Atomberg vs Crompton BLDC Fans | Which is better?

Looks-wise, the Atomberg is more attractive. However, there is little to choose between these two best-selling BLDC ceiling fans.

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BLDC fans have become more popular, and consumers are switching over to these fans to save power. Atomberg and Crompton are the two best-selling brands in the market. Let us compare two quality models, Atomberg Renessa and Crompton Energion HS, to find out the better option for your home.

Atomberg Renessa vs Crompton Energion HS

ParametersAtomberg RenessaCrompton Energion HS
Sweep SizeAvailable in four sizes – 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm, and 1400 mmOne size – 1200 mm
This Model Sweep Size1200 mm1200 mm
Rotation Speed360 rpm370 rpm
Air Delivery235 cmm220 cmm
Power consumption28 W6W to 35W
BEE Star Rating5-Star5-Star
Remote ControlYesYes
LED LightsYesNo
Colors Available7 combinations3 combinations
Warranty2-year standard plus 1-year extended warranty5-year on-site warranty

Atomberg Renesa

Best BLDC Fan

1200mm BLDC Motor 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Crompton Energion HS

Best Budget BLDC Fan

1200 mm (48 inch) Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated High Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote

The first technical aspect anyone looks at in a fan is its rotational speed. Both Atomberg Renessa and Crompton Energion HS offer five-speed options. The Atomberg model has the highest speed of 370 rpm, whereas the Crompton ceiling fan is slightly faster at 380 rpm. While the difference is minimal, the individual fan speeds are excellent for distributing more air throughout the room.

Compton Energion BLDC Fan review

Air Delivery

More than the fan speed, air delivery is crucial. Atomberg Renessa is considerably better than the Crompton Energion model, with an air delivery rate of 235 cmm to 220 cmm.

The higher the air delivery rate, the better the air distribution to all corners of the room. Generally, 220 cmm is acceptable for the standard Indian room measuring 100 to 120 square feet.


We have checked the noise levels in the Atomberg and Crompton models and found them similar. These ceiling fans make more noise at their highest speeds. However, as we reduce the speed, the noise levels decrease drastically.

The maximum noise levels were around 70 dB for the Crompton model and between 60 and 65 dB for the Atomberg ceiling fan. Both fans’ noise levels are manageable, with Atomberg getting a slight edge.   

Remote Control Features

BLDC ceiling fans do not have regulators to control their speed. They use RF remote control for their operations. Both these fans have similar remote functions. You can adjust the ceiling fan speed, set timers, and activate sleep mode, where the fan switches off at the set time. The most exciting aspect of the remote is that you can use it with multiple BLDC fans simultaneously. Secondly, you need not point toward the fan to operate it. You can place the remote in any direction.

The remote controls work on AA-size batteries. We have checked these fans and found that the remote-control function needs improvement because they sometimes get stuck up.

Energy Savings

BLDC ceiling fans have low power consumption ratings, which consume considerably less energy than conventional ceiling fans. The Atomberg model has a power consumption rating of 28W at its highest speed. In contrast, the Crompton model has a rating of 35W.

Therefore, the Atomberg Renessa is better than the Crompton Energion in power savings. However, the Crompton model is also efficient because it saves around Rs 1600 per annum on power consumption charges. The Atomberg model is better, with a power consumption saving of Rs 1800 to Rs 2000 per annum.


Usually, ceiling fans slow down considerably when the voltage drops. BLDC fans differ from conventional fans because they can work in an extensive voltage range without impacting their speed. The Atomberg model can function in a voltage range of 165V to 285V. On the other hand, the Crompton ceiling fan is better because it can work at a voltage between 90V and 300V.

Both these fans are compatible with the home inverter. We have observed that these ceiling fans rotate at higher speeds when working on the inverter.  


Consumers value the fan’s performance and look at the technical details before purchasing ceiling fans for their homes. At the same time, looks matter a lot because everyone loves to have decorative features on their fans.

The Crompton Energion HS is a simple fan with a minimalist design. On the other hand, the Atomberg Renessa has a more stylish appearance with LED lights. The LED lights have little utility except for making the fan look attractive. Hence, it is a cosmetic feature.

Both the fans have elegant-looking aluminum blades with a sweep size of 1200 mm. The Atomberg Renessa is available in four fan blade sizes, enabling users to choose the appropriate fan depending on their room area.

Generally, a one-foot down rod is supplied with the package. It should be sufficient in most cases. But you can purchase an extended rod separately if the room ceiling height exceeds ten feet. Ideally, the fan should hang around eight to nine feet from the ground level.

The fans have tightly secured blades with two canopies to cover the motor and the wiring. The Atomberg model has seven color combinations, whereas the Crompton ceiling fan offers three color options.

Looks-wise, the Atomberg model is better, but it is also heavier than the Crompton ceiling fan.


The Atomberg Renessa has a slightly higher price than the Crompton Energion HS. However, you can recover the difference within two to three months because of reduced power consumption. Both these fans are available at reasonable prices that are commensurate with the features they offer. Purchasing these fans on Amazon enables users to receive attractive discounts and cashback offers.


The Crompton Energion HS offers the highest guarantee of five years on its BLDC ceiling fan. The Atomberg model has a two-year warranty that can be extended for one year more by registering your details on the official website. So, warranty-wise, the Crompton Energion HS is better than the Atomberg Renessa.

Customer Service

Customer service depends on the area you live in. Crompton has a rich legacy of over 75 years in the business. Hence, they have an extensive customer service network. In comparison, Atomberg is a comparatively recent company. They have fewer service centers than Crompton. However, we found no problems concerning customer service with either model.


The comparison shows that the Crompton Energion and Atomberg Renessa deliver similar performances. The Atomberg model is slightly more expensive than the Crompton Energion because it has additional features like LED indicators. Looks-wise, the Atomberg is more attractive. However, there is little to choose between these two best-selling BLDC ceiling fans.

Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari
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