V-Guard Zenora Review

India has an extensive market for water purifiers offering an excellent choice for consumers. V-Guard Zenora is among a long list of water purifiers offering water purification using different combinations.

While V-Guard offers RO+UV+MB, RO+UF+MB, and RO+MF+MB, we will review the RO+UV+MB variant here.

Vguard Zenora RO UV MB water purifier

Before we start with our review, here are the pluses and minuses of this useful kitchen appliance.

Pros of V-Guard Zenora

  • Like all RO water purifiers, the V-Guard Zenora is ideal for handling water with TDS levels up to 2000 ppm. So, it can purify all types of water, including groundwater, well water, river water, municipal tap water, etc.
  • This water purifier has a flow rate of 10 to 15 liters per hour. It is the average for RO water purifiers. However, some models like HUL Pureit Vital promise a better flow rate of up to 24 liters per hour.
  • The V-Guard Zenora does not use primitive methods like TDS controllers to replenish the minerals lost in the RO water purification process. Instead, it has a Mineral Balancer feature that balances the essential minerals and pH levels before dispensing pure water.
  • LED indicators enhance the utility value of V-Guard Zenora. Blue light indicates ‘purification on’ and ‘full tank indication.’ The red LED light indicates a lack of water or inadequate pressure.
  • The V-Guard Zenora is a flexible appliance because you can wall mount it or place it on the kitchen counter/shelf.
  • The faucet arrangement is good and dispenses water efficiently. It is convenient to fill large water bottles.
  • The 7L water storage is decent for medium-sized Indian families.
  • The 8-stage water purification is normal for almost all RO water purifiers and ideal for Indian conditions.
  • The V-Guard Zenora pricing is reasonable. The installation process does not have any hassles. In addition, v-Guard generally offers good after-sales services.
Vguard Zenora brand

Drawbacks of the V-Guard Zenora

  • Like all RO water purifiers, this V-Guard Zenora wastes much water. But the water wastage depends on the TDS levels of the source water. At least, V-Guard does not claim to provide zero water wastage as Kent does in one of the latest models.
  • The maintenance costs of all RO water purifiers, including V-Guard Zenora, are high. The average maintenance cost of this water purifier is Rs 4,000.
  • The V-Guard Zenora cannot work when the water pressure is less than 4psi. You need an additional water pump. It is available at an additional cost.
  • Like RO water purifiers, the machine cannot purify water without electricity. However, the 7L water storage tank proves handy to meet our requirements.

Our Opinion

Vguard Zenora review ro

One of the most exciting features of purchasing V-Guard Zenora from Amazon is that there is no third-party distributor. V-Guard takes care of the orders and installation directly.

Though this model has three variants, I required the RO+UV+MB variant because TDS levels in my water source were high.

Performance-wise, V-Guard is excellent because the output water tasted as good as Bisleri mineral water. The absence of TDS controllers is a significant benefit.

Though maintenance costs are high, I am happy with the performance. Besides, the design looks attractive.

Installation – Smooth

Vguard Zenora design RO

V-Guard is a trusted brand of water purifiers. V-Guard takes care of the delivery and installation of its products purchased through Amazon. I did not experience any delays in the installation procedure.

They promised to do it in two days and did it. Besides, V-Guard did not charge anything from me. Since the water pressure in my area is good, I did not install the additional pump. However, please note that the pump has to be purchased separately.

Design – Simple and attractive

Vguard Zenora design

I love the V-Guard Zenora design because of its simplicity. However, it is versatile because I can place the machine on the kitchen platform or mount it on the wall. Either way, please ensure that the water inlet is comfortably accessible. The appliance is available in two colors, black and white.  

Performance – Good, worth the money

Performance-wise, the V-Guard Zenora is right at the top with India’s best-selling RO water purifiers. It does an excellent job of removing TDS and other dissolved impurities from the source water.

Vguard Zenora RO UV

The water purification rate is slower than HUL Pureit but decent at around 12 liters per hour. However, the water purification rate depends on the TDS levels in the source water. Therefore, this appliance can achieve a water purification rate of up to 15 liters per hour.

Water Quality – TDS levels and taste

Vguard Zenora TDS in source water

The source water had high TDS levels of more than 600 ppm in our case. On the other hand, RO-purified water has TDS levels of less than 50 ppm. Hence, the water tastes as good as Bisleri mineral water.

Vguard Zenora TDS
TDS in output water is Good.

This water purifier does not have a TDS controller like the Kent RO machines. Therefore there is no RO-purified water contamination with source water. Instead, it has a Calcite Mineral Balancer feature to replenish the essential chemicals lost during the RO water purification process. It is equivalent to the Mineral Enhancer feature present in other top models.

The Mineral Balancer feature balances pH levels and improves the water taste considerably. However, I advise checking the TDS levels before purchasing this model with the Mineral Balancer feature because water with TDS levels less than 400 ppm does not require RO purification.

Vguard Zenora review

Maintenance – Average

All RO water purifiers require maintenance because the RO membranes need replacement after 6000 hours of usage. Usually, you replace them every two years initially.

Other filters, like the activated carbon and sediment filters, also require frequent replacement. On the other hand, the UV lamps last comfortably for two years.

You can choose an annual maintenance package from the company costing around Rs 4,000. It includes free check-ups and filter replacements free of cost every year.


V -Guard offers a one-year comprehensive warranty that covers filters, RO membranes, and electrical parts. The warranty includes free replacement of two pre-filters and two free pre-emptive maintenance services. The company also offers one free re-installation service.

V-Guard Zenora – Features

We have discussed the machine’s performance and other aspects. It is better to be acquainted with the V-Guard Zenora features and understand how they benefit users.

8-stage water purification technology

Vguard Zenora user manual

The V-Guard Zenora offers 8-stage water purification comprising of the following components.

  • A large pre-filter to remove turbidity and visible contaminants protects the RO membrane.
  • The RO membrane removes TDS and other heavy metal impurities from water to purify it and make it fit for consumption. Besides, it removes microbes. In addition, the wide surface area enables better water flow and ensures higher efficiency.
  • The next-gen UV lamp comes enclosed in a unique glass channel. Thus, the RO-purified water does not come in contact with the UV lamp. Besides ensuring better disinfection, it prolongs the UV lamp’s lifespan.
  • Other model variants do not have UV lamps. Instead, they have a UF or Micro membrane to trap suspended particles and protect the RO membrane.
  • Like other RO water purifiers, the V-Guard Zenora offers pre and post-RO water purification to remove organic odors and enhance water purity and taste.
  • This water purifier features a Calcite Mineral Balancer to replenish lost minerals and balance the pH levels of RO-purified water to improve its taste and quality.

Smart LED Indicators

Vguard Zenora sensors

This V-Guard Zenora water purifier has LED indicators for user convenience. The blue LED light flashes to indicate that the purification process is on. Similarly, the blue light indicates the tank’s full position.

The red flashlight indicates that the water pressure is low or there is no water supply. It also indicates the absence of purification, enabling you to investigate matters and call for support.

Mineral Balancer

Vguard Zenora ro uv mb

All RO water purifiers have a common problem that they waste a lot of water, depending on the TDS levels in the source water. The V-Guard Zenora is similar with water wastage. The rejected water contains harmful TDS and also essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc.

The V-Guard Zenora uses a Mineral Balancer feature, like the Mineralizer cartridge, to replenish lost minerals and improve water taste. This feature is better than the TDS controller feature that Kent offers on its machines.

Ultraviolet Sterilization

V-Guard Zenora offers three variants, each with UV, UF, or MF purification technology besides RO and Mineral Balancer. Since the source water in my area had bacterial contamination, I chose the UV combination.

The UV lamp is enclosed in a sterile glass chamber, ensuring it does not touch the RO-purified water. Besides killing the microbes, this feature improves the UV lamp’s lifespan.

Purifies all types of water

Vguard Zenora tap good
Vguard Zenora tap design is good

V-Guard advertises that this water purifier can handle TDS levels in water up to 2000 ppm. So I recommend checking TDS levels in the source water before installing the RO water purifiers because water with TDS levels of less than 400 ppm does not require RO purification.

The V-Guard Zenora can purify all kinds of water, including groundwater, well water, tanker water, and municipality-supplied water. Hence, it is ideal for Indian conditions.

Storage Capacity

This V-Guard Zenora water purifier tank has a storage capacity of seven liters. Some users have reported that the storage is around six liters, but that should be fine. The 100% food-grade plastic storage tank ensures that you get RO-purified water even without an electric supply.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the V-Guard Zenora delivers a quality performance as it removes TDS, eliminates microbes, and replenishes lost minerals while balancing pH levels and enhancing water taste. In addition, good after-sales service and top-class maintenance make the V-Guard Zenora one of the best RO water purifiers in India.

Water Taste
Water Savings
Installation & Service
Performs the fundamental responsibility of purifying water admirably well and making it fit for human consumption.
Chaithanya Vanjari
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Performs the fundamental responsibility of purifying water admirably well and making it fit for human consumption.V-Guard Zenora Review