Toshiba Air Conditioners Review | Technologies, Pros & Cons!

Toshiba is another top Japanese AC manufacturing company offering the best technologies in their AC models in India. Toshiba has entered into a joint venture agreement with Carrier for manufacturing and marketing Toshiba-branded ACs. So, Carrier is the sole distributor in India for all Toshiba products.

Toshiba has several firsts to its credit, with the brand being amongst the first to introduce the inverter revolution in India. Other firsts include

  • The world’s first split AC in 1961
  • The world’s first microprocessor-controlled ACs in 1978
  • The world’s first residential inverter AC in 1981
  • The world’s first twin-rotary inverter AC in 1993

Toshiba offers an extensive range of split, cassette, ducted, and VRF ACs. However, for this article, we shall concentrate on domestic ACs.

Toshiba has four different series of split ACs in the Indian market.

  • DaiSeiKai
  • Prodigi3
  • Hi-Wall Inverter
  • Hi-Wall Fixed-speed

Here are the different models available in the Toshiba line of air conditioners in India.

DaiSeiKai Series RAS-13U2KCVP-IN, and RAS-18U2JCVP-IN
Prodig.i3 Series RAS-18PKCV2G-IN
Hi-Wall Inverter3-Star R32RAS-13U2KCVG-IN, RAS-18U2KCVG-IN, RAS-24U2KCVG-IN
High-Wall Fixed Speed RAS-13J2KG-IN, RAS-18J2KG-IN, RAS-24J2KG-IN

Pros and Cons of Toshiba ACs


  • Toshiba brings the best Japanese technology to your bedrooms and provides high-quality comfort and convenience.
  • Toshiba ACs have the highest ISEER among their contemporary brands. Hence, they save power.
  • Toshiba ACs deliver excellent performances and top-quality air purification.


  • Toshiba does not have a dedicated service center in India. Instead, it relies on the Carrier network for its after-sales and service activities.
  • Toshiba ACs are comparatively expensive to other Indian brands.

The Hi-Wall Fixed Speed Split, an AC series appliance, can operate under typical Indian climatic conditions and can handle outdoor temperatures as high as 50 degrees Celsius.

Toshiba AC Technologies and Features

Toshiba Inverter AC ODU

Inverter Compressor

Toshiba offers an extensive range of split inverter ACs that work on the compressor with inverter technology. Thus, this variable-speed compressor adjusts the cooling performance based on the demand. The advantage of the variable-speed compressor over the fixed-speed motors is that they consume less power, deliver better cooling, and make less noise. In addition, the variable-speed compressor allows the AC to work at variable tonnage (capacity) depending on the requirements. 

Fixed-Speed Compressor

Toshiba offers one AC model with a Fixed-Speed compressor. This traditional motor is also efficient but consumes more energy than the inverter compressors. However, the advantage is that the convention compressor AC is substantially less expensive than the variable-speed inverter compressor-equipped models.

Hot & Cold AC

Toshiba offers a couple of models in the Hot & Cold AC category that can work at a wide range of temperatures. These appliances double up as room heaters during the winter season. They blow hot air into the rooms when it is cold outside. Similarly, these appliances offer unmatched cooling performances when sizzling hot outdoors.

Cooling Technology

Turbo Cool

The Hi-Wall Fixed Speed ACs offer the Turbo Cool feature allowing the room to cool quickly and effectively by operating the fan at automatic speed. Thus, it quickly adjusts the AC temperature according to the room temperature.

3D Direction Airflow

Toshiba premium ACs in the DaiSeiKai series feature 3D Direction Airflow to distribute the air in six unique airflow patterns. Thus, it provides improved comfort and ensures a stable air volume.

Swing & Fix Louver

The Prodig.i3 ACs come equipped with a Swing & Fix louver operation to enable consumers to choose the desired air direction and swing operation. In addition, the Hi-Wall Inverter Split AC series 5-star ACs offer this comfort feature.

Maximum Airflow

The Hi-Wall Inverter Series split ACs feature a 13% bigger fan coil unit that combines with a 10% increase in heat-transfer surface to maximize airflow and cool the room uniformly.

These ACs feature more than eleven lover settings allowing users to adjust the airflow precisely to provide maximum comfort.


Consumers can select the Hi-Power option on their Toshiba DaiSeiKai ACs to experience extra airflow and deliver more cooling throughout the room without making much noise. This feature is also available on the Prodig.i3 AC series appliances and Hi-Wall Inverter Series 5-star ACs.

Power Selection

Users can select from three power options on the remote controller to enjoy the perfect balance between power consumption, higher savings, and longer compressor life. The default rate is 100%. One push of the remote control option takes it to 75% power, whereas the second push enhances power savings to 50%. The Hi-Wall Inverter Split AC series also offers the Power Selection feature.

Eco Saving Mode

The 5-star DaiSeiKai AC consumes 25% less power than standard settings without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Fan Speed

The Prodig.i3 AC series appliance has a high-speed fan that runs at five speeds ranging from the gentle airflow to the complete cooling of hi-power mode. The Hi-Wall Inverter Series 5-star ACs also have a 5-speed fan setting.

Comfort Sleep

The Comfort Sleep feature on the Hi-Wall Inverter Series 5-star AC adjusts the air temperatures accordingly at night to provide complete comfort.

Air Purification Technology

Plasma Ion Purifier System

Toshiba DaiSeiKai series appliances offer a Plasma Ion Purifier system, a complete filtration feature that deodorizes the air circulating inside the room to provide a healthy environment. This system uses a plasma ion charger to give the maximum IAQ to every user. Users can activate the Plasma Ion Purifier system using the PURE button on the remote controller. This 3-step air purification process works as follows.

  • Step 1 – The system creates negative ions where the pollutants go through.
  • Step 2 – The pollutants adopt these negative ions, and finally,
  • Step 3 – The contaminants with the negative ions are attracted by the coil and released through the drainage system.

Active Carbon Catechin Filter

The Hi-Wall Inverter Series ACs feature an Active Carbon Catechin Filter that eliminates foul odor, bacteria, other pollutants, and dust to maintain the air circulating inside the room as fresh and pure as possible. 

Toshiba IAQ Filter

The Hi-Wall Inverter Series Split AC features IAQ technology that inhibits and restricts the reproductive ability of bacteria and viruses like H5N1 Avian Influenza. This feature enables the family to breathe easily.

Protection Technology


The Toshiba DaiSeiKai series ACs have a self-cleaning mechanism that cleans the coil reduces humidity, and prevents mold formation. In normal operations, the moisture stays trapped inside the coils. However, in the self-cleaning function, the fan works for 20 minutes after shut down to dry the moist air and eliminate mold formation. The Self-cleaning mode is also available on the Prodig.i3 AC series appliances. Toshiba extends the self-cleaning system to the Hi-Wall inverter split AC series.

Toshiba technology and reliability

Toshiba DaiSeiKai appliances get four types of protection from various risks.

  • Squall Shield – These AC units get protection from damage due to wind and rain during thunderstorms. The Toshiba ACs pass the Salt Spray test for reliability in corrosive environments. Hence, these ACs can function in coastal areas with a high ozone level in the atmosphere.
  • Damage Shield – These appliances pass the Drop test to determine their sturdiness and ability to stand up to impact and protect the product inside the package. These ACs clear the carton box compression test to ensure that the ACs are packed with shock-absorbing materials to prevent damage to the equipment during transportation.
  • Fire Shield – This shield protects the appliance from the risks of tracking, sparks, and fires.
  • Vibrational Shield – The vibrational shield protects the appliance from all kinds of vibrational shocks they experience during transportation.

Magic Coil – Dustless

The Prodig.i3 AC series offers an efficient coil cleaning feature where the coils clean themselves using the dew drops in the evaporator. The oil and dirt thus do not stick to the fin because of a special coating. The condensed water from the evaporator coil washes the oil and dirt to keep them clean as new. Thus, the occasional cleaning feature saves energy and money.

The elimination of molds and foul odor ensures the circulation of pure, fresh, and healthy air. In addition, the coils remain clean and thus enhance energy efficiency.

100% Copper Coils

All Toshiba ACs have 100% copper coils that have a proven record as a better heat exchanger than aluminum. Hence, they provide a better and more efficient cooling experience while proving more durable. Thus, it enhances the overall lifespan of the appliance while reducing maintenance costs substantially.

Anti-Corrosion at CDU Coil

The CDU condenser gets a transparent anti-corrosion layer to protect them from corrosion and rust. In addition, the CDU has a double layer to provide enhanced protection. Thus, it increases the appliance’s lifespan.

Aqua Resin Coated Coil

Prodig.i3 AC models offer complete protection to their evaporator and condenser coils through the Aqua Resin Coated Coil to reduce the formation of water and oil on the coil and keep it dust-free. The Hi-Wall inverter split ACs also feature this protection to their evaporator and condenser coils.

Other Features

Backlit Remote Controller

The DaiSeiKai series features a backlit weekly timer remote controller that can be programmed for up to four daily settings and has seven different programs weekly. This feature is also available on the Hi-Wall Inverter Split AC series.

Silent Operations

The DaiSeiKai AC makes the slightest noise among all ACs, with sound levels as low as 19db (the watch ticks at 20db). It is because of the sizeable helical-shaped fan that improves airflow circulation and generates lower noise. The Prodig.i3 AC series also offers the most silent operations. The Hi-Wall inverter series AC has special incline-designed fan blades with 23db sound levels to provide quiet operations.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant

The DaiSeiKai AC series appliances work with R410A, an environmentally friendly refrigerant with ozone-depleting, non-flammable, and non-toxic properties.

The Hi-Wall Inverter Series ACs work on R32, a high-quality refrigerant with zero ozone depletion and low global warming potential.   


The Prodig.i3 AC model has the highest ISEER value of 5.60, making it a highly energy-efficient appliance. In addition, this AC saves sufficient power whereby it can pay for the AC’s cost within two years.

Preset Mode

This mode is available on the Prodig.i3 series AC, allowing users to save their desired settings and activate them whenever possible. The Preset Mode is available on the Hi-Wall Inverter Series 5-star split AC.

In-built Timer

The built-in timer in the Prodig.i3 series AC enables users to switch the appliance on and off as per their requirements.

One-Touch My Comfort

Consumers can customize the temperature and airflow settings depending on their requirements using the One-Touch My Comfort feature available on the Prodig.i3 AC series and the Hi-Wall Inverter series split AC 5-star model.

Warranty Information

  • All Toshiba ACs get a standard 1-year warranty.
  • The fixed-speed Toshiba ACs get a 5-year warranty on the compressor.
  • The inverter compressor ACs get a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

Contact Information

Consumers can call the following numbers or send an email to avail of after-sales service from Toshiba.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Toshiba ACs need a separate voltage stabilizer?

It depends on the voltage fluctuations in the respective localities. The voltage stabilizer is unnecessary if the input voltage is between 207V and 253V.

2. What is the maintenance cost of a Toshiba AC?

It depends on the AC type and capacity. A lot depends on how you use the appliance. Generally, the filters require cleaning once a month. You can contact the local dealer to know the maintenance cost of a Toshiba AC.

3. Does Toshiba offer window ACs?

Yes, a couple of old window ACs are still available from the Toshiba brand. However, there are no recent additions to the list.

4. What are the installation costs of a Toshiba AC?

The installation costs depend on various factors and can differ from one location to another. So, it is better to contact the local dealer.

5. Can I purchase the Toshiba AC online?

Toshiba ACs are available online on the official Toshiba website and e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

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