Is Voltage Stabilizer Required for Inverter AC?

The straightforward response to such a question is that it depends on the circumstances. A voltage stabilizer is a protective device that protects your AC’s components from damage due to voltage fluctuations. If there are no voltage fluctuations, nothing is going to happen to your AC.

The inverter ACs available today come with features that can manage voltage fluctuations comfortably.

For example, the LG inverter ACs can handle voltage variations in the range of 120V to 290V.

Similarly, the Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC can operate in a wide operating range of 100V to 290V. This operating range is much more than what many voltage stabilizers work with.

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Moreover, Voltas states that the minimum start-up voltage required to start the AC is around 100V. Therefore, people have the notion that a voltage stabilizer is not necessary for an inverter AC.

Vguard Voltage Stabilizer for AC

Let us consider a simple analogy. Do we not take medical insurance and pay thousands of rupees every year to insurance companies without claiming medical reimbursement for years together? Similarly, we pay insurance for our cars and two-wheelers (mandatory) but rarely claim it. Besides, we are happy that we do not get the opportunity to claim medical or vehicle insurance benefits. The voltage stabilizer is similar to insurance. It is a protection feature that could save your AC from significant repairs.

Yes, we agree that the latest inverter ACs can work at such extensive voltage ranges. But, you should also remember that there can be sudden voltage drops or surges much beyond these extended ranges.

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For example, a lightning attack can cause a massive voltage surge. In addition, there are examples of momentary but tremendously high input voltage surge during power supply resumptions. This momentary surge is more than enough to damage your AC and other electrical equipment.

Let us answer some simple questions now.

Is stabilizer required for LG Dual Inverter AC?
All the LG Inverter ACs that come with “stabilizer free plus” Have the range of 145V ~ 280V (2019 Models) and the latest 2020 – 21 models have 120 ~ 290V. The AC will not be automatically turned of if the Voltage Surges beyond the specified limit. If power fluctuation is beyond the limit mentioned then a stabilizer is required.
Is stabilizer required for Voltas Inverter AC?
The Voltas Maha Adjustable Inverter AC specifies that the AC can work under a wide operating range of 100 to 290V. Even the best voltage stabilizers available in the market do not have such a working range. Under such circumstances, the stabilizer is not necessary for this AC.

However, one should also note that Voltas does not confirm whether the AC will switch off safely if the input voltage is below 100V or above 290V.
Is stabilizer required for Daikin Inverter AC?
All the Daikin Inverter Air Conditioners come with an inbuilt Stabilizer that is attached to the PCB. The Compressor operates at 240V and the Stabilizer range is 160V to 264V. There is automatic safety off if the Voltage fluctuates beyond this range so there is no need to buy a Stabilizer. 

The Latest Daikin JTKJ series 5 Star Inverter ACs have an inbuilt stabilizer with a wider range of 130 to 265V.
Is stabilizer required for Samsung Inverter Split AC?
The Latest Samsung ACs that come with “Triple Protector Plus” Offers Voltage Fluctuation Protector that protects AC against sudden voltage surge or drops ranging between 130V ~ 290V. This range is better than most Stabilizers that are available in the market. In case, your area has more fluctuation than the above range, you need to install a robust stabilizer with a wider input voltage range.

The best Mainline Stabilizers from top brands like Vguard and Luminous have a working Range between 90V ~ 300V only.
Is stabilizer required for Lloyd AC?
Llyod Inverter ACs that come with the “Stabilizer Free Operation” feature can work efficiently in the working range between 140V to 280V. If you experience voltage drops below 140V or Surges above 280V at your place, then you must install an external stabilizer.
Is stabilizer required for Blue Star Inverter AC?
The new 2020 and 2021 range Blue Star Air Conditioners that comes with a built-in voltage stabilizer operates in the range of 160V to 270V. But Blue Star doesn’t mention if whether the AC will Safely switch off if the Input Voltage is below 160V or above 270V.  Under such circumstances, one should be better off investing in a voltage stabilizer.  
Is stabilizer required for Hitachi Inverter AC?
The Latest Hitachi ACs “Kashikoi series” which Comes with a stabilizer-free operation feature can work steadily without getting damaged in case of voltage fluctuations. The Operating range is 130V ~ 300V. Even if the Voltage Drops or Surges beyond the limit, there is no harm to the Ac as the power supply will be switched off automatically.

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You can note that all Air Conditioners do not provide information about the voltage range they support. However, these products promise ‘Stabilizer-free operations.’

If there are more voltage fluctuations at your place which is below or beyond the specified limit, Under such circumstances, it is better to safeguard your AC by spending a few thousand more on purchasing a high-quality voltage stabilizer that can work on an extensive voltage range from around 100V to 300V.

Ac and Stabilizer

Only a few models like Vguard Vew 400 Plus and Vguard Vew 500 Plus have Working Range (Input) between 90V ~ 300V. So be careful while selecting the Stabilizer.

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Stabilizer can serve as insurance, primarily because this feature comes with a power supply cut-off switch that switches off the power supply if the input voltage drops below the range. Otherwise, it ensures that the AC receives 220V current, irrespective of the input voltage.

Source: LG, Samsung,, BlueStarIndia

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  1. My Lg dual inverter ac is not working on VE 400 vGuard stabilizer, why is that? Although it works when i connect directly to power supply.
    Voltage is 230

    • LG Dual Inverter AC comes with stabilizer free Plus feature that has a larger voltage free operating range and stabilizer is not required.


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