What is TurboWash 3D in LG Washing Machine?



If you find that your clothes do not come out clean after the best of washing cycles, it is time for you to switch over to the LG washing machine that offers a powerful and fast 3D wash.

The Turbo Wash 3D system uses WaveForce and JetSpray to generate powerful waves of water to enhance the washing and rinsing experience. These features combine with the innovative TurboDrum that rotates in the reverse direction to offer TurboWash 3D.

LG TurboWash3D

The TurboWash 3D works in the following manner

The WaveForce feature involves a powerful waterfall from the top to bottom to enable a deep washing performance.

LG WaveForce

The TurboDrum spins in the reverse direction to generate dynamic waves from side to side to ensure a thorough wash.

The JetSpray ensures to introduce a rapid water spraying feature to enable fast rinsing.

LG JetSpray

The USP of TurboWash 3D feature is the 3rd generation TurboDrum that moves in a direction opposite to that of the pulsator to generate dynamic waves of water from the sides to allow quick washing of your clothes.

Benefits of the TurboWash 3D system

  • Your clothes get a complete wash without the use of an agitator.
  • The WaveForce feature ensures a constant supply of water from the top in the form of a waterfall.
  • As the washing drum rotates in the opposite direction to the pulsator, it generates a dynamic force from the sides to remove the most challenging dirt.
  • Finally, the JetSpray feature takes over in the spinning cycle by spraying water on your washed clothes at a good speed to ensure quick rinsing
  • The total procedure does not take more than 40 minutes.

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