What is DuraFin Condenser in Samsung AC?



Corrosion of the condenser and heat exchanger pipes is a significant issue faced by air conditioners. This problem multiplies if you use it in a coastal area. Hence, various manufacturers have introduced technology like Blue Fin or Blue Shield to minimize corrosion and thus, enhance the AC’s performance and extend its lifespan.

In its latest AC models, Samsung offers a unique technology, DuraFin, which improves other similar technologies to guarantee lasting protection and optimal performance.

How does DuraFin Technology work?

Compared to the conventional fins and condenser tubes in air conditioners, DuraFin technology delivers higher efficiency. In addition, this technology offers a five times larger heat transfer area per internal volume to enhance heat transfer efficiency.

DuraFin reduces friction by 17% to increase the airflow at the same fan speed as conventional ACs.

The heat exchange ratio in the microchannel condenser in DuraFin technology is 22% higher than that of conventional fins and condenser tubes.

DuraFin Ultra provides an anti-corrosive layer and a hydrophilic layer over the heat exchanger tubes to protect it from rust. The microchannel condenser gets acrylic resin as the hydrophilic layer and epoxy acrylic as the anti-corrosive layer. Thus, it provides stronger corrosion resistance.

The Salt Spray Test confirms its superb corrosion-resistance properties. Similarly, the Sea Water Acetic Acid Test shows no leakage over 90 days at 4.1MPa.

Durafin ultra in samsung

Advantages of DuraFin Technology

  • DuraFin technology enhances heat transfer efficiency and provides greater corrosion resistance than conventional ACs.
  • As it reduces friction, it offers increased airflow and thus, enhances cooling efficiency.
  • DuraFin components are made of materials having 36% more thickness than the conventional fins and tubes. It increases corrosion resistance.
  • The optimized refrigerant flow enables the condenser to endure outdoor temperatures as high as 58 degrees Celsius.
  • Thus, Samsung ACs using DuraFin technology last longer and perform better than other similarly-equipped ACs.

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