Wakefit Mattress Review – After 2 Years

While you have various choices in the market, the Wakefit Mattress qualifies among the best. Hence, it tops the popularity charts among mattresses. We shall review this mattress in detail and understand its features.

wakefit orthopedic memory foam

The first feeling you experience after using the Wakefit mattress is that it is an excellent product, ideal for enjoying a comfortable night’s sleep.

The pricing is reasonable, and so are its features. The Sleep Company SmartGrid Luxe mattress offers a similar sleeping experience but costs nearly twice as much as the Wakefit mattress.

wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattresses

Plus Points of the Wakefit mattress

Let us begin by discussing what we love about the Wakefit product.

  • You have an excellent variety of mattresses to choose from. Wakefit mattress is available in four sizes (Single, Double, King, and Queen) and 110 options. Besides, Wakefit offers customization options. So you can order your mattress according to your requirements and get a made-to-order Wakefit mattress.
  • The Wakefit mattress is reasonably priced without being too expensive. The Sleep Company SmartGrid Luxe is a worthy competitor but available at almost double the price.
  • The best feature of the Wakefit mattress is that it is neither too soft nor too hard. Therefore, it supports your back and gives you a relaxed feel. It is one of the better mattresses for providing relief from back pain.
  • The softness is perfect because it allows the foam to assume your body shape to provide optimal comfort. So people who do not have any back ailments or orthopedic issues would love it.
  • The Wakefit does not get heated quickly, especially because most of us have air conditioning facilities in our bedrooms.
  • This mattress offers excellent edge support. So it is comfortable to sit at the edges.
  • The Wakefit mattress offers excellent motion isolation. So it does not affect you if your partner twists and turns during sleep. Spring mattresses can cause maximum discomfort under such circumstances.
  • Other consumers have reported prompt after-sales services. In addition, they have stated that Wakefit offers better customer services than its competitors like Kurlon.
  • The removable external cover is excellent because it protects the mattress from becoming soiled. In addition, it is washable in a washing machine. So your Wakefit mattress remains clean.
  • Wakefit offers a 10-year warranty on the mattress. Therefore, it is a durable product and worth its price.
Wakefit memory foam mattress review

Minus Points of the Wakefit mattress

Here are some aspects that Wakefit should look into to provide a better product and services.

  • The packaging needs much improvement. For example, my Wakefit mattress came wrapped in a polyethylene sheet instead of the sturdy packaging that its competitors, like Sleep Company, provide.
  • The poor packaging exposes the mattress to nature’s elements. So there are chances of the white cover getting soiled or even damaged.
  • Though the mattress is semi-stiff, people with back pain prefer it to be slightly harder.
  • The Wakefit mattress is not reversible like the spring mattresses.
  • Though the Wakefit mattress does not get hot quickly, it can feel uncomfortable in summer, especially in coastal areas. However, it should not be an issue if you use AC in your bedroom. Otherwise, this bed is good in the winter.
  • While the Wakefit mattress offers excellent edge support, users can find sitting and working for extended hours uncomfortable.
wakefit mattress review india

Our Verdict

The pros and cons show that the Wakefit mattress is a good buy, primarily because of its excellent features and reasonable pricing. It is a good mattress for people with back pain. But if you have acute orthopedic problems, we suggest you choose a firmer bed. The Wakefit model is available in multiple sizes and offers excellent options. Besides, customization makes it an attractive product. So we recommend this mattress for your home.

Wakefit Mattress – Does it live up to its initial impression?

Yes. The Wakefit mattress is a decent buy, especially for Indian households. Almost every second person has some backache problem. However, it is not always necessary to sleep on hard orthopedic beds.

The Wakefit mattress, with its semi-stiff disposition, offers an excellent choice. It provides the perfect amount of stiffness required for minor backaches. Simultaneously, the memory foam provides the ideal softness for excellent comfort and convenience.

Wakefit Mattress – How firm is it?

Wakefit Mattress Firmness

The advantage of the Wakefit mattress is that it is medium firm. Therefore, it is a good mattress for people with slight back pain. At the same time, this mattress suits people without back pain the best because it provides the highest comfort and convenience.

Wakefit Mattress – Know the structural breakup.

The Wakefit mattress has four significant layers.

  • The bottom layer is the thickest layer made of high-resilience foam. This layer provides the necessary firmness to the bed and helps retain its shape for extended periods.
  • The 7-pressure zone layer is placed above the high-resilience foam layer. This structure customizes comfort for all body parts by providing the proper support levels.
  • The next-gen memory foam layer lies above the 7-pressure zone layer. It responds to the pressure applied to it. As a result, the memory foam adjusts to your body shape, relieves pressure, and reduces soreness. As a result, you enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Finally, the breathable GSM spun knotted fabric cover at the top enables comfortable air circulation. This cover is removable and washable in a washing machine. Thus, it protects the mattress from dirt and damage and remains clean and healthy.

Wakefit Mattress – Performance

Before understanding its drawbacks, let us discuss the highlights of this mattress’s performance.

The Highlights

The medium firm structure makes it a good mattress for people with minor spinal cord problems. Thus, it qualifies as an orthopedic mattress. In addition, this bed is ideally suited for users without backache issues. Unlike other soft mattresses, this medium-firm bed does not cause backache. So users experience maximum comfort.

Wakefit ortho mattress review

The medium-firm structure provides the ideal spinal alignment. Secondly, the memory foam adjusts the bed’s shape to your body contours and provides excellent comfort. Finally, the advantage of medium-firm beds is that they help you sleep well.

Memory foam beds are better than spring mattresses because they support motion isolation. As a result, the twisting and turning of your partner in sleep do not disturb you. Thus, you wake up fit and fine every morning after a peaceful and comfortable night’s sleep.

This mattress is hypoallergenic. Hence, it resists bed bugs and other pests that disturb sleep. Therefore, people with sensitive skin and allergies to pests enjoy sleeping on this mattress.

The Wakefit mattress offers excellent support. So, it provides the perfect balance even if you sleep at the edges. Secondly, it prevents you from slipping down when sitting at the edges. Finally, the robust edges help the mattress maintain its robustness and elasticity for extended periods.

Wakefit Memory FOam Mattress edge support

The Weak Areas

One of the greatest drawbacks of the Wakefit mattress is that it is not the most comfortable bed for sitting and working on your laptops for extended hours. In addition, the softness of the memory foam causes you to sink under your weight, leading to incorrect postures and back pain.

Since this mattress does not have springs, it lacks bounciness. At the same time, the soft memory foam does not provide the right balance if you stand on the mattress. The dual comfort mattress is a better option under such circumstances.

Wakefit Mattress side

This mattress is not reversible. Therefore, you cannot flip it over every six months like your spring beds. However, we advise you to rotate the bed every three to four months. Thus, the foam does not shrink at specific places and provides better balance to your body. Moreover, the mattress lasts longer.

All memory foam mattresses can get hot quickly because of reduced air circulation. Similarly, the Wakefit mattress can get uncomfortable during summer, especially if you live in coastal cities or other parts of India that experience hot summers. However, users who have ACs in their bedrooms do not experience much discomfort.

So if you live in hot areas, the spring mattress from Wakefit should be ideal. It does not become hot because the bed is hollow inside. The springs allow for comfortable air circulation. Alternatively, an orthopedic bed with cooling gel or the Sleep Company Ortho mattress with SmartGrid technology is better. Wakefit XpertGRID mattress is also an excellent choice because it provides great air circulation.    

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress – Is it perfect for back pain?

Though the Wakefit mattress is not the best for people with back pain, it does not provide any discomfort for people with minor orthopedic problems. However, you must select a complete orthopedic bed if you have severe back pain issues.

The best feature of this Wakefit bed is that it does not cause spinal cord problems in people with no history of backaches.

How does it compare with its peers in performance?

Wakefit mattress is one of India’s most widespread orthopedic memory foam mattresses. It compares admirably with its competitors. Here are some beds that can give worthy competition to this Wakefit mattress.

  • Sleep Company SmartGrid Ortho mattress is better because the unique SmartGrid technology maintains the bed relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand, the Wakefit memory foam bed can generate heat. But since users have ACs in the bedroom, it can offset the heat.
  • Sleepyhead Original BodyIQ Orthopedic Memory Foam is a decent medium-firm mattress that competes favorably with the Wakefit model.
  • Springtek Dreamer Orthopedic Memory and HR Foam, Dual Comfort mattress, is also a good product. However, it is softer than the Wakefit model and has fewer sizes.
  • Wakeup medium-firm mattress is another worthy competitor. But the Wakefit mattress is better in almost all respects.
  • Duroflex Livein is a good mattress product for relieving back pain. However, the Wakefit mattress is better and more popular.
Wakefit orthopedic memory foam mattress review

Wakefit Mattress – How does it compare costs-wise?

Wakefit Mattresses are budget-friendly and priced much lower than competitors such as Sleep Company, Sleep Well, and other popular brands. Wakefit avoids excessive spending on marketing and offers quality products at an affordable price

What about the warranty?

Wakefit offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty on the mattress. It includes all manufacturing defects. But maintenance is the user’s responsibility. Damage caused to the bed because of user negligence is not covered in the warranty.

Who should benefit the most from it?

People without any spinal cord issues benefit the most from using Wakefit mattresses. At the same time, these beds are excellent for users with minor backache issues. These beds are also great for people who love to twist and turn in their sleep.

Wakefit mattress edge support

Who should avoid using it?

People having severe back problems are advised against using the Wakefit mattress. Instead, they should go for firmer and specific orthopedic beds as advised by their doctors.

Wakefit Mattress – FAQ

1. How thick is the memory foam layer in this Wakefit mattress?

The memory foam layer has a thickness of two inches. The other foam layer thickness depends on the overall mattress thickness levels.

2. Is this Wakefit mattress customizable?

Yes. Wakefit offers customization options to its users. So users can order their preferred sizes, and Wakefit arranges to manufacture them accordingly.

3. Does Wakefit offer a 100-night return policy on the mattress?

No. Wakefit does not offer a 100-night return policy on these mattresses. However, the beds have a warranty of ten years. Additionally, users can check with Amazon because it offers a 10-day replacement warranty.

4. Does Wakefit offer a free mattress cover?

Wakefit does not offer any free mattress cover. The existing cover is an integral part of the mattress. These beds have two covers. One is stitched to the mattress. And the other cover is removable, enabling users to remove and wash it.

5. What is the customer service number of Wakefit?

Users can contact Wakefit customer service at 9883333123 between 9.30 and 19.30 hours on all days. However, users can check the warranty card for changes or the latest information.

6. Can we use the Wakefit mattress on the floor instead of the cot?

Yes. Users can use the Wakefit mattress on the floor. However, we advise a minimum thickness of 8 inches if you intend to use the mattress on the floor.

7. How do you rate the Wakefit mattress on a firmness scale of 1 to 10?

This mattress ranks somewhere around the 4 to 5 mark. So it is a medium-firm mattress.

8. How much does this Wakefit mattress weigh?

The weight depends on the size and thickness. However, the 8-inches thick mattress weighs around 30 to 35 Kg.

9. How does it come packaged?

The Wakefit mattress comes vacuum-pressed and packed in a polyethylene cover. Users can open the package and let the mattress expand to its standard size.

10. How much weight can the Wakefit mattress handle?

The thicker mattresses can withstand weights up to 80 Kg for each user. However, if you weigh less than 60 Kg, we advise you to go for a 5-inch or 6-inch thick mattress.

Motion Isolation
Temperature Control
Back Support
Edge Support
Ease of Movement
Pressure Relief
Value For Money
Costs-wise, the Wakefit mattress is one of the best in the business
Dr Sandeep Raj
Dr Sandeep Raj
Dr. Sandeep Raj Bharma is a Pulmonologist and Sleep Specialist. He got International fellowship in sleep medicine in sleep medicine in 2010 and he is a member of american academy of sleep medicine. He did his MD in Pulmonary Medicine from Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, At kitchenarena he offers expert advice and oversees content creation concerning sleep and bedding topics.


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Costs-wise, the Wakefit mattress is one of the best in the businessWakefit Mattress Review – After 2 Years