V Guard Water Heaters – A Review



V-Guard geysers do not need any introduction because the company has made significant strides from being an inverter manufacturer to one of India’s best geyser manufacturing companies.

These indigenously made water heaters have excellent features that ensure high-quality performance with incredible power savings.

V-Guard manufactures an extensive range of water heaters from instant to storage and solar to gas geysers. These appliances feature high-quality anti-corrosion water tanks that lengthen the geyser’s life span. Most of these geysers are BEE 4-star or 5-star rated devices. So, they save power while delivering excellent performances to qualify as one of the best water heaters in India.

Let us discuss their benefits and drawbacks before discussing the different technologies.     

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Benefits of V-Guard Geysers

  • V-Guard storage water heaters are available in four capacities, 6L, 10L, 15L, and 25L. So, these appliances are ideal for all Indian homes, depending on the number of users in the family.
  • Most of the V-Guard geysers are either 4-star or 5-star rated appliances. As a result, these water heaters save considerable power over their lifespan.
  • Almost all V-Guard water heaters can handle water pressure up to 8-bars, making these appliances ideal for use in high-rise apartments.
  • V-Guard geysers feature Superior Incoloy 800 heating elements that deliver consistently better performances than Incoloy 840 heating elements found in many contemporary water heaters.
  • These appliances have antiscalant and anti-corrosive protection features, making them useful in hard water conditions.
  • The storage water heaters come with a Titanium-enameled coating from the insides that prevent heat dissipation and protect the tank from corrosion. Besides, these appliances have an extra-thick sacrificial magnesium anode that protects against corrosion to prolong the geyser’s lifespan.
  • Another excellent feature is the single weld feature that prevents leakages.
  • The storage geysers have extra-thick PUF insulation that helps maintain the heat inside the tank. So, it helps save power.
  • One of the best benefits of V-Guard geysers is their pricing. These appliances are available at the most reasonable prices.

Drawbacks of V-Guard Geysers

  • Usually, V-Guard offers pan-India free installation. Almost all models offer additional pipes and fittings with the package. However, some V-Guard technicians demand payment under one pretext or the other.
  • Various users have complained of poor customer service by V-Guard. However, the company should consider these matters seriously because of the high competition.
  • While installation is free, extensions are chargeable. Though it sounds reasonable, the company could have waived these small charges to maintain its reputation.
  • The LCD is a bit dim in many models. The company can change its positioning to a better angle to be easily visible.
  • The power chord is short. The company could have offered a more extended chord. However, it does not cost much and would have been safer than taped connections.
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Our Opinion

The drawbacks of these appliances are minor. In comparison, the benefits are excellent. V-Guard ranks as one of the best Indian-made geysers in the country today. These devices are popular because they cater to the requirements of all Indian households.

V-Guard Water Heaters – The Product Range

V-Guard has an excellent range of geysers in various categories. Let us highlight some famous V-Guard geysers for your reference.

  • V-Guard offers 26 models in its storage water heater range. Some popular models include Victo (15L), Calino DG (25L), Pebble (6L), and Krystal Plus. It also offers horizontal tank models, like Steamer Plus MSH and ECH.
  • V-Guard has nine models in the instant water heater category. These appliances do not have much storage (1L to 3L only). Some best-selling models include Iris (3L), Springhot (3L), and Vinsta.
  • V-Guard offers 11 solar water heaters for commercial and domestic use. Models up to 300 LPD are for domestic purposes, and commercial models are 500 LPD and more. Some good models include Win-Hot (Aux) Pro Series and SSAL Commercial Series.
  • V-Guard has one gas water heater model, Brio, with excellent features like water-controlled automatic ignition, an efficient copper heat exchanger, and advanced nine-layered safety.
  • In addition, V-Guard offers commercial and domestic heat pump water heaters.
  • V-Guard also has immersion rod heaters that can be used as portable heating devices.

Let us now discuss the various technologies V-Guard offers in its exciting range of geyser models.

Vguard water heater geyser review

V-Guard Geysers – Technologies

Titanium Plated Inner Drum – Fight corrosion and extend the appliance’s lifespan.

V-Guard storage geyser tanks feature titanium-enriched vitreous enamel glass coating that prevents corrosion and damage to the appliance. Besides, the layer does not allow scaling deposits to stick to the walls. As a result, it enhances the appliance’s lifespan. In addition, the Verano DG model has a unique EPAC (Engineered Polymer Anti Corrosion) coated tank to prevent corrosion and is suitable for hard water.

Sacrificial Magnesium Anode – sacrifices itself to make the appliance last longer.

The V-Guard geysers have a magnesium anode that releases magnesium ions to react with the salt particles in hard water and prevent them from getting deposited on the heating element and the inner sides of the tank. Thus, it ensures the appliance lasts longer.

Special Incoloy 804 Glass Heating Element – Superior quality heating

V-Guard storage and instant water heaters feature a high-quality Special Incoloy 804 Glass heating element that heats quickly and also avoids scaling deposits to stick to it. Hence, it enhances the overall performance while ensuring maximum corrosion resistance.

Double PUF Insulation – Prevents heat dissipation.

V-Guard storage water heaters offer double PUF layer insulation between the inner tank and the outer container. It prevents the heat from escaping through dissipation. Therefore, the water remains hot for an extended duration. Hence, the unit saves power, enabling the appliance to attain the 5-star BEE rating.

Single-Weld Tank – Prevents leakage and unnecessary accidents.

The inner tank has a single weld line design that reduces leakage by 66%. First, therefore, it prevents water spillage and loss. Secondly, it prevents accidents like short circuits or hot water splashing on the body.

5-in-1 Multi-function Safety Valve – A high-quality safety measure

All V-Guard geysers feature a 5-in-1 multi-function safety valve functionality that releases excess pressure to prevent accidental blasts. Besides, these appliances come equipped with a thermostat function to avoid overheating. Furthermore, these appliances are IPX4-rated and feature a thermal cut-off process to offer additional protection. Finally, the inbuilt Safe Shock Module disconnects the power circuit and prevents fatal shocks whenever there is a leakage.

Vguard storage water heater review

Water Pressure Handling Capacity – Ideal for use in high-rise apartments.

V-Guard water heaters can withstand water pressure of up to eight bars. So, it should not matter if you live in high-rise apartments where water can gush down at high pressure.

Excellent Design – Sturdy and aesthetic

The V-Guard water heaters are made of ABS and ultra-strong plastic that lasts long and looks beautiful to enhance your bathroom ambiance.

Usually, all V-Guard geysers feature rotary control knobs for temperature control. In addition, some of them feature LCD to display the temperature. But, specific models like Calino DG and Verano DG come with digital displays.

Intelligent Features – Facility to control using a smartphone app

The Verano DG model features smart connectivity enabling the user to control and operate the appliance using a smartphone app. This feature includes a temperature alert system that sends notifications on the app when the water reaches the set temperature. Besides, the app can diagnose problems with the unit and allow the user to communicate with the service center immediately.

Energy Saving Features

Vguard bee ratings for geyser

The Instant geysers feature 3K or 4.5KW heating elements, whereas the storage water heaters have 2KW heating elements. However, the power consumption is more or less the same because the instant geysers do not need much time to heat the water. On the other hand, the storage geysers can store hot water for extended periods. Secondly, all V-Guard geysers have a thermostat function to prevent overheating and dry heating.

Besides, V-Guard offers gas and solar water heaters that consume less electricity. As these appliances use alternative heating resources, they are energy efficient.  

Product Warranty

Usually, V-Guard offers a two-year warranty on all its products. For example, the heating element has a 3-year protection period, whereas the water storage tank gets five years. However, users should check their product catalog because the warranty can differ from one model to the other.

Customer Care Information

V-Guard offers pan-India after-sales service. Users can contact the V-Guard service centers in the following manner.

  • Toll-Free – 1800-103-1300 and 1860-180-300
  • WhatsApp – +91-9633503333
  • Email – customercare@vguard.in


Almost all water heaters work on similar technologies. Some brands offer better corrosion-resistant properties, like additional protection for their inner tanks. V-Guard uses a titanium-enriched enamel coating, one of the best protection features. V-Guard geysers are reasonably priced and qualify as one of the best geysers in India.

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