What is ADC Sensor in LG AC?

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The latest LG ACs come with advanced features, one of which is the ADC Sensor. Let us see what the ADC sensor is and how it works.

The ADC sensor in LG comprises three sensors, Ambient Sensor, Discharge Sensor, and Condenser Sensor.

These three sensors are located at strategic locations inside the AC unit and help control and maintain temperature levels at the optimum. Thus, it helps provide the proper comfort while saving power simultaneously.

Besides, the ADC sensors ensure a safe and stable operation.

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Ambient Sensor

The Ambient sensor senses the outdoor conditions and decides the optimum cooling that enables the AC to control the operational load and match it to set the temperature. Hence the Ambient sensor provides optimum comfort to the user while saving power simultaneously.

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Discharge Sensor

The Discharge sensor ensures the compressor’s safety by sensing the discharge temperature of the refrigerant and helps control the cooling cycle. Simultaneously, it checks the amount of refrigerant to maintain its efficiency.

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Condenser Sensor

The Condenser sensor monitors the refrigerant’s discharge pressure and regulates its flow. Thus, it improves the compressor’s reliability and checks the pressure limits.

Thus, the ADC sensors ensure that the Air Conditioner remains durable and adds to the safety quotient.

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