Tips for buying the ideal Treadmill for your home!

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Here are some aspects of treadmills that one should be aware of before deciding to purchase one for your home.

Treadmill Motor and HP

At times, the HP ratings advertised by the manufacturer can be misleading. You should not opt for the Peak Duty Rating but go for the Continuous Duty Rating. The ideal HP range should be around 1.5 to 2 HP. If you are a heavy user, it is better to go for a machine with heavy-duty motors with 2.5 to 3 HP power.

Treadmill Motor Horse Power


Remember that the treadmill can make noise. Buy one that makes the least noise, as it can let you watch TV or listen to your favourite music while exercising on it.

Stability of the machine

Testing the machine at a showroom before purchasing it is advisable. One should determine the stability of the device. The handrails should be strong enough to support your weight. The deck should not wobble when you run on it. The floor should also not be soft or spongy as you can risk injuring your knees. At the same time, the floor should also not feel hard.

Know the ideal belt and deck dimensions

The perfect deck length should be between 50 to 55 inches with the width being in the range of 20 to 22 inches. The belt length should be enough to let you use the entire length of the deck. The ideal dimensions should be between 45 to 60 inches in length and 16 to 22 inches in width.

Display features

The treadmills available today come with modern elements like LCD or LED display panels to indicate the vital statistics like heart rate, calories burned, and so on.


One should note that different parts of the machine have different warranty periods. The motor and frame usually come with a lifetime warranty. Other components like the electronic instruments and the deck are available with warranty periods extending up to a maximum of three years.

Take your time before purchasing the best treadmill for your home.

While it is imperative to select a durable device, your safety is of equal importance. Learn how to operate the equipment before using it regularly. It is advisable to have a fitness trainer teach you the nuances of the controls. It will help you to get used to the same.

Safety Measures when using a treadmill

Treadmills, like any exercising equipment, are easy to use. However, one should take the necessary precautions.

Running in the open and running on a treadmill are two different concepts. Maintaining balance on the treadmill is critical, as you can fall off and injure yourself.

The treadmills today come with various safety features that stop the machine if it senses you to be in an unbalanced position. Here are some safety tips that can prove useful when working out on a treadmill.

Look forward

Exercising on a treadmill requires you to focus on the task. Look forward and concentrate on maintaining the balance. Start your exercises at the lowest speed and increase it gradually. Never watch your feet, as you can feel dizzy.

Avoid using the handrails

Initially, people use the handrails for support. Once you gain experience, you need not rely on the handrails. It puts additional strain on the shoulders and elbows. Using the handrails can also throw the user off balance.

Either increase speed or the incline

It can be challenging to maintain high speeds on a steep incline. One should be careful when setting up the incline. Many people have fallen off the incline when working out at high speeds.

Avoid using the handrails

Do not step off a moving treadmill

Wait for the treadmill to stop completely before stepping out of it. Getting down from a moving treadmill is a clear invitation to danger.

Know where the emergency buttons are

You could encounter an emergency any time while working out on the treadmill. It is better to know where these controls are on the machine.

Treadmills – Power Backup

Treadmills run on AC/DC motors, depending on the configurations. Both these motors require electricity to function. In the event of a power cut, the treadmill will not work.

However, if you are working out when the power supply goes off, you need not worry. The treadmills do not abruptly come to a halt during a power cut, It gradually slows down and allows you to alight comfortably.

You can also connect the treadmill to your home inverter to ensure that it does not stop functioning during a workout.

The main idea is that you should not panic when there is a power cut. You do not fall off from the machine immediately. The machine comes with safety features that allow it to slow down gradually.

The treadmill is a long-term asset. Use it carefully and see yourself improve fitness levels within no time.

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