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A water purifier is an indispensable appliance in any Indian kitchen today. You get a plethora of water purifiers in the market in various dimensions, capacities, and technology. However, do you know how much power does your water purifier consume?

If you wish to know, we have the right water purifier power consumption calculator for you.

Water Purifier Power Consumption

Power Consumption Calculator
1 Kilowatt = 1000 Watt
Hours / Minutes Used Per Day
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Bill in Your Currency

All you do is enter the following information.

  • Rated power of your appliance in watts
  • Hours of operation per day
  • Electricity tariff in your city

You get the following information in an instant.

  • Daily unit consumption by the water purifier
  • Monthly units consumed by the water purifier
  • Annual units consumed by the water purifier
  • Monthly electricity bill

Where do you get the information?

The product manual will contain the ‘Rated Power of your Appliance.” Alternatively, it is also available on the appliance body.

Though the water purifier remains in the ON position throughout the day, it does not consume power all the time. These water purifiers come with a cut-off switch that switches off the operation when the storage tank is full.

Kent Maxx UV UF Water Purifier

As you open the tap to consume water, it starts functioning again, only to stop when the tank becomes full again. Therefore, the average water purifier usage in a standard Indian household should not exceed five hours a day.

The electricity tariff in your city is available on your electric service provider website or your electricity bill.

Using this information, we shall calculate the power consumption of a few water purifier models.

We have assumed the following factors.

  • The daily consumption is five hours. However, you can enter the actual consumption time, depending on your usage.
  • The electricity tariff is Rs 7 per unit. It can vary from one city to another.
Parameters / Water purifierKent Supreme ExtraPureit Copper+Eureka Forbes Aquaguard SuperbKent Maxx
Rated Power60W60W35W36W
Hours of operation5555
Electricity Tariff7777
Daily units consumed0.300.30.170.18
Monthly units consumed995.105.40
Annual units consumed10810861.2064.80
Monthly Electricity Bill63.0063.0035.7037.80
Can we turn off the water purifier at night to save power?
There is no need to do so. Generally, the water purifiers do not consume any power when the water tank becomes full. Hence, it makes no difference if you keep the power supply switched on at night. Besides, frequent switching on and off can damage the electrical parts inside the water purifier.
Is there any difference between the power consumption of an RO water purifier and a non-RO water purifier?
Yes, the non-RO water purifiers consume less power. However, you have to enter the Rated Power figure given in the manual, and our calculator will calculate the power consumption for you.
Can a water purifier work on the home inverter?
Yes, the power consumption of a water purifier is low. Hence, these appliances can work on the home inverter.
Chaithanya Vanjari
Chaithanya Vanjari
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