Vitamin C Filter in AC – Advantages & Disadvantages!



The pollutants and impurities in the indoor air somehow find their way through the AC units in spite of using some of the best air filters.

These pollutants can damage the skin and make it vulnerable to diseases. Hence, most of the AC brands today use Vitamin C filters in their AC units as additional protection to make the air incredibly pure.

This pure air is healthy for the skin as it does not cause any itching. In fact, the air passing through these Vitamin C filters can soften the skin and reduce stress while providing therapeutic benefits.

Vitamin C Filters – The Principle and Working

Vitamin C is extremely useful for the synthesis of molecules for healthy skin. It explains why all moisturizing skin creams and lotions contain Vitamin C. By mixing Vitamin C in the air conditioner air flow it ensures that your skin gets a moisturizing effect.

The AC manufacturers add a ceramic additive to the filter that releases Vitamin C when it comes into contact with the moisture present in the air. They also add Zeolite, a moisture absorbent for facilitating a continuous release of Vitamin C in dry wintry conditions.

Vitamin C Filters – The Advantages

  • Incredibly beneficial to the skin as it softens and moisturizes it
  • Reduces the chances of contracting skin ailments like eczema, and so on
  • Reduces the stress levels in the skin thereby proving to be an excellent anti-aging therapy
  • The Vitamin C filters last for more than two years
  • Compatible with all split AC units

Vitamin C Filters – The Disadvantages

  • Incompatible with the window AC units
  • The filters do not create Vitamin C. The ascorbic acid in the additive is responsible for the release of Vitamin C. It needs replacement on exhaustion of the additive.

Vitamin C Filters – Applications

It is an additional feature that you can install in any split AC. However, the modern-day AC units such as Blue Star, Voltas, Midea, and Tesla use Vitamin C filters in their AC units.

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