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Voltas is amongst the best-performing air conditioners in India. Usually, they work without any problems. However, if your Voltas AC does not work correctly, you can find out why by looking up the error code flashed on the unit and remote controller display. Please note that the error codes can differ from one model to another.

E1, E2, F7, F1 – Indoor room sensor fault

The latest Voltas smart ACs come equipped with sensors in the indoor and outdoor unit that help judge the external temperature and calculate the workload. Therefore, it enables the AC to set the proper cooling temperature to provide optimal comfort to the user.

The E1, E2, F7, and F1 error codes indicate an indoor room sensor fault.

Please note that users cannot rectify this error. So, we recommend escalating the matter to the Voltas service engineers. Kindly note down your model number and the error code. It can help the service engineer locate the fault and repair the appliance by replacing the sensor.

E4, F6, H6, E5 – Indoor blower motor fault

The indoor blower motor, also known as the fan motor, is responsible for the fan speed that allows uniform distribution of cool air inside the room.

The E4, F6, H6, and E5 error codes indicate a fault with the indoor blower. Usually, the capacitor becomes weak and requires replacement. The solution is to contact the Voltas service center and lodge a service complaint. The service engineer is the right person to open the AC unit and replace the capacitor or rectify any other fault with the fan motor. The motors are usually robust and do not give any problems.

E6, E5 – Over current protection

Voltas ACs can function at varying input voltages. However, if the input voltage is outside the operational range of the AC, it flashes the E6 or E5 error code, depending on the model you use.

This error code shows voltage or power fluctuations. You can wait for the voltage to stabilize and restart the AC. The error code would have vanished. If it persists, you can install a voltage stabilizer with an operational range beyond the AC’s scope. The error code should disappear. If it does not, you should contact the Voltas AC service technician. There can be a significant fault in the PCB circuit.

The E0 1-time blink is a technical error code indicating a fault with the indoor unit EEPROM parameter. Maybe, the soldering would have loosened. But, it is better to contact the Voltas service technician and let them handle the job.

The Voltas split AC has an indoor and outdoor unit connected through wires and pipes. If the connecting wiring is faulty or has snapped, the AC will display an E1 2-time blink error. The remedy is to check the wiring and rectify the communication error. If the wiring has snapped, we suggest replacing the wires instead of taping them together. The AC mechanic is the ideal person to handle this responsibility.

A fault in the general AC wiring that does not allow the current flow results in the Voltas AC indicating an E2 3-time blink error code. It is also known as zero current crossing fault, meaning no current flows to the AC unit. The remedy is to check the wiring and set it right. If you are not well versed with the wiring, you can book a service fault and let the qualified technician handle it.

The E3 4-time blink error is similar to the indoor blower motor error. Here, the fan speed goes out of control. It either spins too fast or much slower than usual. As a result, it affects the overall cooling performance of the Voltas AC. Again, there can be a fault with the fan motor or the capacitor. You must summon the Voltas AC mechanic and let him handle this fault.

The indoor temperature sensor senses the indoor temperature to set the optimum cooling temperature. The E5 5-time blink error code suggests a fault with the indoor temperature sensor. The only remedy is to replace the sensor. So, we recommend booking a service fault online and requesting the Voltas service representative to look into the matter.

The E5 6-time blink error code signifies a fault with the indoor coil sensor. Users cannot rectify this fault on their own. Please allow the expert to handle the job. So, please book a service call and summon the Voltas service engineer qualified to rectify this fault. Usually, you need to replace the indoor coil sensor.

The EC 7-time blink error code is crucial because it indicates a refrigerant leak situation. So, if there is a refrigerant leak or a reduction in the pressure, you must contact the Voltas AC service personnel to investigate the matter. The service engineer checks for leakages and replaces the pipes if necessary. They also fill the gas and check the pressure levels. The code vanishes after rectifying the underlying damage.

Usually, Indian homes experience voltage and power fluctuations. Under such circumstances, the Voltas AC indicates the F0 1-time blink error code. You can check the current load to ensure that appliances are not overloaded with a specific power source. Check the wiring and voltage levels. We suggest having a separate current point for the AC and not using it with any other appliance. On rectifying the current or voltage situation, the error code vanishes.

The Voltas ACs come equipped with outdoor temperature sensors that sense the external temperature before setting the optimal cooling temperature indoors. This sensor is usually located behind the condenser on the outdoor unit. Any fault with this outdoor temperature sensor results in the F1 2-time blink error code. You must call the Voltas AC mechanic to set the matter right. It could require replacing the sensor.

The F-series error codes concern the outdoor unit. For example, the F2 3-time blink error code signifies a fault with the outdoor condenser sensor. The remedy is raising a service request and properly mentioning the error code and model number. The Voltas AC service engineer is the qualified person to replace the outdoor condenser sensor and resolve the matter.

The Voltas AC outdoor unit has a discharge pipe with a sensor. Any fault with this sensor results in the F3 4-time blink error code. You can book a service fault with the Voltas authorized service center and summon a service engineer to rectify the matter. Usually, it requires replacing the discharge pipe sensor with a new one.

The F4 5-time blink error code signifies a fault with the Outdoor EEPROM parameter. Unfortunately, you cannot repair this fault on your own. So, the ideal solution is to book a service call and request the AC mechanic to investigate.

The P1 2-time blink error code indicates a problem with the input voltage. It can be either low or high. In any case, the AC might not function, especially if the input voltage fluctuates beyond the operating voltage range of the appliance. The solution is to check the voltage levels and use a voltage stabilizer. The error code should vanish after installing the voltage stabilizer.

Filter Cleaning

We have discussed the various error codes flashed on the AC remote controller and the IDU display. Almost all the error codes require the intervention of the Voltas AC service technician. Besides these errors, the Voltas AC filters can get clogged with dirt.

You can remove the dirty AC filters and clean them with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. You can wash the filters with water and dry them before affixing them again into their respective slots. We recommend cleaning the filters every 15 days to ensure your Voltas AC performs at its optimal cooling level.

Final Thoughts

Your Voltas AC is an excellent appliance that delivers high-quality cooling and efficient power savings. These air conditioners have a diagnostic feature that displays the respective error codes discussed in this article. We trust that we have explained each error code and the remedial measures you should take to rectify them. 

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