Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan Review

The onset of summer sees many of us making a beeline to the AC shops and purchasing the best AC for our homes. But everyone cannot afford an AC. So a ceiling fan would be an excellent investment to beat the summer heat.

Secondly, a ceiling fan makes the room airy and ushers fresh air. The Havells Festiva Energy Saving Ceiling Fan is an excellent buy. Let us review this utility appliance.

Our Verdict

Havells Festiva Fan review

This Havells ceiling fan with its 1200mm sweep is ideal for small and medium-sized bedrooms. The air delivery is excellent, but the fan can be noisy in an otherwise quiet environment. Though there are issues with its dust-resistant capabilities, the Havells Festiva is a good one for your home. Budget-wise, it is a good investment. This ceiling fan is available in different colors and adds to your home’s ambiance.

Before we review its performance, let us understand its benefits and drawbacks.

Havells Festiva Ceiling fan review


  • Double ball bearing motor for durable performance
  • 100% copper winding to enhance longevity.
  • Good air delivery to the far corners of the room
  • Sleek and aesthetic appearance


  • Though Havells says it saves power, this fan has a 1-star BEE rating.
  • The noise levels at the highest speed are high.
  • The dust-resistant feature is not satisfactory.
  • The down-rod length is small.

Havells Festiva Review

What do you look for in a ceiling fan?

It should deliver efficient performance while making as little noise as possible. The air delivery performance should be excellent. Besides, it should look great and suit your home’s ambiance. Havells Festive ticks almost all the boxes and should be a perfect appliance in your bedroom.

Here are its features that should make you like the fan instantly.

Good Speed 

Havells Ceiling fan review

The Havells Festiva ceiling fan has an impressive speed of 390 rpm. It ensures comfortable air delivery to all corners of your room. The fan comes with five-speed settings. Usually, you use the 5th speed setting in summer.

But from experience, the fan delivers excellent revolution speed even in the 3rd speed setting.

Generally, fans with similar dimensions, like the Havells Festiva, function at a top speed of 300 to 350 rpm. Thus, this fan qualifies as a high-speed fan with a speed of 390 rpm.

Air Delivery

Usually, a 1200 mm ceiling fan has an air delivery rate of 220 cubic meters per minute. However, the Havells Festiva scores better in this area by displaying an air delivery rate of 230 cubic meters per minute.

So, this ceiling fan is ideal for a normal-sized Indian bedroom. However, the ceiling fan should be at least nine feet from the ground and one and a half feet from the ceiling to deliver optimum air.

Blade Length (Sweep Size)

Havells Festiva Ceiling Fans

This Havells Festiva ceiling fan has a sweep size of 1200 mm (approximately 48 inches). That would be perfect for a medium-sized bedroom. However, if your bedroom has a larger area/volume, you can choose a 56-inches sweep size. But this Havells Festiva with a 1200 mm sweep size is ideal. The best feature of these blades is the wider tip that ensures a better air spread.


This Havells Festiva uses a double ball bearing 100% copper wound induction motor to ensure impeccable performance. The double ball bearings ensure the motor’s durability, whereas the 100% copper wires enable top-class performance.

Energy saving

Havells certifies this fan as one of the best in energy saving. But I have my reservations. Usually, 1200 mm ceiling fans consume around 50 watts of power.

Havells advertises that this ceiling fan consumes 55 watts, making it less energy efficient than comparable models. The high speed could be one of the reasons. But the energy consumption could be around 70 to 75 watts. BEE has given a 1-star energy rating for this ceiling fan.


The Havells Festive qualifies among India’s most attractive ceiling fans with its aesthetic design. The decorative ring on the motor, the trims on the blade, and the canopy add to its attraction quotient. Besides, this ceiling fan is available in multiple colors to suit your room’s ambiance.

Dust resistance

Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan dust

Havells promotes that the Festiva has dust-resistant properties. But I am not satisfied with its dust-resistant performance. It works but only to a specific extent. Usually, dust-resistant fans repel dust and do not allow it to stick to the blades.

But the dust sticks to this Havells Festiva ceiling fan blades. The best feature is that you can comfortably wipe it off with a cloth. Secondly, the dust-resistant feature is not available in matte finishes.

Noise levels

Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan sound
Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan noise at 4 Speed

Havells advertises that this Festiva ceiling fan has noise levels of 65 decibels at its highest speed. If that is true, the noise levels are excellent. But I have measured the noise levels using a decibel meter and found that this ceiling fan makes 72 decibels of noise at its 5th-speed setting.

72 decibels sound is equivalent to a loud conversation. However, this fan makes 55 decibels of sound at the 3rd-speed setting and 61 decibels at the 4th-speed level. That qualifies as a decent noise level.

Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan noise at 5 Speed
Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan noise at 5 Speed


This Havells Festiva ceiling fan weighs around 5 Kg. That makes it a lightweight appliance. It supports its high speed and ensures efficient performance.


Havells offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty on this ceiling fan. But ceiling fans do not usually get damaged within two years. They are built to last long. Extended warranties are available, but they are not usually necessary. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance ensure that ceiling fans remain durable and last comfortably for more than six to seven years.


Finally, the Havells Festiva Ceiling fan is perfect for your bedroom. It can deliver good speed and high-quality air delivery. Looks-wise, this ceiling fan ranks among the best ceiling fans in India as it adds to the grace and suits your room’s ambiance. So, it is a good investment for every Indian household.

Air Delivery
Dust Resistance
Power Savings
Value For Money
Although air delivery is Great, the fan may generate noise in an otherwise Quiet environment.
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Although air delivery is Great, the fan may generate noise in an otherwise Quiet environment.Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan Review