What is VRT Plus Technology in Samsung Washing Machine?

Washing machine wash drums spin at high speeds when drying clothes. The high-speed rotations can make the drum vibrate and make noise.

Samsung has introduced a new technology, Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT), to reduce such vibrations and ensure a quieter wash. Subsequently, they have upgraded VRT technology by employing new sensors to make the machine work much quieter. However, the fundamental principles of both these technologies are the same.

Vibration Reduction Technology – How it works?

This technology reduces vibrations, and thus, the washers using VRT do not vibrate much and are less noisy.

VRT Plus

The basic design of the washing machine is such that a metal drum spins at high speed inside a metal housing. When the RPMs are high, the drum can vibrate.

VRT employs 36 stainless steel ball bearings to counterbalance the weight of the spinning laundry load in the wash drum. As a result, the vibrations do not get transferred to the ground or the environment outside the machine. Therefore, the machines make less noise.

VRT Plus is an improvement over VRT as it reduces the vibration by 40% more than the machine with VRT to ensure quieter washing. In addition, these machines come with innovative tub designs and special sensors to balance heavy laundry loads, even when spinning at high speeds.

Advantages of VRT

  • VRT reduces the noise caused by the washing machine’s vibrations.
  • As the washing machine with VRT vibrates less and makes less noise, you can place them anywhere in the house. This flexibility is an advantage of VRT.
  • VRT prevents unnecessary accidents. It is because heavy vibrations can cause the washing machine to move around, leading to untoward mishaps.
Samsung VRT washing machine

Disadvantages of VRT

  • VRT works on sensors. If the sensor detects heavy vibrations from the machine, it slows down the washer. Thus, your washing machine can take more time to complete the washing cycle. Such a situation can arise if you have an unbalanced load inside the washing machine.

What causes vibrations in the Samsung washing machine?

Besides the RPM speeds, the following factors can also cause vibrations.

  1. Unevenly placed washing machines can vibrate because the wash drum is not aligned perfectly.
  2. The machine can vibrate if the load is unbalanced (a mixture of light and heavy clothes).
  3. If you fail to remove the shipping bolts or a faulty ball bearing, the machine can vibrate.

What happens if the VRT washing machine refuses to spin?

If the machine detects too much vibration, it will prevent the washer from spinning. Alternatively, unbalanced loads can also cause vibrations, forcing the machine to stop. A clogged drainpipe or pump filter can also cause the machine to vibrate and stop spinning. You have to take the necessary steps to rectify the issue. If the problems continue, you can raise the complaint with the Samsung Service Center.

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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