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Come summer, all ceiling fans become overworked as they keep whirring along, delivering fresh air everywhere in the room. People may argue that ACs cool the room better and provide more comfort, but they cannot match the ceiling fans in making you feel fresh.

Yes. Ceiling fan technology has improved tremendously over the years. We have beautiful-looking fans with anti-dust and power-saving features that make purchasing them a wise decision.

Our Verdict

Usha Bloom Ceiling fan review

Usha Bloom Ceiling Fan is an excellent home appliance that should adorn every house with its beautiful looks and excellent air delivery performance. It has a unique blade shape, unlike the standard ceiling fans everywhere. The Usha Bloom is available in different colors and fancy names, like Magnolia, Daffodil, Primrose, etc.

The 100% copper motor makes the Usha Bloom a sturdy and durable ceiling fan. The novel Silane paint technology from PPG Asian Paints makes these fans scratch-resistant, dust-proof, and beautiful.

So if you require a good-looking ceiling fan for your house capable of delivering an excellent power-saving performance at attractive prices, Usha Bloom is the name to remember.


  • Elegant design with a unique blade design
  • Good sweep size and excellent air delivery
  • Powerful motor with high-speed rotation
  • Scratch and dust-resistant properties


  • It makes noise.
  • Though marketed as an anti-dust fan, it is not.
  • This fan consumes more power than BLDC ceiling fans.

Usha Bloom Review

All ceiling fans look and perform alike. Therefore, people get attracted to ceiling fans that look and offer something different.

usha bloom

Usha Bloom succeeds in one aspect because it has uniquely shaped blades that improve air delivery. However, its claims of being dust-free are not up to the mark because the blades accumulate dust with continuous usage. However, the performance is good.


Generally, an RPM range of 200 to 300 is suitable for a ceiling fan because it delivers a good breeze while making less noise and consuming less power. In comparison, the Usha Bloom has a rotational speed of 380 rpm at its highest speed. That qualifies it as among the best in the ceiling fan segment. This RPM is ideal for large rooms as it can throw air sufficiently long distances.

Air Delivery

Usha ceiling fan review

The Usha Bloom has an excellent air delivery of 235 cubic meters per minute. It is better than the average air delivery rate of 205 to 230 cubic meters per minute. Therefore, you can have the Usha Bloom at a comfortable height of nine to ten feet. So, this fan is suitable for rooms having high ceilings. Since most rooms have false ceilings today, Usha Bloom is a good choice.

Sweep Size

Usha ceiling fan review

Usha Bloom has a good sweep size of 1250mm, making it an ideal ceiling fan for the average Indian living room. It should also be perfect for medium-sized bedrooms. However, the Usha Bloom fan blade design is unique. That makes it an efficient ceiling fan to deliver air to the far corners of your room.


A ceiling fan’s efficiency depends on its motor. The Usha Bloom ceiling fan is well endowed in this respect because it has a sturdy 100% copper motor to ensure lifelong smooth operations.

Energy Saving

Usually, ceiling fans do not consume much power. The Usha Bloom consumes 78 watts. You can use our ceiling fan power consumption calculator to determine its power consumption.

The Usha Bloom averages around 35 to 36 monthly units (average consumption of 15 hours per day). Usually, fans with a sweep size of 1200 mm consume around 55 watts. Under such circumstances, the Usha Bloom could be more energy efficient.

Aesthetics and appearance

The Usha Bloom ceiling fans score over competitor models because of their unique blade design. The tapering design ensures better air delivery and improves the overall room ambiance. Besides, this fan is available in exciting color options that add to its attractiveness quotient.

Dust resistant properties

Usha Bloom ceiling fan

The Usha Bloom ceiling fans come with modern décor with Goodbye Dust Finish. Usha claims that this unique finish improves the dust-resistant properties of this fan. However, we have tested this fan and found that the blades accumulate dust like other ceiling fans when used for extended hours.

This ceiling fan is water- and oil-resistant because of the Novel Silane Paint Technology from PPG Asian Paints. Though this fan is not entirely dust-resistant, the high-quality polyurethane coating makes it stain and scratch-resistant.

Noise levels

Usha claims its fans make less noise, but the Usha Bloom is comparatively noisier than its contemporary models, especially when rotating at slower speeds. But the noise disappears as the speed increases.


The Usha Bloom is a heavy ceiling fan by comparable standards because it weighs more than six kilograms. The Havells Festiva weighs around five kilograms. However, heavier fans perform better because they are comparatively more stable.


Usha offers a 2-year warranty on this ceiling fan model. Though ceiling fans do not need any warranty, consumers can opt for an extended warranty by paying extra.

Air Delivery
Dust Resistance
Power Savings
Value For Money
The Usha Bloom ceiling fan is an excellent appliance in your home because it can deliver good rotational speed and excellent air delivery. Besides, the fan’s design makes it an attractive appliance to enhance your room’s ambiance.
Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari
Vyshnavi Vanjari, an Analytics Engineer at Straive, has a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and she's been awarded a gold medal for her achievements. She's skilled in technical know-how and writing and loves sharing her expertise on topics like ceiling fans, BLDC technology, and electronic appliances.


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The Usha Bloom ceiling fan is an excellent appliance in your home because it can deliver good rotational speed and excellent air delivery. Besides, the fan’s design makes it an attractive appliance to enhance your room’s ambiance.Usha Bloom Ceiling Fan Review