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The Wake Up Pocket Spring Mattress is a medium firm bed that should provide decent comfort to people with orthopedic problems. In addition, it offers ideal relief from back pain and is available in multiple sizes. One of the best Mattress for couples 🙂

Generally, if you sleep well at night, your next day goes well. Therefore, you need a good mattress that provides the ideal comfort during sleeping. The Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress is a good choice for your home.

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You look forward to relaxing on this bed because it ensures a comfortable sleeping experience for the entire family. First, let us review the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress. But before that, let us check how the mattress looks and feels.

Love At First Sight

One glance at the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress and anyone will fall in love with it. The mattress looks inviting with its white cover and grey borders. Since it is a medium-firm mattress, it offers the ideal comfort as you sit on it.

The best feature of the Pocket Spring beds is that they do not sink with your weight like the foam beds. So, getting out of bed is easy. Pricing-wise, it is comfortably less priced than the memory foam mattresses. So, it is an ideal investment for your home.

Wakeup pocket spring mattress review

Aspects we love about the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress.

  • Though Wake-Up advertises this mattress as medium-firm, I found it soft and comfortable. Since I have dull backache, I was looking for such a mattress to provide the ideal support. Unfortunately, my existing foam bed is too soft for comfort. 
  • This bed offers excellent motion isolation. So, it should not bother you even if your partner belongs to the restless category of sleepers who love to toss and turn at night. Despite being a spring mattress, this bed provides the best comfort in this aspect, as you can enjoy undisturbed sleep.
  • I was expecting this mattress to emit heat. But, I was surprised that the temperature level remains comfortable, even during the summer season.
  • Another feature I love with the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress is that it does not give off any obnoxious odor like the memory foam beds. So, there is no off-gassing and no bad smells to contend with.
  • The mattress came beautifully packed. However, it took a couple of days for the bed to roll out properly.
  • This bed is available in sizes of 6-inches, 8-inches, and 10-inches. So, you must go for the 10-inches bed if you are a heavy person weighing more than 100 kilos.
  • Pricing-wise, the Wake-Up mattress is better priced than the premium brands from Sleepy Head. So, this mattress should be ideal for every family’s budget.
  • People with slight back pain will find this bed comfortable because of its medium-firm structure. It is soft but firm enough to provide relief from mild back pain.
Wakeup mattress edge support is not great

Aspects where the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress does not perform as expected

  • People with chronic backache should remain away from this mattress because the softness provided by this bed can aggravate the pain. A coir bed or a firm mattress is better suited for such people.
  • This bed is a spring mattress. So, it is naturally bouncy. Therefore, it is not the ideal bed to sit and work on your laptop for extended hours. Of course, you can work for an hour or two. But after that, you will feel uncomfortable.
  • Many people loved its edge support. However, I did not find the design comfortable at all. I tried sitting at the edges, but I felt uncomfortable. Sleeping at the edge of this bed is not advisable because you can fall off it.
  • Though the white color is attractive, Wake Up does not offer other color options. In addition, the white cover can get soiled quickly. The ideal solution is to cover it with a dark-colored bedsheet.
  • The 100-day trial offer is not available on this mattress. However, Amazon offers a 10-day replacement guarantee.

Our Verdict

The Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress is a good buy if you have slight or no back pain. But, we do not advise people with chronic backache to invest in this bed. Otherwise, the mattress is comfortable and well-suited for the average Indian bedroom.

Wake Up Pocket Spring Mattress – Does the feel-good factor last?

The mattress retains its comfort level, especially if you have experienced sleeping on spring mattresses. But, people who are used to sleeping on foam beds can find this mattress slightly firm for their comfort.

The pocket springs allow unrestricted airflow. Hence the bed does not feel hot and uncomfortable, even if you do not have an AC. So, you can consider this mattress as an all-season mattress.

Wake Up Pocket Spring Mattress – The Firmness Quotient

Wakeup mattress edge support

The Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress is a medium firm mattress that should rank around 6 to 7 on the firmness scale of 10. So, this bed should be perfect if you have a history of slight back pain. But, I reiterate that people with chronic backache should not go for the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress.

Wake Up Pocket Spring Mattress – The Structure

The Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress is available in three sizes, 6-inches, 8-inches, and 10-inches. Heavy people should opt for the 10-inch beds.

  • This bed has a cotton knitted fabric covering its four sides. While the top portion is white, the knotted material is grey.
  • The mattress comes with two felt layers, with the pocket springs sandwiched between them. The springs allow for unrestricted airflow to maintain comfortable temperature levels.
  • The high-resilience soft foam layer prevents the springs from feeling too bouncy. In addition, this layer provides the ideal cushioning effect that qualifies this bed as medium firm.
  • The cotton-knitted fabric in quilt form is placed at the top. It adds to the comfort and feel-good factor. But, the white color is a significant drawback because it attracts dirt and gets soiled quickly.

You can have a mattress topper over the quilt if required. However, it is not part of the package.

Wake Up Pocket Springs Mattress – How does it rank on performance?

We can classify this mattress as good in performance. If you ask me to provide a rating, I would be happy to rank it eight on a scale of 10.

Motion Isolation

wakeup mattress spring

Usually, spring mattresses are not renowned for performing well on the Motion Isolation aspect. They are bouncy, and sleeping with restless sleepers on spring mattresses can be a mighty challenge. But the Wake-Up Pocket Springs Bed is a surprise package because it is one of the best mattresses to sleep even if your partner belongs to the restless category.

Edge Support

Here is one area where the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Bed does not perform as well as people expected it to. The edges are uncomfortable, and there are instances of people falling off their beds. Even I found it a bit awkward to sit on the edge. But this mattress is suitable for sitting in the center because it does not bounce much. However, it is not advisable to sit for long hours, mainly if you belong to the WFH category.

Wakeup Mattress Review

Temperature Levels

Memory foam beds have a drawback because they absorb body heat and make it uncomfortable at night. However, the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress is comfortable because the springs allow free air circulation. Thus, the bed does not become hot even in summer.


The Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress does not have a memory foam layer. So, this mattress has no foul-smelling chemicals that can produce an obnoxious odor. In addition, there are no issues of off-gassing. So, you can start using the bed from the first day without having to expose it to air for a couple of days as you do with memory foam mattresses.

Wakeup spring mattress review india


Durability is not an issue at all with the Wake-Up Pocket Spring mattress. The manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty on the bed. This mattress is one of the best as it lasts comfortably long. However, the white quilt is disadvantaged because it tends to get soiled. You can have a mattress topper or a bedsheet to cover the bed. Washing the quilt is also not an issue.

Wake Up Pocket Spring Mattress – Ideal for Back Pain?

Yes. This mattress is suited for people with minor back pain. The pain does not get aggravated because of the medium firm surface. You can reverse the bed and enhance its firmness if your back feels uncomfortable. But, this bed is not ideal for those with chronic backache.

Wakeup Mattress

Sleeping Position

The Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress suits all kinds of sleepers. People who sleep on their sides enjoy the best because the foam layer at the top provides the ideal cushioning. The springs are firm but flexible enough to adjust to the sleeper’s contours. People with backache issues can try sleeping on their backs. They will also find it relieving. Stomach sleepers also do not feel uncomfortable on this bed.

Body Weight

The best aspect of the Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress is its availability in three sizes. So, if you belong to the heavyweight category weighing over 100 kilos, the 10-inches model is ideal. Otherwise, the 8-inches bed is perfect for the average Indian household.

Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress – The Costing Factor

This mattress is available on Amazon India at reasonable prices. You get the advantage of discounts and bank offers. This bed is priced more attractively than memory foam mattresses.

Wakup Spring Mattress

Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress – Warranty

The manufacturers offer a 10-year product warranty. However, the mattress is durable enough to last longer than ten years. The primary drawback is that this bed does not feature the 100-night trial offer available on other premium mattresses.

Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress – Who will love it?

  • The durability and firmness factors weigh in everyone’s favor. Besides, this mattress supports motion isolation and does not become hot and uncomfortable. So, everyone should love this bed.
  • Couples love this mattress because it provides the proper comfort levels.
  • People with slight back pain prefer this mattress to memory foam beds.
Wakeup spring mattress review

Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress – Who should avoid it?

  • As discussed earlier, people with a history of chronic backache or disc-related problems should avoid such beds. Instead, they are better off choosing firmer mattresses.

Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress – Comparable products

Wake-Up offers an exciting range of comparable products in this category.

  • Wake-Up Imperious Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress – This product does not have pocket springs but a thick memory foam layer.
  • Wake-Up Luxuriate orthopedic Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress – This unique product offers the benefits of memory foam and pocket springs.
  • Wake-Up Esyrest Foam Mattress – It is a simple foam mattress priced much lower than the Pocket Springs and memory foam beds.
  • Wake-Up Smart Tech Pillow Top Hybrid Orthopedic Memory Foam and Pocket Spring Mattress – It is the most expensive mattress of the five products discussed here because it offers the comforts of a memory foam bed and the firmness of an orthopedic mattress.
Wakup spring mattress india

Wake-Up Pocket Spring Mattress – FAQ

1. Is there any color option available other than white?

Unfortunately, Wake-Up does not offer any color options for this mattress.

2. Is this bed reversible?

Yes. The best aspect of the Wake-Up Pocket Springs Mattress is its reversibility. The reverse side is firmer because it does not have the foam layer. So, it is suitable if you have a severe back problem.

3. How many pocket springs are available in the Queen Bed?

There should be around 750 to 800 pocket springs in the 10-inches Queen Bed.

4. Can I customize the order by providing unique measurements?

Yes. The customization facility is available. Users can order the bed and send a customization mail. Wake-Up will personalize the mattress according to your preferences.

5. Can you return the bed if you are unsatisfied with it?

The 100-night trial offer is not available on this bed. However, Amazon offers a 15-day return facility.

6. Does the spring size vary according to the bed size?

Usually, the spring size remains the same. The thickness of the foam changes according to the mattress size.

7. How heavy is the mattress?

The 8-inches mattress is around 36 Kg.

8. Does the mattress take time to arrive at its original shape?

Generally, it is better to unpack the bed and leave it for 72 hours to attain its perfect size. However, you can sleep on it after 48 hours. It should be sufficient for the bed to open up entirely.

9. Can we fold it back into shape when shifting homes?

No. Users cannot fold the mattress. However, the company can arrange to do it for you.

10. What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers the deformation of the mattress. However, it does not cover any damage arising out of the misuse of the bed.

Wakup Spring

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Edge Support
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Value For Money
If you a looking for a mattress that can provide comfort and relief from mild back pain, the Wake-Up Pocket Springs Mattress is a good option. Pricing-wise, it costs less than a memory foam bed. But, its performance levels are at par with the higher-priced memory foam mattresses.
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If you a looking for a mattress that can provide comfort and relief from mild back pain, the Wake-Up Pocket Springs Mattress is a good option. Pricing-wise, it costs less than a memory foam bed. But, its performance levels are at par with the higher-priced memory foam mattresses.Wake up Pocket Spring Mattress Review | Good Value for Money