What is AI Mode in LG Dual Inverter AC?

AI Mode stands for Auto Operation Mode in the latest LG Dual Inverter AI-enabled air conditioners.

The latest AI-enabled LG ACs use artificial intelligence to adjust the temperatures and other aspects, depending on the individual’s preferences. AI Mode is known as the Auto Operation Mode that automatically sets the fan speed and the temperature, depending on the room temperature.

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How to use the AI Mode?

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Though this mode works automatically, let us see how to use it.

  • Switch on the AC unit and press the Power switch on the remote to turn it on.
  • As soon as the AC switches on, you press the MODE button repeatedly to select Auto Operation.
  • Now, press the Up or Down arrow options to select the desired operation code if the temperature is higher/lower than the required temperature.
  • You have five options ranging from 2 to -2
  • 2 (represents Cold)
  • 1 (a little cold)
  • 0 (maintain room temperature)
  • -1 (a little hot)
  • -2 (represents Hot)

These numbers are displayed on the AC LED. However, you should note that you cannot adjust the fan speed in this mode. But, you can set the air-deflector to rotate automatically. The AI mode is available in the Cooling Only Model.

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Benefits of using AI Mode

The primary benefit is setting the desired temperature as higher or lower than the room temperature. Therefore, further adjustment is not needed when the room temperature changes. The AC automatically adjusts the temperature according to the setting you have stipulated.

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