What is Triple Protector Plus in Samsung AC?

Voltage fluctuations can cause harm to your ACs, especially if the input voltage is sufficiently outside the acceptable voltage range under which the stabilizer-free ACs work.

Sudden voltage surges or drops can cause the electrical circuit to snap and cause extensive damage to the AC components. Besides, external factors like lightning can generate high power surges to damage the outdoor and indoor AC units.

Samsung has introduced Tripe Protector Plus technology in its latest line of ACs that take care of the power and voltage-related issues.

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What is Triple Inverter AC

How does Triple Protector Plus technology work?

The Triple Protector Plus technology protects the AC compressor from low voltage shocks caused by power surges and overloads.

Similarly, this technology also protects the controller from high-voltage discharges caused by fluctuating electric currents. Thus, you can dispense with the external voltage stabilizer.

Finally, the Triple Protector Plus technology can endure extreme heat. Thus, it enhances the AC’s lifespan.

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This technology can handle voltage fluctuations between 80V and 450V.

Triple Protector Plus in samsung ac

Advantages of Triple Protector Plus Technology

  • It protects against voltage fluctuations on either side of the scale. This technology can handle an input voltage as low as 80V and up to 450V on the higher side. Therefore, the AC does not require an external voltage stabilizer.
  • This technology enhances the compressor’s lifespan by protecting it from low and high-voltage discharges. Besides, it can endure extreme heat. Thus, it increases the compressor’s lifespan considerably.
  • This technology ensures an anti-corrosion coating to protect the AC outdoor cabinet and the condenser from harsh climatic conditions like heavy rain, lightning, and storms. 


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