector cup using the heating pad.


Since the chimney is installed at a comfortable height in the kitchen, you can operate the appliance using the touch control panel. Besides, this chimney features a motion sensor control option allowing users to wave their hands and operate the machine controls. The clockwise waving of your hands increases the operational speed. Similarly, you can reduce the speed by waving your fingers in the opposite direction.

Noise Levels

We have used this chimney extensively in our kitchen and measured its noise level to 58 decibels. Some users can find this noisy, but it is nothing compared to mixer grinders and food processors that make more noise in the kitchen.

Elica chimney lights

The exhaust fan is also noisier than the Elica chimney. However, the noise levels are considerably lower at speeds 1 and 2. Besides, you need a speed level 3 when deep frying food in oil or ghee.


Installing the Elica chimney requires expert handling. User reviews show that Elica offers excellent installation facilities. However, the duct opening is outside the house. So, it requires structural alterations. Besides, the pipes are not part of the package. You must pay extra. Depending on the pipe lengths, the amount can go up to Rs 3,000.

elica kitchen chimney reviews india


The Elica chimney has a robust motor capable of delivering high-quality performance. The sturdy motor comes with a 15-year warranty. It is as good as a lifetime warranty. Besides, the Elica chimney has a comprehensive two-year warranty on the product.

After-sales Service

User reviews show that Elica offers poor after-sales service. Though I did not find any problems with their service, other users have highlighted that the service engineers force consumers to buy AMC from the company. This area requires Elica to take corrective actions.


Elica chimney touch controls

With kitchens becoming more compact in flats and apartments, it leads to higher pollution levels inside the room. Therefore, installing a chimney becomes essential. Moreover, most houses opt for modular kitchens. Such kitchens have chimneys as essential accessories to remove smoke and soot from the kitchen and ensure pure air circulation. So if you need a chimney for your home, the Elica Chimney is a good option. The design and appearance are good, and so is the suction power. The motion sensor controls add to the convenience. Cleaning and maintenance are easy. So, the Elica chimney gives full value for your money.

Suction Power
Cleaning & Maintenance
Value For Money
The design and appearance are good, and so is the suction power
Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
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The design and appearance are good, and so is the suction powerElica Chimney Review in (2023)