UF Water Purifier (Ultrafiltration) – Pros and Cons Explained!

UF (Ultrafiltration) is similar to Reverse Osmosis Water Purification process, but the UF Filters uses membranes with larger pores. Unlike the other types of the Water Purifiers, the UF Water does not require electricity to function. The UF Water Purifier is capable of killing all the Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts and other microorganisms from the water. … Read more

9 Best Water Purifiers in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews!

best water purifier india

Are you looking for the best water purifier for your home? Well, you have come to the correct place. These days, installing a water purifier has become essential for every home. Misuse of water bodies, Industrial growth, Increasing population, and environmental degradation has polluted the water. The main reason why we use a water purifier … Read more

How to clean RO Water Purifier Filters!

The drinking water situation in India is such that you cannot rely on the tap water anymore to provide you with clean and healthy water to drink. Various issues plague the tap water supply. Most of the places in India depend on groundwater or water from rivers and lakes. The Solution The correct solution is … Read more