9 Best Ceiling Fans in India (2023) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

The ceiling fan is the most common electrical appliance in every house.

In fact, you might find more than one in a single room at times. On average, you have around 3 fans per house in India. That makes it a tremendous statistic.

Without any further Ado, here is a quick comparison table

Best Ceiling FansKey Features
1. Atomberg Efficio

Amazon Price
BLDC motor
Smart Remote
Three-years warranty
2. Atomberg Renesa+

Amazon Price
BLDC motor
Smart Remote
Three-years warranty
3. Crompton Uranus

Amazon Price
Four blades with decorative lights
100% copper motor
Double ball bearings
Two-years warranty
4. Havells Leganza

Amazon Price
4-blade innovative design
Metallic paint finish
Two-year guarantee
5. Crompton Aura Prime

Amazon Price
Anti-dust special coating
Hi-speed motor
1200 mm sweep size
2 year warranty 

The climate in India is such that you would have at least one fan working almost all the time. Therefore, one can assume that more than a hundred crore ceiling fans are working as I write this ceiling fan buying guide and review.

Best Ceiling fans in India

1. Atomberg Efficio 1200mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are appliances that no Indian can ever live without. Every house in India has a minimum of two, if not more, ceiling fans. This Atomberg Efficio ceiling fan ranks as one of the best when it comes to combining power and savings.

  • Energy-efficient BLDC motor
  • Inverter Stabilisation technology
  • Smart Remote
  • Ideal for any room size up to 140 square feet
  • Three-years warranty

Atomberg Efficio ceiling fan is a pure “Make in India” product having the capability to stand up to global standards. With powerful features like consistent speed and power surge protection, this ceiling fan ranks as one of India’s most energy-efficient fans.

This fan works on BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) technology. Though connected to the regular AC supply, this fan runs on a 24V internal DC motor. As it runs on BLDC technology, this fan consumes 28W at the highest speed and approximately 6W at the lowest. Thus, this fan can save up to Rs 1,500 per year on electricity bills, when compared to the regular induction motor.

The Efficio ceiling fan runs three times longer on an inverter battery compared to the ordinary fans. The significant aspect of this fan is that it runs at constant speeds, even in the case of voltage fluctuations. 

As the blades and the body are made of aluminium alloy, it does not rust. This fan comes with a remote-control option having features like Boost Mode, Sleep Mode, and Timer Mode.[/su_note]

The fan runs at top speed in the Boost mode, whereas its speed reduces by one step every two hours in the Sleep mode. The timer mode contains an ‘Off Timer’ that turns the fan off after the set time.

This product is a sturdy one, comprising a Z+ Shielded double ball bearing. This 1200mm-fan can fit all rooms, including the living room, bedroom, etc.

  • The motor does not make any noise.
  • It is an energy-efficient fan.
  • One of the lightest fans available today
  • The plastic quality of the remote seems ordinary when compared to the price.

2. Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3-Blade Anti-dust ceiling fan

Atomberg Renesa+ is a stylish ceiling with ergonomically designed fans. The anti-dust blades are the highlight of this fan, thereby making it maintenance-free.

  • Energy-efficient BLDC motor
  • LED Indicator for speed
  • Inverter Stabilisation technology
  • Smart Remote
  • Three-years warranty

When it comes to performance coupled with attraction, the Atomberg Renesa+ is amongst the best in the business. The power-surge protection and consistent speed make this laptop a sought-after model in India.

Atomberg Technologies, set up by Indian IIT and IIM graduates, manufactures high-quality ceiling fans for the Indian consumer market. They believe that the Indian customer deserves the best. This ceiling fan, Renesa+, based on BLDC technology is one of the most energy-efficient ceiling fans available in India.

Though it works on a 24V DC motor, it connects to the AC mains supply. This fan comes with aluminium blades and a body, thereby making it light in weight and capable of running at excellent speeds.

This fan consumes around 28W power at its highest speed and approximately 6W at the first level. The spectacular highlight of this fan is the anti-dust coating to the blades that prevents dust from sticking to the edges. 

Another fabulous feature of this ceiling fan is that it can save up to Rs 1,500 per year on your electricity bills. This fan can work on an input voltage range of 140V to 285V. It can work on your home inverter at better speeds than the regular ceiling fans.

The compact motor increases the blade speed, thereby resulting in wider and better air delivery. This fan can be controlled using a remote-control option having features like Boost mode, Sleep mode, and timer mode.

The fan works at its fastest in the boost mode, whereas its speed reduces by one stage every two hours in the sleep mode. The timer mode contains an on/off option in the timer mode where the fan switches off after a specific time.

  • The speed indicator LED lamps also serves as a night lamp.
  • Light, compact, and energy-efficient
  • Ideal for use in all rooms
  • The fan being light wobbles slightly at high speeds.

3. Crompton Metal Uranus 48-inch Ceiling Fan with decorative lights

Crompton is one of the oldest fan manufacturers in India with an excellent reputation for designing some of the most attractive ceiling fans. This Uranus brand comes with four blades and decorative lights.

  • Four blades with decorative lights
  • 100% copper motor with double ball bearings
  • 1200mm sweep size with a speed of 320rpm
  • Two-years warranty

On the beauty front, no other ceiling fan can come close to the Uranus as the decorative lights offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility. Besides being the centre of attraction, this fan can provide the best illumination.

On the performance aspect, the four blades ensure maximum air delivery. Thus, you have a fan with a premium feel that is capable of cooling the room admirably.

The magnificent carving is the perfect blend of contemporary design and old-world charm. The best aspect of these lights is that they are removable. The decorative lampshades enhance the overall beauty of the room with royal lighting.

Controlling the lights and the fan speed is comfortable using the respective cords attached to the fan. These cords hang at the ideal height for anyone to handle them with ease.

This Crompton fan runs on a high-quality 100% copper motor with double ball bearings. The dynamically blades come with a sweep size of 1200mm. They rotate at high speeds of 320rpm to ensure excellent air delivery.

This 48-inches ceiling fan is an ideal one for your drawing-room environment. It can serve as a perfect ally in your bedroom, as well.

This decorative fan adds a royal touch to your home décor.

  • Attractive design with lights to illuminate the room
  • A beautiful blend of aesthetics and utility
  • Powerful motor with double ball bearings 
  • Does not have a remote controlling option

4. Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan 

Havells has an excellent reputation for manufacturing some of the best ceiling fans in India. The Leganza series is one of the most attractive designs that is aesthetically designed for home and office space.

  • Blade size of 48 inches (1200mm)
  • 4-blade innovative design
  • Metallic paint finish
  • Two-year guarantee

These decorative ceiling fans have exotic trims on the blades and the body to give it an aesthetic look. This design looks trendy and sophisticated, whereby it looks attractive when rotating. In the same instance, it also enhances the beauty when stationary, giving your room a royal feel.

Another feature that adds to its overall beauty is the dual colouration. The contrasting paint job adds to the attraction quotient and makes it look alluring. The fan is available in two colour combinations, pearl white-silver and bronze-gold. This decorative fan enhances the overall elegance of the room it is installed.

Coming to the performance angle, the HPLV motor saves power because it works at low voltage and offers exceptional air delivery at 230cmm. The massive sweep size of 1200mm can cool down the largest of your room within no time. It is an ideal fan to have in rooms having dimensions between 65 and 100 square feet. Hence, it is perfect for home and office use.

The aerodynamically designed blades are unique and have a size of 48-inches. The shape and designs ensure minimum buffeting caused by fans with blades. Thus, it ends up offering greater comfort for people sitting directly below the fan. The design ensures to deliver air to all corners of the room.

The fan has an exceptional rotation speed of 350rpm. Though the fan has a simple appearance, it is a powerhouse performer. The smooth airflow and even circulation provide maximum comfort to the consumer.

  • Fabulous looks matched by an incredible performance
  • Large enough to provide uniform circulation of air in big rooms
  • Excellent colour combo
  • Takes time for installation

5. Atomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor with remote, 3-blade ceiling fan

Atomberg Renesa might not have the convention looks, but they compensate with its incredible performance. This fan is similar to the Atomberg Renesa+ design but with subtle differences.

  • Energy-efficient BLDC motor
  • Smart remote
  • Runs faster on inverter batteries
  • LED Indication for speed

Atomberg Technologies, a Venture Capital-backed company, set up by Indian entrepreneurs manufactures some of the most energy-efficient fans in India for the benefit of Indian consumers. This fan stands up to global standards and competes with the best in the world in its genre.

The BLDC motor is unique as it works differently from an induction motor. The BLDC motor connects to the AC power supply but operates on 24V DC. The sterling aspect of this ceiling fan is that it consumes minimal power, around 6W when rotating at low speeds and 28W at its fastest.

Thus, compared to the conventional fan running on an induction motor, the Atomberg Renesa saves up to Rs 1500 annually on your electricity bills. Similarly, the Atomberg ceiling fan runs three times longer on your home inverter battery as compared to the regular ceiling fans.

Another stellar quality of the Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan is that this ceiling fan can run at consistent speeds even in the case of a significant voltage fluctuation. The BLDC motor is a compact engine that increases the blade span, thereby resulting in wider air spread and better air delivery.

The aluminium alloy used in the body and blades makes it rust-free and light in weight. Hence, this fan is capable of rotating at excellent speeds without making much noise. The LED speed indication lamps also serve as night lamps in the room they are installed.

This Atomberg Renesa ceiling fan can be controlled using a remote controlling device. The smart remote has features like Timer mode, Boost mode, and Sleep mode.

The timer mode allows you to fix the time for switching the fan on or off. Similarly, the fan’s speed reduces by one level every two hours in the sleep mode to provide maximum comfort. The Boost mode allows the fan to run at top speeds.

The Z+ Shielded double ball bearings make this fan one of the sturdiest in its niche.

  • Fantastic speeds to provide the highest degree of comfort
  • Energy-efficient motor
  • Works on a remote-control
  • The light blades wobble at times when rotating at the highest speed.

6. Crompton Aura Prime Anti-Dust 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

Crompton Aura Prime boasts of the distinction of being India’s first anti-dust fan. The technology is simple but effective. The special coating on the blade restricts dust deposits on the surface, making it easy to clean.

  • Modern design
  • Anti-dust special coating
  • Hi-speed motor
  • 48-inches sweep size

Generally, a ceiling fan collects a lot of dust from the air and deposits it at the edges and all over the top portion of the blades, making it heavier than average. As a result, it puts more strain on the motor, thereby reducing air delivery and the lifespan of the ceiling fan.

Crompton Aura Prime ceiling fans come with a unique anti-dust coating on the blades that attracts 50% less dust than the regular edges. Thus, it is easier to clean. The fan also tends to work longer.

The powerful 100% copper-winded motor has double ball bearings to deliver fantastic output. The double ball bearings ensure the least friction, thereby providing a noiseless performance.

The 2-piece construction is a unique design that ensures maximum efficiency with the least noise. The anti-rust aluminium blade is an excellent accessory because of its durability and lightness. The aluminium blades ensure perfect balance, thereby providing high-quality air delivery to every corner of the room.

This Crompton ceiling fan comes with an exemplary design with a metallic shine fuse and a contemporary dome shaped-centre. It lends the fan a unique focal point to enhance the room’s ambience and deliver a compelling style statement.

The dynamically balanced blades rotate at high speeds of 380rpm to provide air delivery of 230cmm. It is an ideal fan to have in your drawing-rooms or bedrooms. The sweep size of 48 inches should be suitable for modern-day room specifications. 

On the power consumption front, this Crompton ceiling fan consumes up to 74W at its highest speed.

  • Exquisite design complemented by superlative performance
  • Aluminium blades make the fan, light in weight.
  • Anti-dust blade coating is an innovative feature.
  • Some consumers have reported issues with the anti-dust feature.

7. Havells Andria 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan

Havells is a renowned Indian fan manufacturer producing some of the best ceiling fans in the country. Besides being power-efficient, these fans are attractive to look at because they are available in various colours.

  • 1200mm wide blade for higher air delivery
  • 50Hz rated frequency
  • Dust-resistant
  • High-speed performance with 390rpm
  • Wider air delivery up to 220 cubic meters
  • Rated power consumption of 75W
  • Two-year comprehensive warranty

Ceiling fans can accumulate a lot of dust that goes on to affect their performance. This Havells ceiling fan eliminates such a possibility because of the dust-resistant paint finish on the blades that resist dust deposition.

Besides delivering good air delivery, this Havells ceiling fan has one of the most pleasing looks with its modern styling. The exotic looks and design add to your drawing-room attraction quotient.

Havells ceiling fans are renowned for their heavy-duty motors that guarantee powerful performances. This ceiling fan ensures convenient air circulation without any issues. The robust motor and the exquisitely carved blades improve air delivery to reach out to all the corners of your room.

This ceiling fan has an impressive rotational speed of 390rpm to deliver a power-packed performance. Besides, the ceiling fan makes as little noise as possible to make it comfortable for you at night.

  • Good performance, especially in small rooms with ceilings up to 9 feet high
  • Attractive looks to add to your room’s ambiance
  • High rotational speed ensures proper air delivery.
  • The matte color blades are not dust resistant.
  • A bit highly-priced compared to its peers

8. Havells Festiva 1200mm Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan

Havells ceiling fans have a reputation for delivering high-quality performance. The Festiva 1200mm ceiling fan model offers a decent performance to provide relief from the heat in the oppressive summer months.

  • Dust-resistant paint finish
  • 1200mm sweep for extended air delivery
  • Powerful motor with a decorative ring
  • Double ball bearings
  • A maximum speed of 350rpm
  • Air delivery of 230cubic meters
  • Power consumption 70W

The fan’s air delivery depends on the sweep size and the rpm. This Havells ceiling fan comes with a 1200mm sweep size and offers a decent 350rpm speed to deliver good air, especially in small rooms with a low ceiling.

The aerodynamically shaped blades ensure uniform airflow throughout the room without any air-free spots. In addition, the dust-resistant paint finish on these blades does not allow dust to settle down and affects the fan’s performance. Besides, the fan looks charming all the time.

The exquisite appearance with a decorative ring over the motor enhances the overall drawing-room ambience. In addition, the stylishly designed blade trims can capture anyone’s attention.

This Havells fan consumes less power and is one of the most economical ceiling fans in its segment. In addition, the superior air delivery makes it an attractive proposition to have on your ceiling. Another positive feature is that it makes the least noise among other contemporary ceiling fans.

  • Attractive looking finish coupled with a decent performance
  • Saves power while ensuring excellent air delivery
  • Ideal for the average-sized Indian rooms
  • This ceiling fan is not compatible with all regulators.
  • The pricing could have been a bit lower.

9. Orient Electric Apex FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan 

Orient ceiling fans are characterised by an efficient cooling performance with enhanced elegance. This white ceiling fan comes with excellent features, like innovative design, powerful performance, and noiseless operations.

  • Blade size of 1200mm (48-inches)
  • Efficient copper motor with a rotating speed of 370rpm
  • Air delivery of 200cmm
  • 78W power consumption

Orient is a reputed ceiling fan brand in India. This reliable and durable fan comes in two different colours to blend with the room décor. Thus, it is a perfect combo of enhanced elegance and efficient performance.

The USP of this Orient ceiling fan is its noiseless operation. It features a double ball bearing to enhance the lifespan of the motor. Thus, you have a sturdy ceiling fan capable of delivering a powerful performance.

The performance of any ceiling fan depends on the motor. The copper motor is the most efficient of all that guarantees high-quality performance with incredible air delivery. This fan consumes around 78W power to make it an energy-efficient appliance. This ceiling fan is capable of delivering fantastic cooling at a lower input voltage.

Besides the exemplary performance, this Orient ceiling fan comes with an innovative design. The designer trims and the colour combinations ensure to match with your exclusively done interior décor.

The spectacular highlight of this ceiling fan is its blade design. The ergonomically designed, metallic finish aluminium blades are light and have a sweep size of 1200mm to provide high-quality cooling to all the corners of your room. This 48-inches ceiling fan is ideal for large rooms because of its uniform air delivery.

The aesthetic design and innovative colours make this fan an attractive one to have in your drawing-rooms and bedrooms. The robust build is a sterling feature that contributes to its high popularity. One of the best aspects of this Orient fan is that it is easy to clean.

  • The fan is light and capable of rotating at high speeds.
  • The noiseless operation is a remarkable feature.
  • It is a perfect combination of performance and beauty.
  • Does not work on a remote

10. Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70W High-Speed Ceiling Fan 

Luminous ceiling fans are super stylish with their uncluttered looks and sober colours. While being simplistic in their appearance, these fans are one of the best when it comes to performance.

  • Blade size of 1200mm (48 inches)
  • Air delivery of 220cmm
  • High-speed motor
  • Consumption of 70W

A ceiling fan is a permanent accessory in every home. Hence, it becomes significant to have a ceiling fan that matches its performance with its looks. The Luminous Dhoom high-speed ceiling fan brings out the best of style, attractive design, and performance to your home and office.

The exciting aspect of this ceiling fan is that it can work at low voltage and provide maximum air circulation. The high-speed and aerodynamic blades have an air delivery of 220cmm while rotating at a top speed of 380rpm.

This high-speed fan features a unique 12-pole motor with 20% more copper to enhance motor durability. The motor is bigger when compared to engines present in other fans in its niche. Hence, it ensures better heat dissipation.

The non-corrosive high-grade aluminium motor body and blades along with copper windings, ensure that the fan has an extended lifespan. 

The 48-inches blades are designed wide for offering more air thrust. This fan has a tremendous air delivery rate and is renowned for cooling every corner of the room it is installed.

On the attraction front, this fan is right there at the top as it comes in a fantastic spectrum of colours. The model under discussion is white. It is also available in prominent shades like ivory and brown.

The Luminous Dhoom high-speed ceiling fan consumes less power than many brands in its pricing range. This ceiling fan comes with a warranty of two years on manufacturing defects.

  • High on performance with exemplary looks
  • Excellent rotational speed of 380rpm
  • Powerful motor made of anti-corrosive materials
  • Some customers have complained of noise when rotating at high speeds.

11. Crompton Hill Briz 48-inch Ceiling Fan 

Here is a simple Crompton fan that looks beautiful and performs admirably at the same time. These fans offer the best excuse to stay indoors because of the superior air delivery that ensures optimum cooling throughout the room.

  • Blade sweep size of 48 inches
  • Double ball bearing motor
  • 370rpm motor
  • Two years warranty

The 48-inches ceiling fans are best suited for drawing-rooms and bedrooms having a living area up to 100 square feet. The Crompton Hill Briz ceiling fan has 48-inch blades that deliver the ultimate cooling experience by throwing air across the room.

This ceiling fan is amongst the lightest appliance in its category. The aluminium body and powder coated blades are lightweight and offer the highest corrosion resistance. The blades are tilted at a unique angle to enable it to deliver more air over a significant area.

The Crompton Hill Brize ceiling fan comes with 100% copper winding for higher durability. The double ball bearing minimises noise and ensures long life. The fan does not make much noise when rotating at high speeds. Besides offering corrosion resistance, the powder-coated blades are easy to clean. They do not rust and also do not allow much dust to accumulate on the edges.

This fan is available in a range of fantastic colours. The brown colour is the most preferred by people all over India. It blends beautifully with the home or office décor, and is thus, perfect for all seasons.

Another exciting feature of this fan is that it is easy to install when compared to some of the other Crompton fans. Anyone with fundamental knowledge of electrical fittings can install this fan comfortably.

  • One of the most attractive options available at low pricing levels
  • Capable of excellent performance under high speeds
  • Ideal sweep area, sufficient to cater to rooms having area up to 100 square feet
  • Some customers have complained that the fan gets hot at times due to extensive usage.

We have seen different models of ceiling fans. Each of these fans is a winner in its way. Some of the fans come with the latest features such as remote control and so on.

You have some of the oldest brands like Usha, Crompton, and others. At the same time, you have the new kids on the block like Gorilla and Jupiter. Let us now go on to discuss the things you should look for in a ceiling fan.

This buying guide will help you decide which of the ceiling fans suit you the best.

Buying Guide – Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is the most common electrical accessory in the house after the tube lights and the incandescent bulbs.

Every home in India, the slums included, usually has at least one ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is an essential appliance in almost every part of India because of the climatic conditions.

Generally, people feel that ceiling fans do not consume much electricity. Therefore, when it comes to adopting power-saving measures, they concentrate on appliances like microwave ovens, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

The ceiling fans consume a lot of electricity because they function throughout the day and night, as well. Hence, it is necessary to purchase energy-efficient ceiling fans.

Accordingly, BEE has started rating ceiling fans for their efficiency today.

People do not go much into the details when they buy ceiling fans. Purchasing the ideal ceiling fan for the house not only ensures its optimum performance but also saves money by way of power savings.

This ceiling fan buying guide will concentrate on these features to help people select the right option.

Room Size Vs. Fan Sweep Size

Ceiling fans are available in various sizes ranging between 900 mm to 1400 mm (35 to 55 inches). The most commonly preferred fan sweep size is 1200 mm (48 inches).

Ceiling fans are available outside this range, as well. The size of the room plays a significant role in selecting the optimum fan sweep size. This table should make it convenient for you to understand.

Room SizeFan Sweep Size
Less than 75 square feet900 mm (35 – 36 inches)
Between 75 and 100 square feet1050 mm (41 – 42 inches)
Between 100 and 130 square feet1200 mm (48 inches)
Between 130 and 150 square feet1400 mm (55 to 56 inches)
More than 150 square feetBetter to use two ceiling fans

The fan sweep size is the diameter of the circle covered by the fan when it is in motion. Ideally, the fan should be in the centre of the room to cover the maximum area.

If you have large rooms in the house, you should adjust the location of the fans accordingly to ensure proper air circulation.

Number of Fan Blades

Ideally, a ceiling fan has three blades. Three blades should be enough to provide quality air circulation. Secondly, it looks aesthetically good, as well because of the symmetry.

Recently, four-blade fans have also become common in India. Some of the reputed fan manufacturers produce five-blade fans, as well.

The higher the number of fan blades, the lesser is the air circulation. However, fans with a higher number of blades make less noise in comparison.

Compared to the number of blades, the shape of the blades makes a noticeable difference to the quality of air circulation.

Blade Tilt

The shape of the blades is critical. You should note that flat blades do not generate any circulation. Hence, the blades should have a tilt and a low drag shape.

It helps in enhancing the efficiency of air circulation. The ideal tilting angle should be between 120 and 150.

A tilt angle of more than 150 will put more pressure on the fan motor. It can affect the lifespan of the fan and increase your electricity bills.

Fan Motor

The fan motor is the heart and soul of the ceiling fan. Generally, there are two types of motors.

The single-phase induction motor is a popular one with Indian fan manufacturers. This motor uses several wires and winding poles for supplying single-phase voltage to the fan’s rotors.

Such motors require a permanent capacitor. These motors can do the job but not as efficiently as the BLDC motors.

BLDC Motor

BLDC motors are efficient as they rotate at continuous speeds. Secondly, these motors do not make as much noise as the conventional single-phase induction motors.

Most importantly, the BLDC motors save current as they consume less power while being more efficient in comparison.

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Ceiling Fan Controlling options

In the olden days, ceiling fans had regulators fixed on the switchboard using which one could control the speed of the fan’s rotation.

Today, you have remote controlling options for switching on the fans and controlling their speed. They are any day better than the electronic regulators that are commonly used in many Indian homes.

Today, fans with light kits are also available that serve a dual purpose of illuminating the room along with circulating air.

best ceiling fan with lights

Some of the light kit-fitted fans come with a pull chain operation or remote-controlled operation, as well.

Some of the other exciting features available in today’s fans are anti-dust and anti-rust that go on to extend the lifespan of the appliance.

Location of the ceiling fan

The location of the ceiling fan depends on the shape and size of the room. If your room is square-shaped, it is better to have a fan in the centre of the ceiling.

If it is an elongated room, it is advisable to go for two fans separated by a fair distance.

The height of the ceiling is a crucial factor. There should be a minimum of eight feet from the fan to the flooring. If the ceiling is low, you should opt for a shorter mounting rod.

If the ceiling is higher than ten feet, it is better to choose a longer rod to maintain the optimum distance between the floor and the fan.

Installation of the fan

Installing a ceiling fan is not a challenging task. Anyone can do it, but an electrician is the most qualified person to do the job.

The ceiling fan manual comes with an installation guide. It is advisable to go through it before trying to install your fan at home.

Secondly, there should be a minimum of 12 inches between the blade and the ceiling.

If you reside in regions having a hot climate, it is better to leave an 18-inch gap between the blade and the ceiling. It ensures that the fan does not push hot air to the floor.

The ceiling should be straight. In case you have a sloping roof, you should opt for a longer rod. It ensures that the fan blades do not graze the ceiling while in motion.

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Ceiling Fan Maintenance Tips

Purchasing a ceiling fan after going through this guide is easy. However, one should maintain the appliance well so that it serves you well.

  • One should clean the fan blades regularly. During the rotation process, the blades accumulate dust. This dust increases the weight of the blades, thereby affecting the rotation speed. Thus, it affects the fan motor, as well. Clean the blades using your vacuum cleaner. One can also wipe the blades clean using soap and water.
  • Every ceiling fan comes with a unique set of blades. One should ensure not to interchange them with blades of other fans. It can have an effect on the overall efficiency of the fan.
  • Ensure that the canopy is securely in place. A loose canopy can brush against the fan during rotation, thereby making an uncomfortable sound.
  • If you notice a reduction in the fan speed over a period, consult an electrician or a ceiling fan mechanic. The motor might need rewinding.

We have discussed every aspect of a ceiling fan. Therefore, it should not be an issue now. It is better to check out the BEE star rating on ceiling fans.

The higher the rating, the better is the quality of the fan. Fans with higher star ratings consume less power in comparison to those with lower ratings.

BEE has made it mandatory for ceiling fans to come with star ratings from 2020 onwards.

Ceiling fan with lights and remote

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will happen if I use different blades and not the ones supplied with the unit?

It is not as if the fan will not function. However, it will affect the overall efficiency of the fan. The blades that come with the unit are synchronized to work with the motor.

2. Is it compulsory to use a regulator?

The regulator is useful for regulating the speed of the fan. Otherwise, the fan will rotate at the maximum speed every time you switch it on.

3. Is a 5-blade fan better than one with either three or four blades?

The 5-blade fan is expensive when compared to those with three or four blades. They are less efficient in terms of air delivery. However, the five-blade fans make less noise in comparison to the regular ceiling fans.

4. Do fan blades rust?

The fans available today come with an anti-rust coating on the fan blades. Hence, these fans do not rust. Fans with anti-dust features are also available. The benefit of using such fans is that they require less maintenance. Dust does not stick to the blades. Hence, you do not have to clean them frequently.

5. Does the warranty play a significant role in selecting the ceiling fan?

Yes, it is better to go for a ceiling fan that offers the highest warranty. Generally, fans work efficiently. They do not break down frequently. It also depends on how you use the fan, as well.

6. Can I leave a gap of fewer than eight feet between the blades and the flooring?

It is not advisable to reduce the gap below eight feet. Apart from affecting the overall efficiency and performance of the ceiling fan, you can injure your hands if you lift them absentmindedly.

7. What should be the optimum distance between two ceiling fans in a room?

You might need more than one fan if you have large rooms. It is better to place them apart by a minimum of eight to ten feet. Otherwise, the air circulation can overlap, thereby affecting the fan’s performance.

8. Is it safe to purchase a ceiling fan online?

Yes, you have the facilities today to buy a ceiling fan online. It is better if you visit the shop and look at the performance of the fan before ordering it online.

9. Is it necessary to have a ceiling fan in a room having air conditioning?

The functions of a ceiling fan are different from that of an air conditioner. Hence, there should be no issue in having both these appliances in the same room. They complement each other well, whereby you can save electricity in the bargain.

10. Will the lights rotate along with the fan if I buy a fan with a lighting kit?

No, the lights do not rotate along with the fan. They have a separate attachment that keeps them stationary.

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A robot vacuum cleaner can navigate your home, clean, and mop the floors while avoiding obstacles like clothes, carpets,...