Why Wakefit Mattress is cheaper?

Wakefit produces some of the best-selling mattresses in India, offering competitive pricing when compared to other brands like The Sleep Company, Sleep Well, and Kurl On.

The price of the Wakefit 78 x 60 6-inch Memory Foam Orthopedic Mattress is approximately ₹11,000. This is significantly lower when compared to queen-size beds from other popular brands.


  1. Wakefit does not invest heavily in marketing its products. Instead, they rely on user reviews and word-of-mouth marketing.
  2. Wakefit sells mattresses directly from the factory to customers, bypassing middlemen. This cost-saving approach eliminates expenses associated with dealers and showrooms. While Wakefit does have showrooms in metropolitan areas, their products are primarily shipped from the Hosur Factory.
  3. Wakefit boasts one of the largest furniture factories in India, spanning over five lakh square feet in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. With more machinery dedicated to mattress production, they can manufacture and sell more units. Despite lower profit margins, the increased volume of sales compensates.
wakefit latex mattress

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The quality of Wakefit Memory Foam Mattresses is excellent, making them suitable for individuals experiencing mild back pain. The only drawback of memory foam mattresses is that they tend to retain heat during the summer due to the dense nature of memory foam material. However, if your room is air-conditioned or your area has a moderate climate, you will likely not experience any heating issues.

To address this concern, Wakefit offers the XpertGRID Mattress, featuring an XpertGrid layer with 3000 air channels to keep your body cool. This model is also budget-friendly. In comparison, the competitor brand, Sleep Company, also offers the Smart Grid mattress. While the 6-inch Queen XpertGrid Mattress from Wakefit is priced at ₹15,000, the Smart Grid Ortho mattress from The Sleep Company is priced around ₹22,000.”

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