What is AI DD in LG Washing Machine?

Direct Drive motors in washing machines are better than belt and pulley systems because they come directly attached to the washing drum. These motors come with advanced anti-vibration technology that makes less sound.

In addition, the top-end LG washing machines now come equipped with Artificial Intelligence features that make them convenient for you.

What is AI DD technology?

If you are confused about washing your heavily soiled or delicate fabrics, the AI DD technology can prove helpful.

This technology works with special sensors that estimate your laundry’s weight and detect the softness of your fabrics to recommend the optimum washing pattern from a combination of different washing styles from the 6-motion DD technology.

Thus, your clothes get the perfect wash, depending on their weight, fabric type, and the extent of soiling. Besides, this technology protects your fabrics whereby they last longer.

AI DD working Artificial Intelligence

How does AI DD technology work?

Using AI DD technology in LG fully automatic washing machine is easy.

  1. First, you have to select the wash cycle you prefer to use.
  2. LG’s exclusive AI DD technology weighs your laundry and detects your fabrics’ softness.
  3. Based on this information, LG’s AI DD technology selects the optimized washing pattern for each fabric based on deep-learning technology. Thus, you get a combination of different washing cycles in a single process.
  4. This technology classifies your clothes into four weight categories and five different softness levels. Subsequently, it determines the optimized washing pattern for your clothes.
  5. Finally, this technology protects your fabrics and ensures that you wear your favorite clothes with 18% more fabric protection.
AI in LG washing machine

Advantages of AI DD technology

Here are the benefits of AI DD technology.

  • First, you get the benefit of Direct Drum technology.
  • You get the most optimized recommended washing pattern for each of your fabrics, depending on its weight and softness levels.
  • Your clothes get a better wash whereby they last longer.
  • You need not compromise on your cleaning performance and speed for fabric protection.

This technology is available in the top-end LG washing machine models. In addition, it works with other washing technologies like 6-motion DD technology, TurboWash Technology, Steam Wash, and LG ThinQ app to provide a high-quality washing experience.   

Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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