Auto-clean Chimney Explained | Advantages and Disadvantages!

Cleaning a kitchen chimney is one of the most challenging jobs in the kitchen. Investing in an Auto-clean kitchen chimney can pay dividends as it proves handy in removing smoke and other impurities in the kitchen to make it a healthy place.

The auto-clean chimney works on a unique mechanism comprising an automatic blower to suck in the kitchen smoke from the gas cooking range.

Auto Clean Chimney from Glen
Auto Clean Chimney

This equipment uses the principles of centrifugal force to suck oil particles and hot gases, trap them on the filters in the chimney’s blower, and lead the smoke outside the house through the exhaust pipe (in the case of ducted auto-clean chimney).

chimney exhaust pipe

Auto clean chimney vs Manual clean chimney

FeaturesAuto-clean ChimneyNon-auto-clean chimney
Oil CollectorAuto-clean chimneys come equipped with an oil collector to collect the oil and grease particles as the turbine blowers suck them along with the smoke.The non-auto-clean chimneys do not feature an oil collector. The grease and oil particles stick to the filters.
Suction PowerAs the oil collectors collect the greasy particles, the filters do not get contaminated. Thus, the suction power is not affected.The oil and grease stick to the filters and clogs them, leading to reduced suction power.
MaintenanceThese chimneys clean automatically. However, you can remove the oil collectors once a month and clean them.The filters can get clogged with oil and grease. Therefore, it is advisable to remove and clean them twice a month for better performance.
LifespanAs the greasy impurities do not stick to the interiors, this chimney has a longer lifespan.The non-auto chimneys have a shorter lifespan compared to their auto-clean counterparts.

Advantages of an auto-clean chimney

Cost-effective – Energy efficient

The traditional chimneys do not come equipped with powerful blowers. Thus, these chimneys use more power to enable the blower to remove hot gases. Due to the reduced suction power, the oil and grease can accumulate on the chimney’s interiors leading to increased clogging.

The auto-clean chimneys feature high-quality blowers that work on centrifugal force to suck out the hot gases and oil particles quicker than the conventional chimneys. As the interiors do not get clogged frequently, these appliances consume less power.

Cost-effective – Less maintenance

The auto-clean chimneys do not allow the grease particles to accumulate on the chimney’s interior walls. The oil collector ensures to collect the oil and allow free air movement between the motor and the chimney’s mouth. Besides, they also ensure that the waste gases escape through the exhaust pipes comfortably without clogging them.

oil collector in chimney
Oil Collector in Chimney

On the other hand, the non-auto-clean chimneys come equipped with traditional mesh filters or baffle filters. These filters trap the oil and grease while allowing the smoke to escape.

Over a period, the filters get clogged with grease. Thus, these appliances require frequent removal and cleaning. Therefore, they incur more maintenance costs than the auto-clean kitchen chimneys.

High efficiency – More Powerful Suction

Indian cuisine uses a lot of oil and spices. You indulge in heavy-duty cooking activities like deep frying, grilling, roasting, etc.

These processes emit more smoke and soot. Therefore, an auto-clean chimney proves handy because of its higher suction power. The traditional non-auto-clean chimneys are not as efficient as the auto-clean chimneys because of lower suction power.

Less Maintenance – Easy to clean

Auto-clean chimneys come with automatic cleaning systems that operate at the touch of a button. Hence, it is convenient to clean these chimneys at any time.

On the other hand, the non-auto-clean chimney models require frequent cleaning by removing the filters and washing them manually or in a dishwasher.

Extended lifespan

As auto-clean chimneys do not require much maintenance, they last longer than their non-auto-clean counterparts.

Hindware Autoclean Chimney
Hindware Autoclean Chimney

Disadvantages of Auto-clean Chimneys

Higher Initial Cost

The auto-clean chimneys are expensive than the baffle filter or mesh filter-equipped chimneys because they come with exquisite features like auto-cleaning mechanisms, motion sensors, etc.

These chimneys require less cleaning and maintenance. However, the best aspect of auto-clean chimneys is that they prove economical in the long run. As they last longer than the non-auto-clean chimneys, they save on costs.

High Repair Costs

Kitchen chimneys are exposed to heavy smoke and oil/grease whenever you cook food. These oil particles can clog the filters and get stuck at inappropriate places inside the machine. The auto-clean chimneys come with advanced features that can prove expensive to repair.

Geetha Srinivasan
Geetha Srinivasan
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