Wakefit vs The Sleep Company Ortho Mattress – Which is Better?



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Every time you select a mattress, there can be a debate. Which is the ideal bed for people with acute back pain?

Should I go for a spring bed, a memory foam mattress, or an ortho mattress?

The choices are plenty, and so is the confusion in people’s minds. This article compares the performances of two high-quality mattresses, Wakefit Memory Foam, and The Sleep Company Ortho Mattress. Read on to understand which is the best one for your home.

Wakefit vs The Sleep Company Mattress

ParametersWakefit MattressThe Sleep Company Mattress
Brand NameWakefit Orthopedic MattressSleep Company SmartGRID Ortho Mattress
CategoryMemory FoamPatented Japanese SmartGRID technology
AvailabilityExcellent range – 119 models in different sizesAvailable in various sizes, 22 models
Queen bed Price – 8 inch Rs 12,375Rs 26,175
Ideal forPeople with normal back painPeople with chronic back issues
Number of layersFour layers
a) High-resilience foam,
b) 7-pressure zone layer,
c) Next-gen memory foam,
d) Breathable GSM spun knitted fabric cover
Four layers
a) High-resilient support foam layer,
b) Transition layer,
c) SmartGRID layer, and
d) 550 GSM knitted white cover
NatureMedium soft, orthopedicMedium firm orthopedic
Warranty10-year warranty on the product10-year warranty available
100-nights Trial offerNot availableAvailable in-store and not on e-commerce retail purchases.

The Sleep Company Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Innovative technology and high comfort levels
  • Ideal for chronic back pain
  • Excellent vacuum packaging
  • Extremely durable
  • It does not heat up like sponge mattresses.
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Supports motion isolation


  • The mattress can become dirty. Hence, it requires frequent cleaning.
  • The 100-night offer is not available on e-commerce purchases.
  • It can be heavy and challenging to shift.
  • Unsatisfactory after-sales services

Wakefit Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Gives a relaxed feel because of its medium-soft nature.
  • High-quality edge support Supports motion isolation.
  • Good after-sales services


  • Not recommended for people with a spinal problem history
  • It can get uncomfortable in summer.
  • You cannot sit and work for long hours on this bed.

Users who love to use these beds.

The Wakefit and Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho mattresses are entirely different products.


While the Wakefit bed is medium-soft, the Sleep Company mattress qualifies as medium-firm. So, people with chronic back pain will love the Sleep Company Ortho beds more than Wakefit. However, the Wakefit mattress is suitable for people with normal back issues.

Couples would love these beds because they support motion isolation, where the restlessness of one sleeper does not affect the other.

People who prefer sleeping on their sides can find these beds comforting. The Sleep Company bed is excellent if you are a laptop freak who works for hours sitting on the bed. The Wakefit mattress can be uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

Well-built people weighing more than 100 Kg will love the Sleep Company beds because they do not sink and hence, find it comfortable to get out of bed.

Users who are better off avoiding these beds.

I do not recommend stomach sleepers to go for the Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho bed because they are medium-soft. Hence, they can find them uncomfortable.

On the other hand, a medium-soft bed like Wakefit is better. Alternatively, the SmartGRID Luxe is an excellent mattress because of its softness.

People with acute back pain should not opt for medium-soft beds like the Wakefit mattress. Instead, they must go for orthopedic beds like SmartGRID Ortho. Similarly, heavily built individuals can choose 8-inch or 10-inch beds instead of the smaller 6-inch models.

Layer-by-layer Comparison

The Wakefit mattress has four layers that include a protective cover.

  • The protective cover at the top makes the mattress durable by preventing dust accumulation.
  • The next-generation memory foam beneath the cover relieves pressure to provide better comfort.
  • The 7-pressure-zone layer ensures high-level customization by providing excellent support to your body.
  • The high-resilience foam layer lends the firmness required for the bed to maintain its shape.

In contrast, the Sleep Company SmartGRID has a unique feature, SmartGRID technology, to distinguish it from other mattresses.

  • The soft, breathable cover protects the bed, but the white color can be challenging to maintain. In addition, it accumulates dust, making it difficult to clean frequently.
  • The SmartGRID layer provides the ultimate comfort and relief from spinal cord issues.
  • The Transition foam layer provides the bounciness factor to this medium-firm bed. However, the 5-inch beds in this category do not have this layer.
  • The high-resilience foam layer supports your back and ensures better comfort. 

Performance-wise Comparison

Edge Support

The Wakefit and Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho beds provide the best edge support because they have robust edges. Therefore, it is comfortable to sit on the edges and the center. These beds are excellent if you love to sleep on the bed’s borders because the robustness prevents you from falling over to the ground.

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Othro Mattress is better because it allows sitting at the center for long hours and working on your laptop without experiencing any discomfort.

Motion Isolation

The best quality in mattresses is whether it supports motion isolation. Spring beds are the worst because they easily transfer the pressure from one end of the bed to the other. So if one partner tosses and turns on one side, it adversely affects the other sleeper at the opposite end. Fortunately, foam beds like the Sleep Company SmartGRID and Wakefit Ortho support motion isolation.


Wakefit and Sleep Company SmartGRID beds are durable and last comfortably for more than ten years without needing a replacement. The high-quality foam in these beds provides excellent comfort, whereas the high-resilience foam provides the support required for the bed to maintain its shape. In addition, the 10-year warranty is ample evidence of the beds’ durability quotient.

Heat Absorption

Memory foam beds absorb heat and make it uncomfortable to sleep during summer. Though people use ACs in their bedrooms, memory beds can absorb and emit body heat. However, the Sleep Company SmartGRID uses unique technology because the thousands of air pockets allow free air circulation. Hence, the Sleep Company mattress is better than the Wakefit model.

Body weight

Well-built individuals prefer to avoid soft or medium-soft beds because they sink with their weight, making it challenging to get out of their beds. Therefore, they prefer the thicker variants. SmartGRID mattresses can handle heavy weights comfortably because of the unique technology used in their manufacture. These beds absorb pressure beautifully to provide high-quality comfort to everyone. Therefore, the SmartGRID beds are better than Wakefit Ortho mattresses.


The Sleep Company SmartGRID mattresses are highly priced, even after the discounts available on Amazon. In contrast, the Wakefit Ortho beds are less expensive. If you are budget conscious, the Wakefit bed is a good option.

Our Verdict

Performance-wise, the Sleep Company SmartGRID Ortho is a better mattress because it caters to the needs of people with acute spinal cord issues. Therefore, people with regular back pain also do not feel any discomfort using these beds. In contrast, Wakefit beds are not recommended for orthopedic patients with severe back pain problems. However, they are suitable for users with regular backache issues. Pricing-wise, the Wakefit model seems better, especially if you do not have any back issues.

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