Washing Machine Drum Types | Which is better?

The washing drum is the most crucial component of a washing machine. Different manufacturers use a range of washing drum technologies, but the objective is the same, and that is to deliver an excellent washing experience. Here are the washing drum technologies used by reputed manufacturers.

Diamond Drum – Samsung

Samsung washing machines use Diamond Drum technology, where the holes are 25% smaller than the regular holes. Besides, they are located deep inside the diamond-shaped depression in the drum design. It prevents the fabrics from sticking out and thus protects them from damage.

Diamond Drum Samsung

The Diamond Drum has an embossed washboard surface. Tests have shown that it reduces the textile area exposure to the harmful effects of washing compared to the conventional washing machine drums by 34%.

Hence, it prevents the clothes from entangling into the drum’s holes and protects them.

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Advantages of Diamond Drum Technology:

  • The clothes do not get entangled, and there is less wash-related damage.
  • It enables a gentler spin cycle.
  • This drum suits all kinds of fabrics.
  • The gentle action ensures a safe wash.

Turbo Drum – LG

Turbo Drum LG

Premium LG washing machines feature Turbo Drum technology that involves using two rotating drums to eliminate the entangling of your clothes. In addition, the Turbo drum movement is in a direction opposite to that of the pulsator that helps enhance washing efficiency. Thus, it delivers an excellent washing experience that protects your clothes from damage simultaneously.

Advantages of Turbo Drum Technology

  • As the drum and the pulsator rotate in opposite directions, it results in a complete wash.
  • While enhancing washing efficiency, this movement prevents the clothes from entangling with each other. Thus, it does not damage the clothes.

Crescent Moon Drum – IFB

IFB washing machines come with Crescent Moon Drum technology, where the inner surface of the drum contains crescent moon-shaped casts. These casts protect the clothes from dashing against the drum walls during the wash cycle, especially during the tumble process.

ifb crescent moon drum

In addition, the design is such that it changes the direction of the water flow in a swoosh pattern to form a cushioning layer for the clothes. Besides delivering an excellent washing performance, this technology ensures that your clothes do not get damaged.

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Advantages of Crescent Moon Drum

  • Safe and gentle washing experience
  • Protects the clothes from entangling and damage

Stain Steel Drum

Stain Steel Drum in washing machine

Washing machines come with plastic drums or stainless steel drums. The stainless steel drums are expensive, but they last longer and provide better washing experiences. They are durable and can withstand higher spin speeds than plastic drums. Besides, plastic drum attracts mold and bacteria quickly than stainless steel drums. It is easier to clean the stains on a steel drum than on a plastic drum.

Advantages of a steel drum over a plastic drum

  • It lasts longer and delivers a better washing experience
  • Easy to clean
  • Plastic tubs can wear off quickly and develop rough surfaces that can damage clothes. However, steel drums do not get rougher with usage.

Vario Soft Drum – Bosch

Bosch uses a special washing drum technology in Vario Soft Drum, where the drum comes with small protrusions shaped like a water drop. These water drop designs are arranged throughout the interior surface. It allows the water to have a bumpy flow resulting in a better washing experience. In addition, these protrusions prevent the clothes from dashing against the drum walls and thus remain protected.

Vario Soft Drum Bosch

Some Bosch machines come with a variant of the Vario Soft Drum, Vario Drum. The protrusions do not have the water drop shape but come in different sizes and have a wavy arrangement throughout the interiors. However, the functionality of the drum is the same.

While the drum spins at one angle, the flat side of the attached paddle cleans the clothes. Simultaneously, when the drum spins in the opposite direction, the steep side of the paddle delivers a deeper cleaning experience because of the wave droplet design.

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Advantages of Vario Drum and Vario Soft Drum

  • The unique shapes inside the drum alter the water flow direction and enhance the washing experience.
  • The clothes do not bang against the drum walls to remain safe.

Wave Drum – Siemens

Siemens has introduced the Wave Drum, a technology similar to Bosch’s Vario Drum. This design has wave paddles similar to that available in the Bosch Vario drum. These flat and steep sides work similarly to provide an excellent washing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which drum is better in washing machines?

Washing machines come equipped with plastic drums or stainless steel drums. While plastic drums are less expensive, they are prone to damage. On the contrary, the stainless steel drums display more durability and better performance. The manufactures use different technologies like Diamond Drum, Vario drum, crescent moon drum, etc., that protect the clothes while delivering a high-quality washing experience.

What is Diamond Drum in a washing machine?

Samsung has introduced the Diamond Drum technology in washing machines where the drum has diamond-shaped grooves with minute holes that allow the water to drain away. At the same time, they ensure that the clothes do not get entangled in them. Thus, this technology protects your clothes from damage.

How much does it cost to replace a washing machine drum?

The cost of the washing drum depends on the capacity and the brand. Generally, it is advisable to replace the old drum with a genuine replacement piece. The branded drums can be expensive than the non-branded equipment. Washing machine drums can cost anything from Rs 3000 upwards, depending on their size and type.

Is the stainless steel drum good for a washing machine?

Yes, the stainless steel drum is better than a plastic drum any day. The advantages of a steel drum are as follows.

Stainless steel drums last long and do not get damaged soon. However, plastic drums can break and thus, need replacement comparatively frequently.

Stains can form on plastic drums that can be challenging to remove. Besides, these stains can give out a foul odor. There is no such problem with stainless steel drums.

Steel drums come with specially-made grooves in different shapes that help deliver better cleaning performances than plastic drums.
Compared to plastic drums, it is easier to clean stainless steel drums.

Plastic drums can develop rough edges with prolonged usage that can damage clothes. On the other hand, the steel drums become smoother as they work longer.

Steel drums can display faster spin cycles than plastic drums.
Hence, stainless steel drums are good for a washing machine.

Turbo Drum vs Diamond drum – Which is better?

Both Turbo Drum and Diamond Drum offer excellent washing experiences. Samsung has introduced Diamond Drum technology with diamond-shaped grooves or depressions with tiny holes (much smaller than those available on other drums) that prevent the clothes from damage. Turbo Drum is LG technology where the drum rotates in a direction opposite to that of the pulsator to give your clothes an excellent washing experience.

Hence, both these drums are good in their way.

Stainless Steel or Plastic drum – Which is better?

We have discussed the benefits of a stainless steel drum over the plastic drum earlier. The stainless steel drum is durable and less prone to damage. Besides, the technology used in their manufacture protects the clothes from getting damaged. Hence, stainless steel drums are better than plastic drums.

When should we replace a washing machine drum?

The washing machine drums can get damaged over sustained usage. Generally, these drums work without problems for more than six to seven years if you maintain them properly.

Plastic drums can develop cracks or break. They also attract molds and give out bad odors. The inside surface can become rough and damage clothes. Under such circumstances, one should replace the washing machine drum.

Steel drums last comparatively longer than plastic drums. However, you can notice deposits of salt on the drum’s interior and exterior over prolonged usage. Such drums can need replacement. You should ensure to purchase a genuine washing drum from the same manufacturer.
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