Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes List

Whirlpool is amongst the most popular washing machines in India. Both the front-loading and top-loading models are available on the market. These washing machines are equipped with the latest technologies, one of which is displaying error codes allowing users to resolve them at home.

However, serious errors require expert handling. Hence, users should contact Whirlpool Customer Service online to book a service appointment.

We Shall Look At The Error Codes Of The Front-Loading And Top-Loading Washing Machines And Their Respective Solutions.

Whirlpool Front-Loading Washing Machine Errors

1. LOC or LC

Error – The LOC of LC signifies that you have activated the Control Lock.

Solution – Some models require you to touch the Control Lock button. The older models could have a different button. You can check the manual to the button option that activates the Control Lock system. Some of the front-loading models could require you to press and hold the button for some time to deactivate the Control Lock.

2. dET

Error – The dET error indicates that the machine did not detect the detergent cartridge in the dispenser.

Solution – This error is not displayed on all models. If you use single-load doses of detergent, you can ignore this error message. The solution is to ensure that the dispenser cartridge is inserted properly and shut the drawer completely.

3. Int

Error – The pausing or canceling of a specific cycle triggers the Int error.

Solution – Generally, the Whirlpool washing machine displays this error during the 20 to 30-minute interval it takes to stop spinning and draining. The solution is to press the ‘Pause’ or ‘Cancel’ button once. If the error code persists, you have to unplug the Whirlpool washing machine and disconnect it from the power source for one minute.

4. rL or F34

Error – If the machine detects foreign items during the Clean Washer cycle, it will display the F34 or rL error code.

Solution – You can remove the foreign items from the drum and resume the Clean Washer cycle.

5. Sud or Sd

Error – The presence of too many suds in the washing machine can display the Sud or Sd error.

Solution – The Whirlpool washing machine cannot spin out the water if there are too many suds. Thus, it displays the Sud error code. Then, automatically, the machine extends the rinsing time to remove the suds. Then, the machine pauses the tumbling action and adds more water for proper rinsing when it does so. The pause in the operation allows the bubbles to break. Depending on the quantity of suds, the pausing and rinsing will occur several times until the suds are eliminated.

Using High-Efficiency detergent can prevent the formation of excess suds. Therefore, it is advisable to use HE detergent.

Using liquid chlorine bleach can also cause excessive suds formation because it contains a thickening agent. Therefore, it is better to use regular liquid bleach products.

A restricted drain hose or standpipe can also cause the display of the SUD error. Again, the solution is to ensure that the drainpipe is not kinked or clogged.

6. F5 E32

Error – The F5 E32 error code is displayed when the washing machine door does not lock properly.

Solution – You can ensure no items are blocking the door and that it closes properly. On doing so, you should press the Pause/Cancel option twice and the Power button once to clear the error code.

7. F7 E1

Error – The F7 E1 error code indicates a motor speed-sensing error.

Solution – This error signifies that the motor does not achieve the speed required for the specific cycle selection. You can solve this error by checking the following.

  1. Ensure that all the shipping bolts have been removed
  2. The washing machine drum is not overloaded.

On rectifying the error, you have to press the Pause or Cancel option twice and the Power option once to clear the error code.

8. F8 E1 or LO FL

Error – This error code gets displayed when the washing machine senses a reduced water flow.

Solution – The following steps can resolve the problem.

  1. Check whether the water supply taps are open and there is a water supply from the overhead tanks. You should do it for both the hot and cold water taps.
  2. The water inlet hoses should not be kinked or bent to restrict the water flow.
  3. There are no anti-flood water hoses or controls in the water line connected to the Whirlpool washing machine. Such hoses disconnect the water supply if they detect water leakage. These hoses mistake the Whirlpool washing machine’s pressurized water flow as a leakage alarm and switch off the supply.

Finally, press the Pause/Cancel button twice and the Power button once to clear the error code.

9. F8 E2

Error – A problem with the dispenser system triggers the F8 E2 error code.

Solution – This error code is not available on all models. If your model exhibits this code, you should verify the detergent drawer whether it is clogged with detergent powder/liquid. Then, clean the drawer nozzles and restart operations.

10. F9 E1

Error – If the drain times are longer than expected, the washing machine will display the F9 E1 error code.

Solution – Generally, the drain time is around eight minutes. If it exceeds eight minutes, there could be a clogged or blocked drain hose. The solution is to remove the kinks in the drainpipe by straightening them. Similarly, you can remove the blockages from the drain hose. Excessive suds formation can also result in slow draining times and the display of the F9 E1 error code. Therefore, it is ideal to use HE detergent to avoid suds formation.

11. Other F# E#

Error – These are miscellaneous error codes.

Solution – The solution is to switch off the Whirlpool washing machine and disconnect the plug. Wait for one minute and reconnect. Then, switch on the machine, reselect the specific cycle, and press Start. If the error codes persist, you must book a service appointment with the Whirlpool Customer Care Center. A qualified technician is the right person to handle such tasks.

Whirlpool Top-Loading Machine Errors

Generally, not all top-loading washing machines display the same codes. However, here are some common error codes displayed by the top-loading Whirlpool washing machines.

1. dm

Error – The ‘dm’ error code indicates improper draining.

Solution – An improperly installed drain hose can cause this problem. You should get it installed properly by the service technician.  

2. F# E# or F##

Error – This error code signifies a system error

Solution – The solution is to press the Start/Pause button once to clear the code. Pressing the Start/Pause button again restarts the machine. If the error code persists, you need professional help. You can call Whirlpool Customer Care and schedule a service appointment.

3. HC

Error – The incorrect installation of the hot and cold inlet hoses can cause this error. They could be reversed.

Solution – This error code appears at the end of the wash cycle, indicating that the inlet hoses have been reversed. The solution is to turn off the water supply and reverse the hoses. Then, you can run another cycle to verify whether the hoses are correctly installed.

4. LdL

Error – The LdL error code indicates that the washing machine lid has not locked properly.

Solution – A clothing item can interfere with the proper locking of the lid. Alternatively, there could be detergent build-up near the locking area. You can open the lid, clear out all the obstacles and close the door. It should lock properly now.

5. LdU

Error – If the washing machine cannot unlock, it will display the LdU error code.

Solution – You might have inadvertently placed some objects on the washing machine preventing the lid from unlocking. Remove the obstacles, and the door should unlock automatically.

6. LF, LoFL, or F8 E1

Error – This error code signifies that the water takes more time to fill the machine.

Solution – The following steps can resolve the issue.

  1. If there is no water supply from the overhead tanks, you have to wait for it to resume.
  2. Check the water supply taps whether they are closed. Then, open the hot and cold water taps to resume the water supply.
  3. Low water pressure can cause this error to display. Call a plumber to rectify the waterline.
  4. There could be kinks in the inlet hoses. Straighten the kinks and resolve the issue.
  5. The inlet filter could be blocked. Remove the inlet hoses and clean the filter to solve the problem.

7. lid

Error – If you have left the washer lid open, the machine will display this error code.

Solution – The solution is to close the lid. If you leave the lid open for 10 minutes, the cycle will reset, and the water will drain away. Once the water has drained entirely, you can start the new cycle. You should note not to add fresh detergent because the clothes would already have absorbed the required detergent from the water earlier.

8. Ofb

Error – An unbalanced washer load can cause this error code.

Solution – The washing machine runs a load-balance correction routine. You should allow the machine to continue. However, you can attempt the following steps first.

  1. If the dial keeps flashing this error, it indicates that the washer has stopped. Next, you can open the lid and redistribute the load. Then, close the lid and restart the cycle.
  2. There could be vibrations during spinning, and the washer stops, with all the lights flashing at once. Then, you can open the lid and load items in loose heaps evenly around the wash plate.
  3. Adding wet clothes to the washer or adding more water than required can unbalance the machine.
  4. You should avoid washing individual items like jeans or bedsheets in the washing machine. Instead, you should add more items like towels or T-shirts to balance the load.

On redistributing the load, close the lid and press the Start/Pause option.

9. OL

Error – The OL error code shows that the machine is overloaded.

Solution – If the machine detects overload, the washer will drain the water and the detergent. You can remove some items to reduce the load. Add HE detergent and close the lids. Press Start to restart the machine.

10. PF

Error – Power failure can interrupt the operation and display this error code.

Solution – Generally, the top-loading machines restart automatically on resumption of power supply from where it had left off. However, some machines can display this error. You have to touch and hold the Start button to restart the washing cycle. Alternatively, you can press the Power button to clear the display.

11. Sud

Error – Excessive suds can cause the Sud error code.

Solution – You should ensure to use HE detergent in the washing machine.

Errors Requiring Professional Handling

Generally, the error codes displayed above can be resolved at home. However, some errors require expert handling. Therefore, you have to summon the Whirlpool service personnel to handle such issues.

  • F01 – Electronic circuit board fault
  • F01 – Motor circuit fault
  • F03 – Temperature sensor fault
  • F05 – Waste pipe blockage or issues with the pump
  • F06 – Door lock fault
  • F07 – Heating circuit fault
  • F08 – Fault with the heater
  • F09 – Software issues
  • F11 – Pump circuit fault
  • F12 – Electronic control fault
  • F13 – Dryer temperature sensor fault
  • F14 – Heater control fault
  • F16 – Drum lock position sensor faults (top-loading machines)
  • F18 – Internal data error
  • F19 – Fan motor or heating fault

All the error codes displayed above require expert handling. Therefore, you should not try to resolve them at home. Instead, it is advisable to switch off the machine, unplug it from the mains, and call the service engineer.

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