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Everyone knows that the compressor is the soul of your AC, without which the AC cannot function at all.

The regular compressor keeps switching on and off at periodic intervals as the AC cools the room. These compressors operate at the maximum speed, consume more energy, and make noise, especially when they start.

Inverter technology takes care of these issues by ensuring that the compressor motor works at variable speeds and does not switch off, thus, reducing noise and consuming less power.

Technology improved, with LG, Toshiba, and Blue Star introducing Dual inverter compressors. These compressors come with an advanced BLDC motor enabling the appliance to operate on a broader frequency range to provide faster and more precise cooling. In addition, this technology allows the AC to achieve variable tonnage, whereby a 1.5-ton AC can operate at capacities ranging from 0.3 tons to 1.8 tons.

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Samsung took the dual inverter concept to the next level by introducing the 8-pole triple inverter technology to ensure higher energy efficiency while consuming lesser electricity.

The triple inverter compressor empowers the AC to deliver 67% faster cooling. It can theoretically function even if the temperature outside reaches 54 degrees Celsius. Compared to the conventional air conditioners, the triple inverter compressor ACs save up to 69% energy.

How does the triple inverter compressor work?

While the dual inverter compressor uses two rotary systems, the triple inverter compressor does not have three rotary motors. In contrast, it uses the 8-pole triple inverter technology that is better than the conventional 4-pole technology. These additional four poles reduce the vibrations because it does not produce many torque fluctuations making the system more efficient. 

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Brands offering triple inverter compressor ACs

Samsung is the pioneer in using this technology in air conditioners. Besides Samsung, Haier offers triple inverter ACs. Nokia is also offering triple inverter compressor ACs.

Advantages of Triple Inverter Compressors in ACs

  • The 8-pole motor used in triple inverter compressor ACs is more energy-efficient than the 4-pole motors used in dual inverter ACs. Besides, it generates less vibration to provide more silent operation.
  • The additional four poles reduce torque fluctuations and increase the compressor’s lifespan.
  • These ACs offer 67% faster cooling and save nearly 69% energy compared to conventional ACs.
Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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