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Different types of chimneys are available on the market, such as wall-mounted, island, inbuilt, corner chimneys, etc. Each chimney has its advantages and drawbacks. However, they have their utilities because they remove smoke and soot from our kitchens.

Besides suction power, we focus on the chimney’s appearance before purchasing one for our kitchens. This article reviews one such chimney, Faber Autoclean Chimney, and discusses its features, pros, and cons to help you decide on the factors to look for when investing in a chimney.

Faber Kitchen Chimney in kitchen

Our Verdict

We have used the Faber Autoclean Chimney for nearly a year and found it one of the most helpful kitchen appliances because of its excellent suction power. This chimney is ideal for our 3-burner stove. However, we advise consumers to check their stove sizes before purchasing a chimney.

One of the best features of our Faber Autoclean Chimney is its auto-cleaning facility, which makes it one of the most convenient chimneys. The gesture control feature makes it a stylish and easy-to-control appliance.

Turn on Faber chimney

The noise levels, especially at Level 3, are high. But the chimney only makes a little noise at Levels 1 and 2. However, Level 3 is required when making recipes that generate a lot of smoke.

Overall, we are satisfied with the Faber Autoclean Chimney’s performance. Besides, this appliance brightens our kitchen with LED lighting and improves its ambiance with its exquisite looks. In addition, the auto-cleaning feature ensures minimum maintenance. So, it is an excellent investment for our kitchen.

Faber Kitchen Chimney led

Let us now proceed with the review.

Faber Autoclean Chimney – An honest review

Before reviewing the Faber Autoclean Chimney, here are its pros and cons that should give you impactful insights into the machine’s utility factors.

Pros of Faber Autoclean Chimney

  • Powerful suction, ideal for the Indian kitchen
  • Easy to install
  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable maintenance
  • Decent noise levels
  • Good after-sales services

Cons of Faber Autoclean Chimney

  • Compared to other competitor products, it is expensive.
  • The installation kit is not available for free on the 2021 model.
Faber Kitchen Chimney

Features at a Glance

  • Wall-mounted design
  • Black finish with curved glass
  • 60cm size, ideal for 2 to 4-burner stoves
  • The suction power of 1200 m3/hour
  • Touch and Gesture controls
  • LED lamp
  • Autoclean technology
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty
  • 12-year warranty on the motor


The Faber Autoclean Chimney 2023 model has an exquisite design that suits your kitchen ambiance. It makes your kitchen look sophisticated with its sleek looks. Though the chimney is heavy at 14 Kg, it sits comfortably above your gas cooking range to suck the smoke and soot out of the kitchen within no time.

Faber Kitchen Chimney light

The dimensions (41D x 60W x 43H – in cm) are ideal for the standard Indian kitchen size. You can comfortably mount it on the wall with sufficient space above it. Since it is not available in sizes smaller than 60 cm, you cannot use it in compact kitchens. Overall, the design is excellent and attractive.

Suction Power

A chimney’s utility depends on its suction power. The Faber Autoclean chimney ticks all the boxes in this aspect because of its excellent 1200 m3/hr suction power. This excellent suction power removes smoke, soot, and steam from your kitchen and makes it an enjoyable place. In addition, it sucks up dust and other pollutants to ensure you get pure air to breathe every time you enter the kitchen.

Faber Kitchen Chimney filters


Usually, the most challenging part of chimneys is cleaning them. Most chimneys feature baffle filters that require removing them from the appliance, cleaning them thoroughly, and reinstalling them.

It can be tedious, especially with the oily residue on the filters. Faber Autoclean Chimney removes this obstacle by cleaning the appliance with a single-touch option. This feature prevents oil and grease from sticking to the chimney components and affecting suction power. Thus, it ensures less maintenance work.

Faber Kitchen Chimney filter cleaning


This chimney offers dual control options. One is the touch button option that almost everyone is familiar with. In addition, it offers gesture control, where you can change levels, switch off the chimney, and perform other activities using specific hand gestures.

Therefore, the control panel remains spotlessly clean because you do not touch it with your fingers. The gesture controls are so easy that anyone can master them quickly.

Faber chimney gesture off

Noise Levels

Chimneys make some noise, but the noise levels in Faber Autoclean chimneys are within tolerance levels. I measured the noise levels and found out that there was negligible noise in levels 1 and 2.

However, the noise level in Level 3 was around 58 decibels. Compare it with the 60-decibel noise level during a normal conversation; the chimney does not make much sound. But you only use Level 3 if you fry your food in oil or ghee. Otherwise, levels 1 and 2 are sufficient for your regular cooking activities.


Faber kitchen chimney review

Appearance-wise, the Faber Autoclean chimney is beautiful with its curved body shape and dark colors. The advantage of the dark color finish is that it camouflages dust particles and makes your chimney look sparklingly clean. The glossy finish lets you wipe the appliance clean with a dry cloth. The LED is an excellent attachment as it focuses light where it is most needed.  


Faber offers a 2-year warranty on the product and a 12-year warranty on the motor. That certifies the motor’s quality and ensures you need not worry about the chimney’s performance.


Faber Kitchen Chimney touch controls

Installing the Faber Autoclean Chimney ensures you get pure air to breathe inside the kitchen. At the same time, it removes soot and smoke to protect your kitchen furniture and walls from damage. So if you need to experience a sneeze-free experience in the kitchen, install a chimney immediately, and there is none better than the Faber Autoclean Chimney we have reviewed now.

Suction Power
Cleaning & Maintenance
Value For Money
We liked this Faber chimney because of the high suction power and excellent Gesture controls. The best thing about this chimney is Zero Maintenance.
Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
I'm Chaithanya Vanjari, the Creator and Editor-in-Chief at KitchenArena. With a decade of experience in evaluating large appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and various small home devices, I possess the technical expertise needed to thoroughly review and understand the operational complexities of these appliances.

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  1. bought one Faber Zenith FL SC 60 cm chimney in October 2021 and used rarely. Now a typical sound is coming if switched on. On complaint, the technician told that DC motor is out/broken. It is to replaced and cost is 1600\-. It is surprising that Faber, so called leader in chimney is using sub standard motor inside the chimney which has worn out within 20 months of purchase. I think warranty period is fixed purposely for one year. Prospective buyers should think twice/thrice before buying Faber chimney.


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We liked this Faber chimney because of the high suction power and excellent Gesture controls. The best thing about this chimney is Zero Maintenance.Faber Chimney Review | Ideal for Indian Kitchen