Voltas 1.4 Ton 5 Star Inverter Adjustable Split AC Review



Model No – 2021 175V ADJ

With the summer season approaching very fast, it is time for the air conditioners to be switched on in every Indian home. The factors influencing your purchase should center around power savings while delivering exemplary performances simultaneously.

While you have an exciting range of 5-star ACs available on the market, the Voltas 2021 model 175V ADJ ranks amongst the best. We shall discuss the reasons that influenced me to choose this Voltas AC over other brands.

Before we review this Voltas AC, let us glance through its features and understand why it ranks at the top.

  • Model No – Voltas 2021 175V ADJ White
  • Type of AC – Split AC
  • Compressor – Inverter compressor
  • Capacity – 1.4 tons, suitable for room size up to 150 square feet
  • BEE Star Rating – 5-Star
  • Annual Energy Consumption – 830 units
  • ISEER Value – 4.51
  • Warranty – One year on the product and four years on the compressor
  • Refrigerant – R32, zero ozone depletion potential

Positive aspects influencing my decision

  • Voltas has brand value because the company has an illustrious history of manufacturing quality air conditioners for more than half a century.
  • This 1.4-ton AC cools my 150 square feet bedroom within five minutes to provide instant relief from the oppressive heat in summer. This appliance is an adjustable AC as it can function as a 1-ton air conditioner, depending on the room size, temperature, number of people in the room, and the climate.
  • I live in a place that requires an AC for nearly nine months a year. This Voltas AC is perfect because it saves considerable power. I have been using this Voltas AC for almost a year. It consumes an average of around 75 units a month.
  • This AC model is the only Voltas 2021 model with a 5-star rating. Compared to its competitor brands, the pricing is reasonable.
  • Unlike other AC brands that use aluminum condenser coils, this AC has copper coils to enhance its performance.
  • The R32 refrigerant is a high-quality eco-friendly coolant with zero ozone depletion potential.
  • This Voltas AC does not make much noise even when functioning at its highest speed. The manual says that the noise level of this Voltas AC is 46DB.
  • I did not have to invest in a separate voltage stabilizer because this Voltas AC provides stabilizer-free operations.
  • Other impressive features include advanced air purification, multi-stage filtration, an active dehumidifier, and a 4-way auto louver.

Drawbacks of the Voltas 1.4-ton adjustable AC

While I found various positive aspects of this AC, it has drawbacks. Users have complained of features that require immediate attention.

  • While Voltas has a history of manufacturing quality products, it could improve its after-sales service. I made more than three calls to the Voltas service center for installation.
  • Many people have complained of poor installation by Voltas’ technicians.
  • While my AC did not make much noise, my neighbor complained that his Voltas AC made noise when functioning at its highest cooling capacity. However, the noise was negligible when operating at medium and low speeds. So it might be a stray case.
  • While Voltas stipulates a standard installation fee of Rs 1500 plus GST, the service personnel charged nearly Rs 4000 from me. Besides, I had to procure extra copper pipe and drain pipe. Anyway, I had to install the outdoor unit on my terrace. The copper pipe supplied along with the appliance was not long enough in my case. Therefore, I suggest that Voltas should offer free installation services.
  • Voltas does not provide sufficiently long wiring. Voltas could have provided a wire having a decent length.   
  • Some users have complained of the AC not delivering horizontal swing. However, my AC provides 4-way louver action.
  • This AC does not work on Wi-Fi, whereas some of its competitor’s models in the same price range do.
  • The remote needs a makeover. It looks like an antique cordless phone without any backlighting facility. It hampers handling during the night.
  • Though Voltas offers a one-year warranty on the product, they coerce users to subscribe to their AMC services. As a result, it is a bit on the expensive side.
  • Voltas offers a 4-year warranty on the compressor, whereas some of its competitor models offer up to ten years.
Voltas Inverter AC Remote

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should one take an AMC for AC?

Generally, ACs are robust equipment that works well with proper maintenance. The AMC does not cover refrigerant refilling. All they offer is cleaning the filters and condenser pipes. Hence, taking an AMC for the AC is a personal decision. If you feel like doing so, you can. The advantage of having an AMC is that they guarantee cleaning the filters twice annually. It helps in maintaining the air conditioner well.

2. Which is better for condenser coils, copper, or aluminum?

Aluminum is cheaper than copper. However, copper is a better choice because of its better-condensing properties. Copper coils can heat and cool faster than aluminum. Therefore, it provides faster and better cooling.

Both aluminum and copper pipes are equally good when it comes to erosion. Copper is more durable than aluminum because the aluminum coils require replacement when they get damaged. Besides, copper coils are easy to maintain.

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3. Which is the best refrigerant for ACs?

Today, the R32 refrigerant is the best for ACs because it has a low global warming potential of 675. It is around 30% lower than R410A. Besides, R32 has zero ozone depletion potential. Costs-wise, R32 is cheaper than R410A. Therefore, you have more ACs with R32 refrigerants today. This Voltas AC uses R32.

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4. How long does the refrigerant gas last?

If you maintain your Voltas AC well, the R32 refrigerant lasts comfortably long. However, improper installation can cause leakage. Therefore, your AMC is a good investment. The AMC technicians check the gas pressure whenever they service the AC.

It ensures that your AC has sufficient refrigerant. Generally, the AC refrigerant lasts for more than ten years. However, you should check the pressure and refill the gas regularly.    

5. How does the adjustable feature work on this Voltas AC?

This Voltas AC features an adjustable feature that helps save power.

It can run on a 1-ton and 1.4-ton capacity depending on the circumstances. The AC estimates the room temperature depending on the number of people to limit the compressor’s running frequencies and deliver predefined cooling. It also senses the temperature in the room and adjusts the cooling capacity to provide optimum cooling in the quickest possible time.

Voltas 1.4 Ton 5 Star Inverter Adjustable Split AC

6. Do you require an external voltage stabilizer for this AC?

Generally, it would help if you had voltage stabilizers when using ACs. However, Voltas certifies that this AC model can function within a wide operating range of 100 to 290V. Therefore, this AC can handle voltage fluctuations. However, it would be better to understand that this AC offers stabilizer-free operations and does not have an in-built stabilizer.

7. What is the difference between stabilizer-free operations and having an in-built stabilizer?

Every stabilizer comes with a lower and upper limit of input voltage it can handle. If the input voltage is in its range, it regulates the output voltage to operational limits. But, if the input voltage is outside its scope, it shuts off the power supply to the appliance to protect it from fluctuations.

voltage stabilizer working

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The stabilizer-free operation is similar as this function enables the appliance to work within an extensive input voltage range. However, if the input voltage is outside its scope, it does not protect the device from fluctuations. Therefore, an external voltage stabilizer is always preferable in areas that experience voltage fluctuations.

8. How does the dehumidifier function in this Voltas AC?

This Voltas AC features a Super Dry mode that dehumidifies the room quickly. It captures the excess water vapor from the room soon and ensures the circulation of dry air. The AC runs at a higher cooling capacity while limiting the fan speed.

9. How much external temperature can this Voltas AC handle?

Voltas advertises that this adjustable AC can handle external temperatures up to 52 degrees Celsius. In addition, the High Ambient Cooling has excellent temperature controlling capacities. As the external temperature never reaches as high as 52 degrees, this Voltas AC can work well under all Indian conditions.

10. Can this inverter AC be used as a heater in the winter months?

You cannot use it as a heater, but you can set the room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius to get some comfort during the winter months. Though the AC does not function as a heater, it provides some comfort.

Cooling Performance
Power Savings
Eco Friendly
Features & Modes
Service & Warranty
Though this Voltas AC has its demerits like poor after-sales service, it is a good performer. It cools well and quickly without making much noise.

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Though this Voltas AC has its demerits like poor after-sales service, it is a good performer. It cools well and quickly without making much noise. Voltas 1.4 Ton 5 Star Inverter Adjustable Split AC Review