Eight Cool Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer!



Summer is almost here. The season when we’d love to hit the beach in our favorite swimwear, treat ourself with a cool ice cream and a refreshing drink etc.

Along with it comes unbearable heat and sweaty moments which are hard on our body, mind and as well as our wallet.

However, with a bit of wisdom and planning, you can sail through summer without breaking too much sweat. Here are the eight ways to beat the heat this summer and stay cool.

Beat the Heat This Summer with These 8 Cool Ways

Chill the Beddings

Your freezer can do more than food preservation. Fold your bed sheets and pillowcases, put them in a plastic bag, and keep them in the freezer for a while. Use them to make your bed just before you go to sleep. This will provide a cooling effect. This effect does not last all night but it gives you relief and affords you a few hours of comfortable sleep.

Make a compressor pad out of rice and a cotton sock. Fill up the sock with rice, tie it firmly with a thread, and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Slip it under your beddings. It gives a longer lasting cooling effect since the rice is dense compact.

Sleep on a damp sheet or blanket to provide that desired cooling effect. However, use a waterproof lining to avoid the mattress getting wet.


High temperatures can lead to dehydration and heatstroke. During summer a lot of water is lost to sweating, which in turn raises your body temperature. This can cause a heat stroke. It is, therefore, critical that you keep hydrated during this season. Sip on water throughout the day. Take some at night as well. Add herbal teas, lime, mint, or lemon to improve the taste of water.

Increase your intake of fruits like the watermelon, Litchi, plum or muskmelon, which have high water content. Include smoothies in your diet.

Avoid processed drinks as they contain artificial preservatives and sweeteners. Eat light and keep off highly processed and fatty foods, as these are hard to digest and leave you feeling lethargic.

Sleep Low

When it comes to managing heat during summer, the closer you are to the ground, the better. This is because hot air tends to rise. The upper rooms of the house are therefore warmer than the lower ones. Avoid sleeping on the higher floors if you live in a story house. Consider sleeping in the basement.

Do not open the windows on the top floors during the day. This will trap the warm air in the upper rooms of the house. Open a window in the evening and use a large fan to direct the hot air out, through the window.

Another way of dealing with the heat is by sleeping on the floor or setting your bed low, close to the ground.

Avoid Going Out in Severe Heat

If you must go out, take advantage of early morning or evening. The temperatures are lower compared to midday and early afternoon hours. Stay under the shade as much as possible.

Wear lightweight cotton clothing. Cotton is a great fabric as it allows air circulation and keeps your body cooler. Opt for whites and creams, as these will reflect the heat away from your body. Dark clothes absorb heat and are a no-wear during this season. Shorts and dresses are preferable.

A hat is more than an accessory during summer as it will keep excess sunlight light off your face. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns. If you are going for shopping, opt for malls that have air-conditioners, as they are more effective in cooling.

Turn Off the Lights and Other Electrical Appliances

All light bulbs, even the energy-saving variants, give off some heat. The summer is hot enough without any additional source of heat. The good news is that darkness does not set in until after eight or nine in some areas. Take advantage of this natural light and minimize the number of lights you turn on at any given moment. Switch on lights only when you require them. You can use candles to light your house.

Reduce your cooking time by opting for easy to cook meals or salads. Minimize the use of burners and ovens as these generate a significant amount of heat. It is a great opportunity to use the grills and cook outdoors.

Turn off the computers and disconnect all electrical appliances when not in use. These gadgets give off heat, sometimes even when turned off.

Invest in an Air Conditioner

Nothing feels better than a relaxing day in your room, away from the scorching sun with your AC providing you the highly desired cool breeze while you watch TV and sip your favorite beer or juice. Here’s everything you need to know about the best AC in India.

Portable, battery-powered fans have taken survival during summer to the next level during power cuts. Attach it to a water bottle, and enjoy a cooling spray.

Put Up Sun Blockers

Keep the sun out, as much as possible. As high as 30% of excess heat comes in through your windows.  Invest in white drapes for your windows. This is because white reflects light and does not absorb heat.

Draw the curtains and blinds during the day. You can light your house by obeying the sun cycle. Draw the curtains on the east in the morning and those on the west in the afternoon. This will ensure that no direct sunlight comes into your house. Blackout curtains are a better option as they naturally insulate the rooms.

Get Soaked

Spend ample time in the water. Run cool water over your body under a shower or spray cold water on your body from a spray bottle. Spend more time in a swimming pool or an ice- cold-water spa.

Half-fill a bucket with cold water and ice cubes to create a homemade version of the ice-cold-water spa. Dip your feet in the pail and the cooling effect will spread all over your body.

Get creative this summer. Do not allow the heat to drain the life out of you.




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