Wakefit vs Sleepyhead Mattress – Which is better?

Performance-wise, both Wakefit Orthopedic and Sleepyhead Body IQ mattresses are equal in almost all respects.

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Mattresses play a critical role in shaping your day because much depends on how peaceful a night’s sleep you experience. In addition, different people follow varying sleeping patterns. Therefore, their choice of mattress can be unique. For example, some prefer spring mattresses, whereas some prefer foam beds.  

An exciting range of mattresses is available to cater to your requirements. Therefore, choosing the right mattress is critical.

This article compares two best-selling mattress brands in India, Wakefit, and Sleepyhead. We have tested these beds extensively. Hence, our comparison and comments on their performance can be valuable.

Wakefit vs Sleepyhead Mattress – A tabular comparison

Before we discuss each parameter in detail, this tabular comparison should simplify things for you.

ParametersWakefit MattressSleepyhead Mattress
Brand NameWakefit Orthopedic MattressBodyIQ Ortho Memory Foam
CategoryMemory FoamMemory Foam
Availability119 models in Queen, King, Double, and Single beds45 options in Queen, King, Double, and Single beds
PricingRs 13,675 (Amazon)Rs 12, 298 (Amazon)
Ideal forPeople with routine back pain.People with regular back pain.
Number of layersFour layers comprise high-resilience foam, a 7-pressure zone layer, next-gen memory foam, and a breathable GSM spun knotted fabric cover.Three layers comprise a support foam layer, BodyIQ orthopedic memory foam, and super-soft form as extra padding.
NatureMedium-soft orthopedicMedium-soft orthopedic
Warranty10-year warranty10-year warranty
100-nights Trial offerNot availableAvailable

Wakefit Mattress Pros & Cons


  • Available in varying sizes with customizable options
  • Reasonably priced
  • Medium-soft bed to give a relaxed feel.
  • The bed does not get heated quickly like other foam beds.
  • Excellent edge support
  • Supports motion isolation.
  • Prompt after-sales service
  • Removeable cover


  • Ordinary polyethylene packing
  • Too soft for people with a history of back pain
  • Not reversible
  • It can be uncomfortable to use in summer.
  • Not suitable for sitting and working in bed for long hours

Sleepyhead Mattress Pros & Cons


  • Excellent comfort feeling
  • Vacuum packaging
  • A first-time WoW experience.
  • The good bouncy feel makes it enjoyable for kids
  • Supports motion isolation.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Excellent for side sleepers
  • The 100-day trial feature is a good one


  • No protective cover
  • Uncomfortable while sleeping at the edges
  • Not ideal for people with acute back pain
  • Heat emission during Hot summer
  • Uncomfortable sitting and working for extended periods

Who would love these mattresses?

The Wakefit and Sleepyhead BodyIQ Ortho mattresses are medium-soft beds with an ideal firmness for optimal comfort from regular back pain. People who love bouncy beds and sleeping on their sides will love the Sleepyhead beds.

People who twist and turn in their beds love these mattresses because they support motion isolation. So naturally, people without spinal cord issues wholeheartedly love the Wakefit mattress.

Who should avoid these beds?

People with acute back pain or severe orthopedic issues should not use these medium-soft beds because they aggravate the pain. Instead, they are better off using firmer beds. Besides, orthopedic doctors also advise their patients to use firmer beds.

Heavy people, especially those weighing over 100 Kg, can feel uncomfortable using soft foam beds. However, these brands offer mattresses of varying thicknesses. So, well-built users can opt for 8-inches beds instead of the conventional 6-inches mattresses.

Layer-by-layer comparison

The Sleepyhead model has three layers comprising the following.

  • A support foam layer for relief from body pain
  • BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory foam layer for personalized support because it adjusts according to your body shape, and
  • Super Soft foam padding as an extra support layer.

In contrast, the Wakefit model offers four layers, including the protective cover.

  • A high-resilience foam layer helps the bed retain its shape.
  • The 7-pressure-zone layer provides customized support to your body,
  • A next-gen memory foam layer to relieve pressure and provide more comfort, and
  • A breathable GSM spun knotted fabric cover as a protective feature.

The mattresses are similar in almost all respects. The Sleepyhead mattress also features a breathable cover to soak moisture and resist abrasions. Since the covers are washable, you can maintain them comfortably. However, the Sleepyhead mattress offers a white cover option that can get soiled quickly.

Performance-wise comparison

Performance-wise, both these mattresses are equal in almost all respects.

Motion isolation

Fidgety sleepers love these beds because they support motion isolation. Whether your partner loves to toss and turn in their sleep makes no difference. However, the Sleepyhead bed feels better when you sleep in the center. So, it is an excellent bed for lone sleepers, whereas the Wakefit mattress is excellent for couples.

Edge Support

The Sleepyhead and Wakefit beds have robust edges that provide excellent edge support. So you do not slip and fall even while sleeping on the edges. According to our observations, the Wakefit mattress is better than the Sleepyhead model. You can sit at the edges and feel comfortable.

But the main problem with both these beds is that you cannot sit on the bed for long hours and work on your laptop without discomfort.

Heat absorption

All memory foam beds absorb body heat and can feel uncomfortable during summer. These beds do not have cooling gel packets or air pockets to allow free air circulation. However, people have ACs in their homes to offset the heat generated when sleeping on foam beds.


Foam beds emit an offensive odor because the manufacturers use different chemicals. Therefore, the Sleepyhead and Wakefit mattresses experience off-gassing, which emits an unusual smell.

The solution is to expose the mattresses to air and allow the smell to die down naturally before using them.


The Sleepyhead and Wakefit mattresses are durable and excellent for people with recurring back pain.

The medium-firm layers provide the perfect spinal alignment, whereas the super-soft foam layers offer maximum comfort. These mattresses have a 10-year warranty that evidences their durability quotient. In addition, the Sleepyhead bed features a 100-night trial offer allowing users to return the bed if they find it unsatisfactory during the period. The Wakefit mattress does not offer this facility.

Sleeping position preferences

Memory foam beds are excellent because they suit almost all kinds of sleepers.

Side sleepers love these beds the most because the foam adjusts shape according to their spinal alignment.

People sleeping on their stomachs and back do not feel any discomfort. But, I would advise users to select an ideal pillow because the wrong pillow can leave you with a stiff neck.

Body Weight

Wakefit and Sleepyhead offer an exhaustive range of mattresses of various sizes. Well-built individuals can opt for the thicker 8-inches mattresses, whereas normally built people can select the 6-inches models. However, choosing your ideal mattress is an individual option.


The Wakefit and Sleepyhead mattresses are reasonably priced and qualify as the best mattresses in India under 15,000. While Amazon and other e-commerce retailers offer exciting discount options, we advise consumers to check all options before purchasing the ideal bed for their homes.

Warranty Information

Almost all mattress manufacturers offer 10-year warranties on their products. These models are available with a 10-year warranty. In addition, Sleepyhead offers a 100-night offer that allows users to return them within 100 days if unsatisfied with its performance. Wakefit does not offer this facility on its product.

Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress

Best Selling Mattress in India, Suitable for everyone. People with acute back pain should avoid this.

Sleepyhead Body IQ Mattress

Excellent value for money. Suitable for everyone. Somewhat soft compared to Wakefit. Not suitable for extreme back pain

Our Verdict

Comparing the performance and other aspects of the Wakefit and Sleepyhead BodyIQ Ortho mattresses, we state that these products are comparable. Users can make their choices based on personal requirements.

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