Atomberg vs Havells BLDC Fans | A Healthy Comparison

With power tariffs shooting through the roof, the rush is on for BLDC ceiling fans. Atomberg and Havells are good brands you can trust to do an excellent job.

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While Atomberg is India’s pioneer in BLDC ceiling fans, other manufacturers like Crompton and Havells are not far behind. Each brand has its specialty. This comparison between Atomberg Renesa and Havells Glaze BLDC ceiling fans should prove that consumers have healthy choices.

ParametersAtomberg RenesaHavells Glaze
Sweep SizeAvailable in four sizes – 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm, and 1400 mmAvailable in 1200 mm size
This Model Sweep Size1200 mm1200 mm
Rotation Speed360 rpm350 rpm
Air Delivery235 cmm225 cmm
Power consumption28 W30 W
BEE Star Rating5-Star5-Star
Remote ControlYesYes
LED LightsYesNo
Colors Available7 combinations3 combinations
Warranty2-year standard plus 1-year extended warranty2-year standard plus 1 and 2 years extended warranty

Atomberg Renesa

1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Havells Glaze

Decorative BLDC 1200mm Enery Saving with Remote Control 5 Star Ceiling Fan

Havells, Crompton, and other prominent brands offer tough competition to Atomberg, providing consumers with more options. This comparison between Atomberg Renesa and Havells Glaze should help you choose the ideal BLDC fan for your home.


Fan speed is crucial to deciding its performance. Generally, people feel that the higher the fan speed, the better the performance. Yes, it helps because higher speeds help faster air circulation to cool down the room.

The Atomberg Renesa has a healthy rotational speed of 370 rpm. The Havells Glaze is slightly slower at 350 rpm. But that should not make much of a difference.

Air Delivery

Aomberg Renesa bldc fan review

To understand the fan’s performance, you must compare fan speeds with air delivery. Atomberg Renesa has an air delivery rate of 235 cmm, which is excellent by any standard. In contrast, the Havells Glaze has an air delivery rate of 225 cmm.

Therefore, when combining fan speed and air delivery, Havells Glaze is comparatively inferior to the Atomberg Renssa. But the air delivery rate of 225 cmm is better than what other fans like Crompton Energion offer. 

Noise Levels

BLDC ceiling fans make more noise at higher speeds. Their performance is relatively silent at speeds 1 to 3.

Aomberg fan noise levels decibals
Atomberg BLDC Ceiling fan noise at 4 speed
Havells BLDC fan noise at max speed

Remote Control

Regulators are not required to operate BLDC ceiling fans. Each BLDC fan has an RF remote control option for controlling its speed. The most exciting aspect of the BLDC fan remote is that you do not need to point the remote toward the fan to adjust its speed. It can work from anywhere in the room, irrespective of the direction it faces.

Atomberg Fan Remote

Besides, the BLDC fan remote control can be paired with multiple ceiling fans. So, if you have three BLDC ceiling fans in your home, one remote control is sufficient to operate all three fans.

In addition to speed control, the BLDC fan remote offers options like sleep timers. The Havells model offers four sleep timer options set at hourly intervals. In contrast, the Atomberg model offers five options that can be set at 2-hour intervals.  

Havells BLDC Fan Remote is Similar to Crompton BLDC Fan Remote

Energy Savings

Atomberg is the best for energy savings because these fans have a power consumption rating of 28 W. The Havells Glaze is equally good with a power rating of 30 W, better than the Crompton Energion. While Atomberg Renesa promises power savings of up to Rs 2000 annually, the Havells Glaze is just a little behind at around Rs 1800.


BLDC ceiling fans can work at varying voltages because the motor is resilient enough to withstand heavy voltage fluctuations. Atomberg Renesa can work in a voltage range of 165V to 285V, whereas the Havells Glaze is better because its working voltage range is between 140V and 280V.

Aomberg Renesa blades

However, most consumers have inverters in their homes. Both the Atomberg and Havells models are compatible with the home inverter.


Appearance-wise, the Atomberg Renesa is stylish because it offers LED indicators. In comparison, the Havells BLDC fan has a minimalist appearance. However, the LED indicators on the Atomberg Renesa do not provide much illumination. They appear as cosmetic additions.

Aomberg Renesa review

The Atomberg and Havells ceiling fans have aluminum blades with a sweep size of 1200mm. Atomberg Renesa offers three more options at 600mm, 900mm, and 1400mm. Therefore, the Atomberg Renesa can suit small and large rooms. The 1200mm size is ideal for the standard Indian bedroom size of 100 to 120 square feet.

The Atomberg Renesa offers seven color combinations. Besides the monochrome options, the Renesa offers dual-color combos. In contrast, the Havells Glaze BLDC comes in three color options.


The Atomberg Renesa is comparatively higher priced than the Havells Glaze BLDC. Both these fans cost much more than conventional fans. However, consumers can recover the initial additional payment through power savings within one year. Amazon offers exciting discounts and other cashback options with the Atomberg Renesa and the Havells Glaze.

Havells Glaze BLDC Fan


Atomberg and Havells offer two-year warranties on their respective models. Extended warranties are available by paying extra when purchasing the fan. Atomberg offers a 1-year extended warranty when you register your fan on the official website.

Customer Service

Compared to Havells, Atomberg has fewer service centers in India. However, that should be fine because these high-quality fans do not break down quickly.


Performance-wise, the Atomberg Renesa is better than the Havells Glaze BLDC fan because of its higher speed and air delivery. Secondly, the power consumption is less in the Atomberg model compared to Havells.

Atomberg Renesa has a more stylish appearance than the Havells Glaze. The pricing may be the only sphere where the Havells Glaze is better poised. So, you can choose the Havells Glaze if you are concerned with your budget. Otherwise, the Atomberg Renesa is a better bet.

Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari
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