What is a Wind-Free air conditioner?



Conventional ACs deliver cooling by circulating cool air and dispersing it throughout the room. As a result, you can feel a blast of cool air continuously on your body that can be uncomfortable at times.

In its latest models, Samsung has introduced an innovative technology, WindFree Cooling. These air conditioners do not direct cool air onto the body but quietly disperse it through 23,000 micro air holes. Thus, you do not continuously experience the unpleasant feeling of cold air on your skin. Besides, the advanced airflow cools a wider cross-sectional area more evenly.

How does the WindFree technology work?

Instead of directing a blast of cool air on the body, WindFree technology disperses the cool air through 23,000 micro air holes to ensure uniform distribution and create a still-air environment. 

How does the WindFree technology work

The 23,000 micro air holes ensure uniform airflow over a broader area to cool the room considerably faster than the conventional air conditioners. As the room cools faster, this technology uses 77% less energy than ‘Fast Cooling’ technology.

WindFree technology offers a unique Sleep Mode that detects the current stage of sleep to control the temperature accordingly. Thus, it provides greater comfort.

The WindFree mode on these ACs generates 23dB noise compared to 26dB generated by the conventional Samsung AC models.

Thus, this technology consumes minimal power while ensuring better, uniform, and comfortable cooling. In addition, the absence of the cold draft provides higher comfort levels and cools a more extensive area quicker.

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Advantages of WindFree Technology in Samsung ACs.

  • Uniform dispersion of cool air throughout the room instead of experiencing a direct blast of cool air on a specific area makes this technology offer more comfort.
  • As a result, this technology saves up to 77% energy compared to Fast Cooling technology in other Samsung ACs.
  • This technology ensures that the AC makes less noise than other Samsung ACs.

In a nutshell, the WindFree Samsung AC offers more comfort, cools a large area faster, consumes less energy, and makes less noise.

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