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The most commonly used electrical appliance in your home is the ceiling fan. Generally, fans function 24×7 in Indian homes, especially as the climate gets hotter by the day.

Therefore, it is a matter of concern as to how much power would a ceiling fan consume in a day. However, a ceiling fan does not consume much electricity.

The ceiling fan specification list does not provide details about electricity consumption in units. Instead, it provides the rated power of the appliance. Our ceiling fan power consumption calculator helps you calculate the daily power consumption in units and its effect on your overall electricity bill.

Power Consumption Calculator
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Using our ceiling fan power consumption calculator

Enter the following information in the specific spaces provided in our calculator.

  • The rated-power capacity of your ceiling fan
  • The average daily usage in hours or minutes
  • The electricity tariff in your area

If you are clueless about searching for the electricity tariff applicable in your area, you can refer to our state-wise electricity tariff information.

You get information about the number of units your ceiling fan consumes in a day. The calculator also calculates the monthly and annual power consumption. Besides, it calculates the electricity bill component, depending on your electricity tariff.

We shall look at a few real-life examples of three normal ceiling fans and one with a BLDC motor.

Particulars/Ceiling Fan modelsUsha Bloom Magnolia 1250mmHavells Ambrose 1200mmCrompton Hill Briz 1200mmAtomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor
Rated-power of the ceiling fan in watts78727528
Daily usage in hours12121212
Electricity tariff in your area7777
Daily power consumption in units0.940.860.900.34
Monthly consumption in units28.2025.802710.20
Annual consumption in units338.40309.60324122.40
Monthly electricity bill component197.40180.6018971.40

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the positives of using a ceiling fan with a BLDC motor?

The advantages of a BLDC motor over the regular induction motor are as follows.

  • It consumes less power.
  • These fans provide extended backup on home inverters.
  • The BLDC motor is highly reliable.
  • These fans make less noise and last comfortably longer.

Are the BLDC motor-power fans expensive?

Compared to the regular ceiling fans, the BLDC motor-powered fans are expensive. However, they are available at nearly two and a half to three times a regular ceiling fan price.

How much power does the BLDC motor-powered fan save in a year?

Consider our example of comparing the Havells Ambrose 1200mm ceiling fan with the Atomberg Renesa BLDC motor-powered fan.

ParametersHavells Ambrose 1200mm Regular Induction Motor ceiling fanAtomberg Renesa 1200mm BLDC Motor ceiling fan
Monthly Power consumption25.80 units10.20 units
Monthly electricity bill componentRs 180.60Rs 71.40
Annual electricity billRs 2,167.20Rs 856.80
Cost of the fanRs 2,299Rs 3,396.00

The BLDC motor-powered fan saves around Rs 1,310.40 per year as power savings. The fan costs around Rs 1,097.00 more than the regular induction motor-powered fan. Hence, you recover the cost in one year. Even if you go for a less expensive fan than the Havells Ambrose, you can recover the difference in the price within two years.

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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