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An RO water purifier is a machine that requires regular maintenance to keep it functioning efficiently. The machine parts, like valves, pressure pumps, etc., are usually under warranty. However, they last longer and do not require recurring maintenance.

The RO membranes and other filters require frequent replacement because the filters can get clogged with impurities and become ineffective. Much depends on the water quality. The higher the contamination, the more frequently will the filter membranes require a change. 

Usually, all RO water purifiers offer UV treatment. UV lamps do not need frequent replacing, but no one can guarantee how long they will last.

Maintenance Cost for the Top RO water purifier brands

The maintenance cost of RO water purifiers depends on various factors and differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually, the annual maintenance cost is between Rs 2000 and Rs 6000, depending on the brand and the number of filters you replace.

Besides, original equipment costs more than third-party products. Therefore, we always advise users to use original spares; otherwise, the AMC can become void.

Kent RO water purifier Maintenance

The Kent RO membrane costs around Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,200. However, users can go for a package deal of Rs 3,800 to Rs 4,000, which includes other filters and the RO membrane. These products are available on ecommerce retailers like Amazon.

However, the Kent official website provides a detailed list of membranes, filters, and other components. The prices vary, depending on the product.

  • RO membrane – between Rs 2,700 and Rs 3,250
  • UF membrane – between Rs 650 and Rs 1,075
  • Carbon, iron, and alkaline filters – between Rs 450 and Rs 775
  • Sediment filters – around Rs 200
  • Electrical components – depending on the requirements.

Besides, depending on the brand, labor charges are between Rs 300 to Rs 450.

HUL Pureit Maintenance

HUL Pureit RO membrane costs around Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500 on ecommerce websites.

Besides the RO membrane and carbon filters, HUL Pureit water purifiers feature a unique Germ Kill Kit. The GKK price ranges between Rs 600 and Rs 1,100.

Aquaguard Maintenance

The Aquaguard RO membrane costs around Rs 2,500 in the ecommerce market. The entire RO filter kit comprising the RO membrane and other filters costs around Rs 4,000.

Havells Maintenance

The Havells RO water filter kit is available at prices starting from Rs 2,500, depending on the model. In addition, the entire RO kit is available between Rs 4,400 and Rs 4,800 on the official Havells website.

Livpure Maintenance

Livpure RO membrane price starts from Rs 2,599, depending on the model. The maintenance cost of the Livpure RO water purifier is Rs 5,499. 

AO Smith Maintenance

AO Smith RO membrane is available for prices starting from Rs 3,500 on Amazon and other ecommerce websites. The entire filter kit is available for around Rs 4,500. The maintenance costs of an AO Smith RO water purifier should be between Rs 4,000 and Rs 5,000.

AMC Package for the top RO water purifier brands

The AMC differs from one brand to another. Let us look at some top brands and compare the AMC.

  • Kent – between Rs 2,000 and Rs 6,000, depending on the model
  • HUL Pureit – between Rs 1,999 and Rs 5,499, depending on the model
  • Aquaguard – Starts from Rs 2,137, depending on the model. The AMC includes two services in a year, repairs and replacement of worn-out parts and free replacement of sediment filters.
  • Havells offers two types of AMC, a comprehensive plan (1-year and 2-year) and a semi-comprehensive plan (1-year and 2-year). Depending on the water purifier model, the semi-comprehensive plan starts from Rs 1,250 (1 year) and goes up to Rs 10,500. The corresponding 2-year plans cost Rs 2,250 to Rs 18,900. The corresponding figures for a 1-year comprehensive plan are Rs 2,2250 to Rs 14,250. The costs for a 2-year comprehensive AMC plan range between Rs 4,050 and Rs 25,650).
  • Livpure offers an RO maintenance plan for Rs 5,499 per year. The plan includes two free services, preventive maintenance, filter change, membrane change, carbon filter change, and replacement of electric and electronic spares. No-cost EMI options are also available.
  • AO Smith RO water purifier AMC is available starting from Rs 2,500, depending on the model.

Customer Care Information

Kent Customer Care

  • Kent Customer care Number: +91-9278912345
  • Kent Helpline email:
  • Kent Service App
  • You can Find full details about Kent AMC Here.

Aquaguard Customer Care

  • Aquaguard Customer care number: 080-46636363
  • Aquaguard WhatsApp customer service number is 7039883333.
  • Service Number: 18602661177
  • Email:,
  • Aquaguard AMC Details

HUL Pureit Customer Care

  • Pureit National Helpline Number: 1860 210 1000 or 1860 180 1000
  • 9223200200 – West & North
  • 9230500500 – East
  • 9243100100 – South
  • email:

AO Smith Customer care

  • Phone – 18605002468 and 18001032468
  • WhatsApp – 9606022468
  • Email:
  • AO Smith AMC Details

Livpure Customer Care

  • Livpure Customer support number: 1800 419 9399
  • email:,
  • Livpure AMC Details

Blue Star Customer Care

  • Toll-free Customer Service Number : 1800 209 1177
  • Alternative Customer Service Number: 1860 266 6666
  • SMS facility: Send “Service” to 57575
  • Email:

Havells Customer Care

Maintenance and Tips for Effective functioning of RO water purifier

RO water purifiers are expensive and require proper care to last long. But the good news is that these appliances can last more than ten to fifteen years if maintained properly. So, let us discuss some maintenance tips for the effective functioning of the RO water purifier.

1. Follow the User Manual

Every RO water purifier has a user manual listing the machine’s specifications, installation instructions, working details, maintenance tips, dos and don’ts, and customer service center numbers.

Reading and understanding the user manual helps because it enables you to use the machine properly and take care of minor repairs at home without booking a service visit. Unfortunately, each visit by a qualified service engineer costs money.

The manual provides the details of the frequency of replacing the water purifier’s RO membranes and other filters and cartridges. While the water source quality determines the lifespan of the filters, it is better to go by the rule book. However, if you notice a change in the water quality, it is better to replace the cartridges.

2. Keep a TDS meter handy.

TDS Meter

It is advisable to note down the TDS levels of RO-purified water as soon as you install the water purifier. It is better to purchase a TDS meter and monitor the TDS levels weekly or at least fortnightly. It enables you to understand whether the water quality has deteriorated or not.

How To Test TDS in Water

If you find any abnormal change in the water quality, you must investigate the matter by escalating it to the service engineer. Usually, cleaning the sediment filters, the water tank, and other filters should resolve the problem. However, if it remains unresolved, you must consider replacing the cartridges.

3. Know the filters and cartridges maintenance schedule.

The user manual details the filter replacement schedules. You must note it down and refer to it whenever you observe a change in the water quality. However, you must also know that a difference in the water quality does not always necessitate changing the filters. Cleaning them can also help resolve the issue.

Usually, the sediment and UF filters get choked with impurities and contaminants. Therefore, it is better to clean these filters regularly because clogged filters can lead to excess electricity consumption. Besides, it affects your machine’s water purification performance.

Secondly, RO water purifiers have a reputation for wasting water. Clogged filters can result in wasting more water than usual. So, properly monitoring water wastage can also help understand that it is time to clean or replace the filters.

4. Note the filter change alerts.

The latest RO water purifiers feature filter change alerts. So, it reduces your monitoring work considerably because the machine alerts you that it is time to replace the filters.

However, for RO water purifiers not featuring filter change alerts, you must note down the standard replacement schedule.

  1. Pre-filters – six months
  2. Sediment filters – around 12 months
  3. Carbon filters (Pre and Post-RO) – about 12 months
  4. RO membrane – 24 to 36 months

However, much depends on the water source quality. If the TDS levels are high, the RO membrane might require replacement before the standard 24-month period. It also depends on the water usage.

Pureit vital ro water purifier

The regular replacement schedules are formulated assuming an average Indian household of four to six members. If there are more users or the use is substantially high, the filters might require replacement earlier.

Therefore, a TDS meter can prove helpful in checking the TDS levels regularly.

5. Clean the water tanks and pipes regularly.

Usually, RO water purifiers have plastic water tanks and pipes. Constant contact with water can lead to microbial contamination in the plastic pipes and tanks, leading to a foul smell.

Therefore, cleaning the water tanks and pipes is crucial at regular intervals. Generally, the RO technician cleans them during the AMC visits or when replacing the filters.

But, users can open the water purifier and clean the tanks themselves. However, cleaning the pipes would require professional help from the service technician. Therefore, booking a service request every six months is advisable for cleaning the tanks and pipes.

6. Check the pipes for leakages.

Any leakage in the pipes can cause water wastage. Therefore, you must summon a service technician to attend to leakages inside the water purifier.

7. Take an AMC.

Pureit Customer care

An AMC can prove helpful in maintaining a water purifier because the contract includes at least two free service visits. The service technician checks the connections for leakages and other issues. He also cleans the filters and removes the blockages. Filter and cartridge replacements can also happen if the situation demands it.

The AMC does not cost much. Generally, the AMC includes all filter and cartridge replacements. Under such circumstances, the AMC is cheaper than replacing the filters individually.

8. Insist on original filter replacements.

Local RO water purifier technicians usually replace the original RO membranes with cheap quality products. These products are initially affordable but do not last as long as the original membranes. Therefore, you must insist on using the original RO membrane and other filters/cartridges when replacing them.

9. Keep the water purifier exteriors clean.

While the AMC and the service technician replace the filters and RO membranes, keeping the exteriors clean is in your hands. So, clean your RO water purifier’s surfaces with a clean cloth every week. It helps maintain these machines for extended periods.

Vital HUL Max Potrait

The areas around the dispensing tap can attract mold and other bacteria. So, you must pay more attention to these areas to ensure your family gets clean and hygienic water.

10. Invest in reputed brands.

Cheap quality RO water purifiers are available on the market. However, they do not last long. On the other hand, the models from reputed brands have features like extended warranties and AMCs. Therefore, you can trust these brands to last long.

Remember that your family’s health is critical. So, follow these ten maintenance tips and ensure that your RO water purifier lasts ten to fifteen years.


We have discussed RO water purifier maintenance tips in detail. Besides we have also discussed the maintenance and AMC costs of the reputed RO water purifier brands available in India. This information should prove helpful in making the right choice when you purchase the best RO water purifier for your home.

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