Whirlpool Air Conditioners Review 2023 | Technologies, Pros & Cons!

Whirlpool is better known for its washing machines than any other home appliances. But, the company manufactures other appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, air purifiers, and air conditioners.

We shall look at the different technologies used by Whirlpool in their air conditioners in this article. Simultaneously, we shall see the features available in their AC models and understand how they can be helpful for consumers.

Whirlpool has a range of high-quality split air conditioner models in its repertoire. All Whirlpool split ACs work on Inverter compressors. They have features like Wi-Fi enabled, 3D Cool technology, 8-in-1 convertibility modes, inbuilt air purifiers, etc.

Before discussing the technologies and their utility to consumers, here is a brief list of Whirlpool ACs with their primary features.

Model NamePrime Features
3D Cool Ultra NXT 1.0T1-ton 3-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, 4-in-1 Convertible, 6th Sense technology, Hidden Display
3D Cool Ultra NXT 1.5T1.5-ton 3-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, 4-in-1 Convertible, 6th Sense technology, Hidden Display
3D Cool Wi-Fi ACWi-Fi and Voice-enabled, Self-Clean, Gas Leak Indicator
3D Cool Ultra and Elite AC4-in-1 Convertible, Self-Clean, Gas Leak indicator, 100% copper, cools at 50 degrees C
3DC Cool Nitro ACXpand+ Convertible, 4-in-1 convertible, Self-Clean, Gas leak indicator, Cools at 55 degrees C
3D Cool PuraFresh Inverter ACRemoves 98.6% pollutants, 99% odor reduction, PM 0.3 filtration, built-in air purifier
Nitrocool ACCools 50% faster, 4-in-1 convertible, Auto X-pandable, Self-Clean, Gas leak indicator
Magicool Gold ACCools at 60 degrees C, 100% copper, Turbo Cooling
Neocool ACHD filter, R32, 100% copper, Turbo Cooling
Magicool Xpand 1.5T1.5T 5-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, Gas Leak Indicator, Xpand+ Convertible, Hidden Display
Supreme Cool Xpand 1.5T1.5T 3-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, Gas Leak Indicator, Xpand+ Convertible, Hidden Display
Supreme Cool Xpand 1.5T1.5T 5-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, Gas Leak Indicator, Xpand+ Convertible, Hidden Display
Supreme Cool Xpand 1.0T1.0T 5-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, Gas Leak Indicator, Xpand+ Convertible, Hidden Display
Magicool Xpand 1.5T1.5T 3-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, Gas Leak Indicator, Xpand+ Convertible, Hidden Display
Magicool Xpand 1.0T1.0T 5-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean. Gas Leak Indicator, Xpand+ Convertible, Hidden Display
Supreme Cool Xpand 1.0T1.0T 3-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, Gas Leak Indicator, Xpand+ Convertible, Hidden Display
Magicool Xpand 1.0T1.0T 3-star, HD Filter, Self-Clean, Gas Leak Indicator, Xpand+ Convertible, Hidden Display
Magicool Window ACCooling at 60 degrees C, 27% faster cooling, 100% copper, Self-Clean

Pros and Cons of Whirlpool Air conditioners


  • Whirlpool ACs deliver a decent cooling performance.
  • The app control feature is good. Smartphones with IR blasters help control the AC even without Wi-Fi.
  • The Whirlpool AC app apprises your energy consumption depending on the usage.
  • The dual fan rotary compressor comprising three vents ensures optimal cooling with power savings.
  • The air purifier is a good one. You can use the 3D PuraFresh AC as an air purifier alone.
  • Whirlpool ACs are budget-friendly.


  • Whirlpool ACs are less energy-efficient than their counterparts.
  • Whirlpool does not have an extensive range of AC models.
  • Consumers have often complained of poor customer service.
Whirlpool Inverter AC 1.5T

Power Behind The Scenes – The Compressor Technology

3D Cool Inverter

Whirlpool’s 3D Cool Technology has a unique 3-dimensional vent system to suck the hot air out and provide rapid cooling. In comparison, the other ACs available in the market feature a single vent. Hence, they are not as efficient in cooling the room rapidly.

The most significant advantages of 3D Cool technology are fast, powerful cooling, and more energy savings. In addition, this technology enables the AC to achieve a substantial temperature difference within five minutes, quicker than other ACs.

Intelligence Inverter Compressor

All Whirlpool split inverter air conditioners work with Intellisense inverter technology that adjusts the operating speed and capacity according to your requirements. The inverter compressors are similar to a car accelerator. The harder you press your foot, the faster the vehicle travels. The vehicle slows down considerably if you remove the foot from the pedal.

The inverter ACs are similar. They work at higher speeds to deliver better cooling when the demands are high. When the cooling requirements are lower, the inverter AC slows down the compressor speed. Thus, this technology saves power.

Dual Fan Compressor Technology

Whirlpool ACs feature Dual Fan Compressor technology that keeps the compressor cool and enhances its performance. Thus, it ensures the AC delivers optimal cooling even when the temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius. In addition, dual Fan Compressor technology ensures the compressor does not trip. Therefore, it cools efficiently. This technology also ensures that the compressor withstands voltage drops as low as 195V and delivers high ambient cooling.

The Dual Fan Compressor technology is better than conventional inverter technology because it provides faster pull-down than an inverter AC. The traditional inverter ACs are not ideal for working when the temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius. Besides, the Whirlpool Dual Fan 5-star rated AC costs less than an inverter AC. 

4-in-1 Convertible

Whirlpool offers 4-in-1 convertibility in various split AC models that can work at four capacities (tonnage), depending on your requirements. For example, two people in a small bedroom do not need a 1.5-ton AC. Whirlpool 4-in-1 convertible mode allows the users to select the 60% capacity mode where the AC functions as a 0.9-ton AC. So, it saves power while delivering optimal cooling.

Similarly, it can work at 1.1-ton, 1.3-ton, and 1.5-ton capacity, depending on the cooling load. Accordingly, the power consumption varies, resulting in power savings.

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Xpand+ Convertible

Whirlpool 1.5T Inverter AC

Whirlpool has launched a new range of air conditioner models with 3D Cool AI inverters and Adaptive Intelligence Xpand technology. This technology senses the cooling requirement in the room and adjusts the AC capacity accordingly. Besides working at 60% capacity like the 4-in-1 convertibility modes, this AC technology allows the compressor to work at 115% tonnage if the requirements are such. 

These air conditioners can cool the rooms 25% faster than conventional inverters

6th Sense Technology

Whirlpool is renowned for its 6th sense technology in all the appliances it manufactures. For example, this technology is available in washing machines and refrigerators. The air conditioners also feature 6th sense technology that involves the provision of a chip embedded in the appliance to help the IDU gauge the ambient humidity inside the room and communicate with the ODU to adjust the compressor operations.

Advanced MPFI and Turbo Cool Technology

The latest Whirlpool split inverter ACs feature an advanced MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technology that uses a unique 4×4 evaporator circuit design to facilitate rapid heat exchange. As a result, it improves the cooling output. Besides, these ACs feature a Turbo Cool mode where the compressor and fans work at peak speed initially to deliver rapid cooling within five minutes.

Whirlpool ac 2023 review

Smart Technology – Moving with the times

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The premium Whirlpool AC appliances equipped with 3D Cool inverter technology are compatible with Wi-Fi, enabling users to control their AC’s functioning using a remote smartphone app. Moreover, the app works within the Wi-Fi range. So, you can switch on the AC or operate it from a different room but within the Wi-Fi range.


The Wi-Fi-enabled ACs are compatible to work with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. So, you need not use the smartphone app but instruct Alexa or Google Assistant to operate the AC using your voice commands. These convenience features make it easy for consumers.


The Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter air conditioners feature an Intelli-Convert function with 10-in-1 modes. Consumers can select the modes they want with a single touch of a button.

  • Sleep Convert – This mode adjusts the cooling depending on the actual requirement and the user’s age. Older people can choose a mode specific to their needs, whereas the younger generation can select their preferred modes. The Sleep Convert feature has four modes, Young, Adult, Child, and Elderly.
  • Comfort Convert – This feature has two modes, Normal Mode and Intelli Comfort Mode, to adjust the cooling performance according to your specific requirements.
  • Capacity Convert – This mode allows the compressor to work at four capacities ranging from 0.9T to 1.7T.

Air Purification Technology – Nothing but the purest

PuraFresh technology

The 3D Cool Inverter AC models come equipped with PuraFresh technology that purifies the air and traps pollutants up to PM 0.3. The benefits of this technology are as follows.

  • PM 0.3 filtration to remove minute impurities
  • A stand-alone inbuilt air purifier that can work as an air purifier alone to provide high comfort
  • Removes 98.6% of pollutants to provide better air purification
  • 99% odor reduction by removing lingering odors and volatile organic compounds
  • Zero maintenance as the electronic filter requires regular cleaning rather than replacing them

HD Filter

All Whirlpool ACs offer an efficient air purifying feature comprising four filters.

  • High-Density Filters to remove dust and primary filtration
  • Anion filter to remove PM 2.5 impurities
  • Silver ion filter to remove bacteria and PM 2.5 pollutants
  • Activated carbon filters to eliminate foul odor

The latest ACs models come equipped with these four filter layers to eliminate 99% of harmful contaminants and allergens and deliver pure air inside the rooms. As a result, consumers get relief from various ailments like coughing, sneezing, eye irritations, lung infections, etc. Asthma patients benefit the most as they get pure air to breathe.

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Protection Technology – Extend Lifespan


The Self-Clean function available on all Whirlpool ACs helps clean the machine after every operation. This feature automatically activates every time you switch the appliance off using the remote controller. The device works for 15 to 20 seconds more to clean the dirt and moisture that accumulates inside the machine on its coils and other components. As a result, it considerably enhances the machine’s efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.

Gas Leak Indicator

Generally, all Whirlpool ACs have the gas leak indicator feature to alert users of gas leaks, enabling them to arrange for their refills. In addition, consumers are notified of the error code on their remote controllers and the AC display.

100% Copper tubes with anti-rust coating

All Whirlpool air conditioners feature a 100% copper condenser and evaporator tubes with anti-rust coil coating to protect from corrosion and rust. In addition, copper has better heat exchanging capacities than aluminum. Hence, these air conditioners deliver a quicker and more efficient cooling performance. Besides, copper is more durable than aluminum. Therefore, these appliances last longer while incurring fewer maintenance costs.

Stabilizer-free Operations

Whirlpool ACs have robust compressors that work in an extensive voltage range of 140V to 280V. Thus, these appliances do not need an external voltage stabilizer.

Other technologies and Features

Hidden Display

Whirlpool air conditioners come with a sleek design that includes a hidden display on the IDU. You can activate it using the remote controller to view the temperature and mode whenever necessary. Otherwise, it remains invisible.

Auto Restart

All Whirlpool ACs come with an auto-restart option that enables the appliance to restart from where it stopped during a power outage. Thus, customers need not waste time resetting the controls.

Whirlpool AC ODU R32

R32 refrigerant

All Whirlpool ACs work on the R32 refrigerant, a high-quality refrigerant with low GWP and zero Ozone Depletion Potential. It is one of the most eco-friendly refrigerants today, better than R410A and R22.

Whirlpool Warranty

All Whirlpool ACs feature the following warranties.

  • One-year comprehensive warranty on the product
  • Five years warranty on the PCB
  • Ten years warranty on the compressor

Whirlpool Magicare Assurance

Whirlpool offers excellent after-sales service through its extended network spread over 3500 cities and towns across India.

The Whirlpool Magicare Assurance feature offers the following facilities.

  • Assured callback within two hours
  • Service engineer visit within 24 hours

Consumers can dial the following customer service numbers.

  • Phone – 1800-208-1800 (Toll-free)
  • SMS – WPL to 58558 to get a callback
  • WhatsApp – +919667427788
  • Email – helpdeskindia@whirlpool.com

Annual Maintenance Contract

Whirlpool offers two AMC plans to its consumers, Eco Plan and Comprehensive Plan. The details are as follows.

Eco Plan

  1. Coverage – No service charges for the parts covered in the plan
  2. Transportation – No transportation charges
  3. Exclusions – Outer cabinet, rubber components, plastic parts, remote handset, front grill, condenser coil, evaporator coil

Comprehensive Plan

  1. Coverage – Gas charging, Capillary, Blower motor, PCB, condenser coil, evaporator coil, compressor, thermostat, relay, capacitor, louver motor, and one wet service in a year
  2. Service charges are not covered in the plan.
  3. Transportation charges are not covered.
  4. Exclusions – Outer cabinet, rubber components, plastic parts, remote handset, front grill

Plan Tariff Details

Split AC
Age of the appliance in YearsPlan Duration YearsEco Plan RsComprehensive Plan Rs
0 to 1One29992999
0 to 1Two54995499
0 to 1Three74997499
0 to 1Four84998499
1 to 4Two69987998
1 to 4One34993999
1 to 4Three1049711997
Window AC
0 to 5One24992699
0 to 5Two54995398

Whirlpool ACs – FAQ

1. Is the AMC for Whirlpool ACs compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory. Consumers can avail themselves if they need one.

2. Is it advisable to go for the AMC as the PCB and compressor are under warranty?

It depends on the individual. The AMC covers other components that can get damaged.

3. How can a consumer avail of the AMC?

The consumer can call the Whirlpool call center and enroll in the scheme. Alternatively, one can buy the AMC online.

4. When the outdoor temperature does not cross 48 degrees in India, what is the purpose of ACs working at 55 degrees Celsius?

While the summer temperatures do not cross 48 degrees in India, the compressor chambers can reach 50 to 53 degrees Celsius. Hence, the Whirlpool ACs that work at 55 degrees Celsius prevent their tripping and ensure continuous operations.

5. Should I install an external voltage stabilizer?

It depends on the voltage fluctuations in your area. So, it is an individual choice. Generally, the Whirlpool AC does not require a voltage stabilizer. 

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