Types of AC Inverter Compressors | Dual, Triple, Twin, Intellisense & More!

Everyone knows that the compressor is an essential component in an AC. No AC can function without a compressor. With technology improving day by day, AC manufacturers are revolutionizing the working of AC compressors by introducing new and efficient models. One such technology is the use of inverter compressors.

This article discussed the different types of inverter compressors in ACs in India. But, before that, let us briefly understand inverter technology used in compressors.

Inverter Technology in AC Compressors

Conventional AC compressors run at a single speed to compress the refrigerant and provide cooling inside the room. On reaching the set temperature, it switches off and lets the fans assist in maintaining the temperature levels. As the temperature rises above the threshold level, the compressors switch on to run at full speed. This operational process keeps repeating as long as the AC is switched on.

Conventional AC compressor

Here, you can notice that the compressor runs uniformly throughout its functioning. Hence, it consumes more power. Besides, it induces a spike current every time it switches on. Besides making noise, this frequent switching on and off consumes more power. Inverter technology provides the ideal solution to these issues.

Inverter compressors run on special BLDC motors that vary their speeds depending on the cooling requirement. So, if the requirement is low, the compressor runs at low rates. At the same time, it switches to higher gears when the requirement increases. Thus, an inverter compressor is similar to a car accelerator. As a result, the inverter compressor runs at variable speeds and consumes less power than conventional compressors.

AI Mode in LG Dual Inverter AC

Nowadays, most ACs work on inverter compressors. LG has stopped manufacturing ACs with conventional compressors. They have even introduced a window AC model running on an inverter compressor.

The inverter compressor concept is the same, but different manufacturers offer minor adjustments to enhance AC efficiency. So, let us now discuss the different types of inverter compressors available in ACs in India today.

Dual Inverter Or Twin Rotary Inverter – LG and others

The conventional inverter compressor has a single rotor. However, AC manufacturers like LG have improved this design by introducing a dual rotary compressor. These compressors comprise an advanced BLDC motor, enabling a higher operating frequency range to help in precise and faster cooling.

LG Dual Inverter Compresoor

The single rotary compressor generates a lot of vibration and makes more noise. On the other hand, the dual rotary compressor reduces vibration because of the shaft whirling during its operation, especially at high speeds.

This design ensures a more stable operation. Besides, it enhances torque levels allowing the compressor to operate at speeds ranging from 700rpm to 8000rpm. The primary advantage of dual rotary compressors is enabling the AC to function at variable tonnage. The latest LG ACs offer 6-in-1 convertible ACs running at capacities ranging between 40% and 110%. 

Convertible ac modes
LG Convertible AC modes

While LG names this technology as Dual Rotary Compressor, other manufacturers use different names. Blue Star calls it Dual Inverter Rotary Compressor, whereas O’General and Toshiba refer to it as Twin Inverter. Voltas uses similar technology and names it Twin Rotary Compressor. Panasonic ACs work on similar technology, known as Twin Cool Inverter Compressor technology.

LG has introduced the Dual AI Inverter Compressor equipped with special sensors (ADC sensors) to save power, deliver quicker and safe cooling, and protect the refrigerant and condenser by sensing temperature variations.  

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Triple Inverter Compressor – Samsung and others

Samsung takes dual inverter technology to the next level by introducing a triple inverter compressor. The triple inverter compressor does not contain three rotaries but works on 8-pole technology. In contrast, the dual rotary compressor work on a 4-pole technology.

Triple Inverter AC

This technology reduces vibrations to the barest minimum and ensures quicker and better cooling. In addition, these triple inverter compressors consume less energy than dual inverter compressors. Tests show that the triple inverter compressors deliver 67% quicker cooling and save up to 69% more power.

Samsung ACs offer 5-in-1 convertible cooling where the compressor works at capacities ranging between 40% and 120%, depending on the cooling requirement.

samsung ac review

Besides Samsung, Nokia and Haier offer triple inverter converter ACs.

Expandable Inverter Technology – Hitachi

India has a vast AC market. Hence, international AC manufacturers customize their products to suit Indian conditions. Hitachi has introduced a new technology, Dual Flow Expansion Technology, that works on the expandable inverter compressor concept. These inverter compressors use a Seamless Cascade Vector DC Inverter System to ensure better performance than conventional inverter compressor ACs.

Hitachi Inverter AC

This technology envisages the AC to expand its capacity based on the variations in the indoor or outdoor ambient temperatures. As a result, it enables the AC to expand its cooling capacity and provide better comfort even under adverse climatic conditions. Besides, this technology reduces moisture levels inside the room and provides better comfort. Moreover, Hitachi’s new concept allows its AC models to provide quick cooling even if the temperatures outside reach 52 degrees Celsius.

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Intellisense Inverter Compressor – Whirlpool

Whirlpool offers a slightly modified inverter compressor technology known as Intellisense Inverter Compressor that adapts to your cooling requirements using intelligent sensors. These sensors can sense various parameters like outdoor temperature, number of occupants in the room, etc., and adjust the compressor speeds accordingly.

Whirlpool AC with Intellisense Inverter

Thus, it helps optimize power consumption. Besides, these inverter compressor air conditioners make comparatively less noise than traditional inverter compressors.

Scroll Inverter Compressor – Daikin

Daikin AC External unit with Scroll Inverter Compressor

Daikin introduced a new concept known as a scroll inverter compressor comprising a fixed scroll with other orbits surrounding it. The orbiting scroll pushes the refrigerant towards the center to reduce the gas volume. Subsequently, it gets discharged to the condenser using a center port. The advantage of such scroll inverter compressors is that they need fewer movable parts, thus reducing torque variation.


Inverter compressor technology has revolutionized AC manufacturing because it enables ACs to save power while delivering highly-efficient cooling. The inverter compressor Air Conditioners are more expensive than the conventional compressor ACs. However, users can recover the additional cost within a few years by saving on power and maintenance costs.  

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